Monday, November 27, 2006


Pat Buchanan is at it again and I ask Cui Bono? Who benefits from Pat's insinuative rants? Well, that's hard to say but if you're a Pat fan, I'm sure you can guess who the bad guys typically are?
  1. Zionists
  2. Neo Cons
  3. Jooos?
  4. Israel


The murder of Buchanan: Is Putin Being Set Up?

  • In an assassination, one must ask: Cui bono? To whose benefit? Who would gain from the poisoning of Litvinenko?
  • Indeed, no sooner had Litvinenko expired than his collaborator in anti-Putin politics, Alex Goldfarb, was in front of the television cameras reading Litvinenko's deathbed statement charging Putin with murder[.....]
  • Litvinenko's statement is awfully coherent and eloquent for a man writhing in a death agony. But if he did not write it, who did? All of which leads me to conclude Putin is being set up, framed for a crime he did not commit. But then, if Putin did not order the killing, who did? Who else could have acquired the polonium 210? Who else would kill Litvinenko to make Putin a pariah? These are the questions Scotland Yard, which also seems skeptical that Putin had a hand in this bizarre business, has begun to ask.
  • Certainly, the oligarchs and robber barons like Berezovsky—many of them now dispossessed of the wealth they amassed in a collapsing Soviet Union, and all of whom have been run out of the country or imprisoned—have the most powerful of motives. They hate Putin and seek to bring him down. And Goldfarb and Litvinenko both enjoyed the patronage of the billionaire Berezovsky.
  • America has a vital interest in this Scotland Yard investigation. What it discovers may tell us more about the character of the man into whose eyes George Bush claimed to have stared, and seen his soul, (Putin) or it may tell us who the real enemies of this country are, who are out to restart the Cold War, and perhaps another hot one.

Both cases have similarities -

  1. Syria killed multiple people in Lebanon opposed to them, journalists, politicians etc.. showing their brazen arrogance and in Tony's words, taking the way they communicate.
  2. Russia has killed multiple people, journalists, ex pats and likely politicians as well.
  3. In both cases Pat insinuates someone is trying to goad the 'gullible' GW and the US into a war or conflict, because why would Assad or Putin be so stupid as to murder in public?? (keep a straight face at this point)
  4. In both cases Neocons, Zionists and/or Israel is the "real enemy" setting a trap for the US in a false flag operation.

In December 2005 in my post Is Lebanon being left to hang? I referenced my May 2005 post - Pat Buchanan can't help himself. ('Baiting a Trap for Bush') Both concern the murder of Rafiq Harriri in Lebanon very likely by Syrian agents within Lebanon. Pat asked then, but who benefits from this? ISRAEL ie... they laid the trap for Bush and were actually behind it. Pat was likely dissapointed by the Mehlis UN Report which directly implicated several high level Syrian officials. But Pat isn't as blatant as Syrian/Arab media, which stated that "Mehlis is the son of a Jew", which explains his biased/incorrect conclusions.

Ironically, "the realists" who Pat recommends sold out Lebanon in 1993 (Bush I and Baker) to get them to back the Kuwait liberation from Saddam. Michael Young, Tony Badran and many others have presently stated as well as in Dec 2005 that what scares most in Lebanon the most, is the fear that W worn down from Iraq will fall for a false fig leaf and allow Syria to reoccupy, control and continue raping Lebanon again.

Funnier still the day the 2nd Mehlis progress report (which described Syrian reluctance to cooperate) another murder was committed in Beirut -- that of journalist Gebran Tueni, a critic of Syria. Mehlis ironically opposed widening the investigation (despite Lebanon's gov't request) to other political assassinations which Mehlis agreed Syria was likely involved in - Tueni, Samir Kassir and George Hawi - to name a few.

Pat's like a 0ld broken down record at this point. Any situation the same theme - "the tricky Joos trying to get the US involved in wars". Simply put, a slyer version of Mel Gibson's outburst.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ari Fleischer Writes to Jimmy Carter on Israel / Hezbollah

Jimmy Carter gave an interview in DerSpiegel, a German newspaper, where he blasted Israel for its "unjustified" war in Lebanon and "targeting of civilians"..... The US and Israel Stand Alone

Now Ari Fleischer has written a respectful letter to Jimmy C politely criticizing him.

NOTE - Almost all ex-Presidents are very reserved in ever critiquing or criticizing a sitting President. Bush I, Reagan, Nixon and Ford all complied with this respectful tradition. Clinton has somewhat drifted from that. However, Carter can never get enough attention and even individually takes it upon himself to inject himself into foreign policy situations.

Example: Remember when Jimmy Carter personally called other countries to tell them to vote against UN Ambassador John Bolton's proposed model to rework/improve the makeup of the UN "Human Rights Sadist Commission". He told them it was not fair to other countries and decided it was his right/duty to lobby them to reject it. This from someone who is no longer an elected official of the US but is personally obstructing administration policy with foreign countries? Here is the result by the way.

A Letter to JIMMY CARTER from ARI FLEISCHER re. Carter Interview

The Honorable Jimmy Carter
The Carter Center
453 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Dear Mr. President:
I just read the transcript of your interview with the German magazine, Der Spiegel, in which you accuse Israel of launching an “unjustified attack on Lebanon.”

Even after the interviewer reminded you that Israel was the first to get attacked, you charged Israel with lacking “any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation of Lebanon.”

As someone who served in the White House as a spokesman for a President, I am reluctant to criticize another President, but in this instance my conscience compels me to do so.

Mr. President, your words are music to Hezbollah’s ears and your message is a blow to long-term peace.

Just as you underestimated the threat of the Soviet Union in the 1970s, you underestimate the threat of radical Islam today. Your condemnation of Israel, the victim, only encourages Hezbollah, the attacker, to bide its time and attack again.

Ahmed Barakat, a member of Hezbollah’s central council, last week told the Qatari newspaper as-Watan that

  • “Today Arab and Muslim society is reasonably certain that the defeat of Israel is possible and that the countdown to the disappearance of the Zionist entity in the region has begun. The triumph of the resistance is the beginning of the death of the Israeli enemy.”
I was raised a Democrat but I changed parties in 1982 because I believed your policies and the nuclear freeze movement invited increased Soviet militarism and adventurism. President Reagan’s military build-up and credible threat of the use of force helped bring about the demise of Communism and brought freedom and a better life to hundreds of millions in Central and Eastern Europe. It also secured a lasting peace.

I’m sorry to see you articulate about Hezbollah and its aggression the same weak world-view that encouraged Soviet aggression. As Ronald Reagan showed us, peace through strength is the only formulation understood by those bent on destruction.

I understand your longing for peace and your fond hope that Hezbollah can be reasoned with. However, when you call Israel’s defense “an attack”, when you call what is justified “unjustified”, and when you call morality immoral, I conclude that the pro-defense, strong foreign policy lessons of the 70s and 80s remain unacceptable to you. Also, when you criticize Israel for targeting so-called “civilian” areas in Beirut and other areas where Hezbollah hides its operations, the result would be – if Israel listened to you – the creation of safe havens from which more violence and rocket attacks would be planned and launched.

Sadly, Hezbollah today is planning its next war. For the sake of peace, Israel deserves your praise, not your condemnation.

L. Ari Fleischer

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jewish Man Brutally Murdered By Mob in Australia

Charles first pointed out this story however I want to comment on the way the story is described in the foreign (Australian in this case) press.
Australian Press carried this story -

Two wanted after Israeli fatally stabbed
By Paul Mulvey
August 06, 2006 06:41pm
Article from: AAP

  • TWO men are wanted by police over the stabbing murder of a former Israeli soldier outside a Bondi shop, in an attack which lasted only seconds. (bolded in the actual article note)

Notice this is the first sentence... a subtle and (bolded in the actual article) direct attempt to let you know this guy is Israeli and an "ex soldier" so that may "explain and/or justify" it at least.... even though the assailants are NOT ONCE referred to as being suspected of or being Muslim.

Note, that EVERY Israeli is an "ex soldier" as they are all obligated to some sort of service. Imagine if a 9-11 victim of terror was referred to as an "ex soldier" who maybe even served in Lebanon or Afghanistan!!

  • The victim was attacked by at least two men whom witnesses say jumped out of a car, bashed him with a pole or similar object, and left him with multiple stab wounds to the back and stomach.
  • Witnesses said a carload of men bashed the 36-year-old victim, named by Channel 10 as Arnon Gelman, at about 9.45pm (AEST) yesterday, although police were uncertain how many were involved.
  • When police arrived at the scene, outside the Glenayr Convenience Store at the intersection of Glenayr Avenue and Curlewis Street, Mr Gelman was slumped on the footpath in deep pools of blood.
  • Police are trying to contact Mr Gelman's family in Israel.
  • It is believed he had lived in Australia for three years and had applied for permanent residency.
  • "He was a very, very nice guy, he was a bit of a go-getter, he knew what he wanted," friend Gary Levine told Ten News.
  • "I think he was going to go far, this is a total shock." Witnesses say they heard shouting on the footpath before the attack. Superintendent Mark Walton said detectives were trying to establish a motive but said it was not connected with the conflict in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah. Supt Walton said the attack would have been over in an instant. "These attacks last seconds rather than minutes," he said.

How does the guy definitively know how long it lasted? He can't assume (see bottom) anything about the attackers or the attack relating to the victim's religion or nationality playing any part in the attack nor is the assailant's potential status as Muslims and likely Lebanese as many Muslim immigrants there are - nor is it ever even brought up - but he's "sure" the attack only lasted seconds?

  • One of the men wanted by police is described as 178cm tall, of medium build with shoulder length dark hair and clean shaven, wearing jeans and a black top. A second man is 170cm tall, of medium build with short, dark hair. "We are trying to determine how many people were involved but at this stage we are focused on those two men," Supt Walton said outside Bondi Police Station.
  • "We have neither recovered or have a good description of the weapon." Detectives are hunting for a green Mitsubishi Pajero with New South Wales registration SVJ 201 that was seen driving in Glenayr Avenue immediately after the attack.
  • "The motivation in relation to this incident is unknown at this stage," Supt Walton said. "We are very open-minded but there is nothing in relation to information or evidence that it is connected to this man's nationality or religious background."
  • The attack comes six months after six people were taken to hospital after being stabbed in Bondi.
  • "There are always grave concerns about incidents like this but I don't believe it's indicative of what happens in Bondi on a weekend," Supt Walton said.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Experience at Union Square "Peace Rally" - "Support Lebanon/Palestine/UN"

Emailed In -
Yesterday on my way out of the city I drove by Union Square (downtown Manhattan/NY...) It was nice there were lots of people just hanging out.

On one corner of the square there was a "Pro-Lebanon/Pro-Palestine/Pro-UN" rally with speakers and pamphlets etc... a mixed crowd but mainly but mainly left wing hippies and Americans with lots of time on their hands. About 50-100 people checking it out at that area.

By the time I parked and walked over the rally was over and the cops removed the barricades etc.. but there was still people around passing out materials sponsored by the "Int'l Answer Coalition"

The main pamphlet spoke about how Israel (of course only) murdered UN workers. And support "Palestine and Lebanon" and anti US and Israeli "Colonialist" Message..

I walked around and there was a few Israeli supporters discussing what had happened yesterday with 1 of the guys passing out papers. Then I walked up to the main area and noticed 3 people with signs and pamphlets. I started reading their signs from a distance just minding my own business.

One was a waspy looking middle aged woman wearing a Dennis Kucinich for President poster - an older hippy guy -and- a what I thought was an Hispanic middle aged guy. The lady then asked me if I wanted to take one, and I said no thanks.

The woman then said to me - "Those Israeli laser guided bombs are really accurate, they're really good at killing innocent (UN) people"

I said - "You know Hezbollah murdered 2 UN observers a week or so ago and noone said much about it"......

Then the Arabic or Hispanic guy got loud and upset and said - "You are a liar and a criminal and a thief. People fight and die for you!"

I said - "What are you talking abou and don't insult me you don't even know me."

He began rambling on automatically about Jews.. and said - "You are a criminal and a thief you are a Jew, you should be locked up, etc.. etc...!"
then made more ranting about Jews and that people fight and die for me, etc..

I said - "Who said anything about me being Jewish, do you have a problem with Jewish people? .... No wonder nobody listens to you guys because you're lunatics."

The lady then actually said - "OH right you're Italian Catholic, I know"

So I said - "Actually I'm Italian and Jewish. Do you have a problem with that?"

And then the guy said - "Oh! so you're half Jewish!"

The guy I believe was Arabic not Hispanic for what it's worth. It's a common thing in the Middle East to call anyone a "criminal and thief", ie... "You are a criminal and a thief" - Baghdad Bob

If you don't think there is blatant anti-semitism in the so-called "Peace Movements" think again they are rife with it. This small rally as well as the one they were promoting on August 24th in Manhattan was sponsored by the International Answer Coalition.

Imagine you said to an Arab person - "Those Muslims they really lust for murder and martyrdom huh?"
And they said politely back - "The Palestinians have suffered a lot though"
And then you said - "You are an Arab and a Muslim aren't you - you are a terrorist, murderer and criminal, you should be locked up"

CAN YOU IMAGINE? And the woman then made the additional anti-semitic comment meaning I must be a Joooo!

I should have gotten more in their face and given it back to them but I didn't. There were a few people there debating with 1 guy who was not violent and hateful and actually reasonable but he was the exception.

The amazing thing is not just the nastiness but the arrogance and self righteousness........ they're not there to talk to people politely and make their point and if you have the "nerve" to discuss or make a counter point to anything they say the hate and smite comes pouring out... and they're allowed to hate and smite anyone they think they are because anyone who doesn't agree with everything they say is "obviously" the "bad guy"

The cops that were there were really friendly and basically said they can't understand how people have any time to "protest".... ie.., paraphrasing -

  • "Where do they get all their time from, after work, family etc.. we don't have anytime to waste on anything like making signs etc.."

They pretty much couldn't stand the "Peacenicks"

Maybe memories of the "Anti-war/Peace rallies" a few years back where the "peacenicks" smashed in store windows and punched and kicked cops... very "peaceful"
UPDATE: Here are links to Hezbollah attacks on UNIFIL referred to in the conversation which merited the emailer being called a "Liar/criminal/thief/Joooo/" etc..

Hezbollah Attacked UN Workers Twice Last Week - Prior to the Fatal Israeli Mortar Fire that hit a UNIFIL Post

UN Observer fired on by Hezbollah Life Saved by Israelis

Canadian General says Canadian killed at UNIFIL Post hit by Israeli Mortar fire emailed him days earlier and said Hezbollah was using their post as cover to fire on Israelis

More Hizballah Firing from UN Positions
From today’s United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon press release, more reports of Hizballah using UN positions as cover.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lebanese Christian Alternative Views

From Brigitte Gabriel who grew up in Lebanon during the Civil War and lived in a bomb shelter as Hezbollah and the PLO lobbed Katsushas into her town, the last remaining Christian town in South Lebanon not taken over by the guerilla groups at the time. She now lives in the USA with her family.

Brigitte_Gabriel_Discusses_Lebanon - Israel and Hezbollah on CNN_07-19-06
I received a telephone call immediately after the interview telling me that my Lebanese citizenship will be revoked. (They can have it.)
Here are some of the letters I received from people in support of my message. For their security and protection, I will only use first names.

  1. Hello, I'm a Maronite girl and I want to thank you for talking in the name of the Christian people whom they need someone like you to show and make the world give them some attention and to know what the Christian people are going through for almost 30 years since the war started in 1975, the Palestinian people with the help of Syria and the help of all Arab world drag us to this war and turned to a civil war between the Lebanese people even between Christian themselves.

    We wish to hear more from your messages to the world specially to the American government and how much we need their support and help to get Lebanon out of this fundamentalist Islam, and most of all to stop Syria from helping these organization as Syria is the head of the snake as they say, we need your help in the United State and as an American myself I wish to see my country go back to the way it used to be before the war the way our parents used to tell us about, ....

    All what the Christian want is to live in peace, and have a good relation with our neighbor, wish you luck and progress with your mission....

    Thank you,


    My name is Lina. I am a Lebanese American. I was so glad to hear you on CNN. You said what so many of us Lebanese Christians want to say. We need a strong voice like yours to represent us and show the world that we are peace lovers and do not support terrorists, but actually, we ourselves were and still are victims of the terrorists. I pray that this battle will be the end of Hezbollah, but I am afraid this will not happen as long as the present regimes in Iran and Syria are still in existence.
    May God bless you and bless our dear Lebanon. Keep the good work.

    Thank you for your message Ms. Gabriel.
    I watched your interview this morning on CNN and was extremely moved and equally impressed.

    I am a 32 year old Christian Lebanese professional woman and I am one of the fortunate ones whose family was able to move out of Lebanon in the mid-80s providing us with a more secure life in Montreal, Canada. I now live in the US and work in the defense/pharmaceutical industry and I like to believe that, through my work, I'm helping make the world a slightly better and safer place.

    During your brief statement on CNN this morning, you pretty much described my life and my feelings - my home in Achrafieh was also bombed by Muslim animals when I was 10. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to stand up in front of the entire world and state that the Lebanese Government and its leaders are nothing more than puppets to Syria; you did so knowing fully well what the implications to your personal security could be. You are right: now is the time to stand up and tell the world what is really happening in Lebanon and how further terrorist acts are only around the corner here in the US and around the world.

    To hear you say that the extremist Muslims have multiple marriages and pro-create fast enough to produce generations of extremists is commendable. It seams that people in our beloved Lebanon are too afraid to state this painful truth from fear of retaliation and us, "Westerners", are too afraid to be labeled as politically incorrect!

    God bless you and give you strength. I am so proud to see an intelligent Lebanese woman make the statements you're making and I look forward to reading your book "Because They Hate" very soon.

    Thank you for the goose-bumps you gave me this morning!


    I am a Christian Lebanese-Canadian living in Montreal. I just watched your interview with Miles O'Brien on CNN and was not surprised to see that we share the same opinion about Hezbollah and Muslim extremism. I feel that most Christians like us in Lebanon feel the same but are unable to air their opinion. The sad reality is that Hezbollah has proven once again to be in charge of the destiny of Lebanon, which means that they are the undeclared authority and not the shadow government in place there.

    We simply cannot cohabitate with Muslims. It is a shame but that is the fact of matter. Bashir Gemanyel's cooperation with Israel was the only way to get Lebanon out of the claws of Muslims' influence of Syria and Iran. In my opinion the only way for the Christians to survive in the Lebanon is by dividing the country. In such a case it would be in out best interest, as a Christian community in the middle east, to make Israel our first and foremost ally. We both are civilized, westernized minorities surrounded by a sea of Muslims.

    I have always said that Israel and Israelis are a blessing to the West because they are the only people fighting the Islamists tidal wave. They deserve all our support and admiration.I still have family in Lebanon, therefore I won't disclose my identity by fear of reprisal.



    I hear you this morning say 10x to Israel and maybe I agree with you , coz since it is begin the war and nobody was waiting it , and after all the destroy of Lebanon, I think Israel should not stop, till they end the Islamic movement...

    Am not with Israel against Lebanon, but with them against the terrorism Islamic. I wish to live in peace in Lebanon, like Bachir wanted it, right now we need someone like Bachir to get us out of this situation.
    Thank you,

    What an outstanding report on CNN this morning. I am a Lebanese Christian, from Zahle, left Lebanon after Bashir Jamail was assassinated, also was a member OUR Lebanese forces in Zahle. You fought them in South Lebanon, and we fought them in Zahle. You were isolated in the south, and as you know we were isolated, surrounded, and at the Syrian mercy for YEARS!!!

    You have represented extremely well the struggle of every Lebanese Christian of our past, and current era. No one in this country will ever understand, or comprehend what we have gone through, and the scars of war we will carry in our hearts, and souls forever. The American foreign policy, thinking, and approach is WEAK, and Illiterate at best.
    Because of this weak and ignorant approach, the RADICAL Muslims are making a mockery of this SUPER POWER all over the world. Everyone must understand that these RADICAL Muslims do not understand civilization, and you cannot treat them softly. I always referred to them as wild barking dogs, where these dogs will shut up, and run away if you attack them, and hit them HARD...

    All of us Lebanese Christians wish to have hundreds as your here, in order to turn the tide in ALL the TRUE Lebanese favor.

    Million thanks for your talk this morning brought me back to 1982's happiness when our beloved Bashir was elected as a president.
    Have a great week.

    I was delighted and thrilled to see you on CNN this morning, it is high time the truth is told, and we as free Lebanese are always willing to go the extra mile to tell it. I wish you all the best of luck and please continue to raise the heads of all Lebanese and tell the world that not all of us subscribe to the extremism of Hezbollah.

    Yours truly,

    I am Lebanese Christian, and am horrified by what appears to be overwhelming support of the terrorists by people of Middle Eastern ancestry. Your web site is a necessary counterpoint to these terribly naïve and dangerous people. Good luck on your web site and with your work.


    I saw your interview on CNN. I was very impressed with what you said. I agree with you 100%. Can I add the following:

    The Lebanese politicians are all responsible for what is happening in Lebanon between Hezbollah & Israel because none of the politicians did what they promised in their election campaign pledges to the Lebanese people & to the UN & USA. They promised to fulfill UN resolution 1559 but when Syria left Lebanon none of them ever mentioned the disarming of Hezbollah. They are all hypocrites & they possess double standards.IMPORTANT:
    Best regards, P........

    I just saw your interview with Miles O'Brien on CNN. Thank you for finally bringing to light the facts of this war that most people refuse to speak about.

    Most Americans believe that all Lebanese are in favor of Hizbullah and what they do. Thank you for speaking clearly about the Christian history of this country and how it developed into a country of bedlame due to the violent hatred of some Muslims who are now the majority in Lebanon.


    Just today I saw the interview of Ms Bridget and I am so glad that there is one Lady who has the integrity and intellectual honesty to speak out the truth even at the cost of her own life. I think she is the Man of our times, when so many politicians play the game of political correctness and shy away from the truth. She has also intellectually gifted to understand the intricate politics of radical Islam and articulate the same in simple words for the benefit of the people all around the world where many innocent people are hoodwinked into believing the Islamic propaganda. I am so glad that I came to know of your organization. I would do my best to do whatever I could do to support your organization.

    God bless you! Please keep up the good work.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hezbollah Uses and Targets Own Civilians

(Side note) Quick note video of my (hot) Lebanese friend interviewed on CNN.
Lebanese Brigitte Gabriel Discusses Lebanon and Israel on CNN (VIDEO) VIDEO.WMV or VIDEO.MOV

Hiding in and using Civilians as a base and for cover - you will not see any condemnation or even mention of concern regarding this from Coffee Annan. You will only see condemnation of Israel if/when there are civilian casualties as a result. Terrorist groups are professionals at playing the modern day War/UN blame game using civilians. It's a win/win situation for them no matter what. The UN and Western help fight the war for them and barely mention that specifically using civilian areas to launch military attacks and hide weapons is a war crime.
Of course the results are stunning just note a few of the anti-Israel (anti-semitic you be the judge?) hate filled cartoons below -
  1. Left wing Guardian of Britain disgusting cartoon
  2. Norwegian cartoon comparing Israelis to the Nazis (again)
  3. Quatari (moderate Quatar?) cartoon of hook nosed driveling Jew drinking blood from a mug

When your human shields won’t voluntarily provide cover what do you do to prevent them from escaping? Hizbullah preventing civilians from leaving villages in southern Lebanon

  • The IDF has found that Hizbullah is preventing civilians from leaving villages in southern Lebanon. Roadblocks have been set up outside some of the villages to prevent residents from leaving, while in other villages Hizbullah is preventing UN representatives from entering, who are trying to help residents leave. In two villages, exchanges of fire between residents and Hizbullah have broken out.

Belmont Club writes this interesting post -

There's an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal which quotes a UN source who describes some of the difficulties an IDF ground force will have in neutralizing Hezbollah rockets.

  • ... unlike conventional armies, Hezbollah doesn't keep its weapons in armories. It hides them in the homes of supporters, in remote valleys and caves, and in small factories and industrial workshops scattered across Lebanon, according to Israeli and Lebanese military experts and the group itself. Ardent members willing to die for the movement are assigned to protect these sites, many of which are said to be booby-trapped.

    "There are no Hezbollah bases anywhere. So the only way to find the weapons is to go on foot and look for them," said Timur Goksel, a former United Nations official who lives in Beirut and has tracked Hezbollah's military capabilities for two decades.

    That reality underscores the core conundrum Israel now faces: Defeating Hezbollah means tracking down and destroying its enormous supply of rockets and missiles, estimated at roughly 13,000 in all. Yet to do so Israeli soldiers would likely need to search house-by-house and cave-by-cave throughout the hostile territory of southern Lebanon, many military officials and analysts here say.

And this type of house-to-house campaign is precisely what Bill Roggio thinks has been ruled out, based on an analysis of Israeli call-ups. (Hat tip: Chester)

  • While there is always the possibility the Israeli government and military officials are conducting a sophisticated information operations campaign, the military is not mobilizing for a large scale invasion of Lebanon. Only three battalions (about 300 troops per battalion) have been mobilized over the past few days. With Israel being a small nation, a large scale call up of troops could not be hidden from public view.

    Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, in his analysis of the strategic considerations notes "if Israel were interested in a long-term occupation, it would have had to call up far more reserves than it did." This also applies to a large military operation designed to destroy Hezbollah and pursue them into their rear bases in the Bekaa Valley, where they are supported by elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Syrian military. The Beirut-Damascus Road is 35 miles from the Israeli border, Baalbeck and Hermel, two Hezbollah headquarters are 60 and 90 miles from the Israeli border respectively.

So that dilemma creates the obvious incentive for Israel to escalate the war unless another method is found to rein in Hezbollah. The WSJ article continues:

  • One risk in the coming days is that the sides will remain locked in a series of escalating strikes. If so, some observers here worry Israel may decide that the only way to rein in Hezbollah is to attack Syria and possibly even Iran. Those two countries have long been Hezbollah's primary supporters, providing the group with the bulk of its weapons and aid.

    A senior Israeli politician suggested Hezbollah's main foreign sponsors may not be beyond Israel's reach. "We place full responsibility for this crisis on Syria and Iran," said Isaac Herzog, a member of Israel's security cabinet. "We are not ruling out any operation and we will not forget who is responsible."

International and US policy so far has been to acknowledge the premises of the problem without accepting the conclusion. It is the equivalent of saying, "yes you have cancer, but don't operate".

  • At the Group of Eight meeting in St. Petersburg, key European allies joined the U.S. in beating back a Russian attempt to have the G-8 formally lay the blame on Israel for its assault of Lebanon. What emerged was an American-crafted compromise by the industrialized nations blaming "extremist elements" for triggering the violence and issuing a call for Israel to exercise "utmost restraint."
    The communique demanded that the militant groups Hezbollah and Hamas return a total of three abducted Israeli soldiers and halt their rocket attacks into Israel.

SYRIA IRAN ON TOP AFTER Their Agent - Hezbollah - Ignited War in Lebanon

Lebanese Political Journal with 2 posts highlighted below
[....]There is a massive anti-US and Israel demonstration going on in Damascus, right now. They are waving Syrian, Palestian, and Hezbollah flags. They are holding up pictures of Syrian President Bashar al Assad and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Not a Lebanese flag in sight. No mention of Lebanon's legitimate government.

And Syria is being asked to solve the crisis in Lebanon. Thank you, Western nations...

It's Hard Being A Refugee
I will not sleep again tonight. I'm getting out of Syria, but the paths out are jammed with people, and everything available is available at awkward times.
We called friends in Lebanon. They were cracking jokes and keeping their humanity alive, even as bombs fell on the city. Their apartments were packed with internal refugees from South Lebanon and the southern suburbs. But they kept their heads up. Every bomb brought a moment of silence, but people are keeping their heads up.
The Syrians have made our stay wonderful. But of course they should be welcoming. We're reviving their distraught economy. Nothing could be better for Syria and Iran right now. Iranian President Ahmadinejad is in Damascus having meetings with President Assad. Contrary to international opinion, they have come out on top.
  1. The war against Hezbollah has destroyed the Middle East's most pro-Western country, (Lebanon) while empowering the nations that work against Western interests.
  2. Now, President Bush is asking Secretary General Annan to ask Syria for help resolving the crisis. The Syrians are in a power position.
  3. Iran's nuclear program goes on.
  4. Lebanon crumbles.

It's very awkward for Lebanese to be relying on Syria right now. This is the regime we tried to overthrow last year. This is the regime many Lebanese blame for Hezbollah's arms. This is the regime that is profiting from us.

The world made the wrong move. Taking out Hezbollah will not make Israel safer. It will not weaken Hamas or the Syrian regime. It will not stop the war in Iraq. It will not stop Iran from building nuclear weapons. In fact, the opposite is probably true.

  1. Hezbollah's supporters are more supportive than ever.
  2. Hamas' support amongst Palestinians and Arabs will most likely grow.
  3. Syria is being placed in a power position.
  4. The UN investigation against Syria's involvement in the Hariri assassination is off the table.
  5. The Iranians now have ever more impetus to quicken their nuclear research.

My head is still fuzzy. I won't get any sleep tonight. Very sad. Very sad.

The Feeling in Syria

Lebanon Profile reports from Syria, after he fled Lebanon. The highlights are mine. Very interesting material. His opinions have now calmed since fleeing and appear more measured.
highlights are mine.

The Feeling in Syria

The Syrian people and government fully support Hezbollah.

In fact, Syrians of every stripe support the campaign against Israel: rich and poor, educated and illiterate, Western educated and Syrian educated, multilingual and monolingual, Christian, Muslim, Druze, Allawi, and Shia. It really is incredible to see uninanimous support that was not government created.

In fact, the Syrian people seem unhappy that their government has not joined the fight. They are calling this, "The Final Battle." It's rather apocalyptic.

There are Hezbollah, Syrian, and Palestinian flags flying all over Damascus. In the old city, there are large Israeli flags taped to the narrow walkways forcing all pedestrians to trample on it. The Syrian people want the destruction of Israel and see now as the time to do it.

One political analyst says the regime is doing everything it can not to go to war. She says, "Bashar is too smart." It seems the United States now believes it has some leverage over the Syrian regime, but also believes that the Syrian regime is in a position to help.

In the battle between Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah, Hezbollah is the weakest link. Lebanese political analysts for months have been arguing that Syria was weakest and connected all of the above named factions to one another. This was the thinking in mid-2005.

The Syrians were smart. They waited it out. They made it impossible for a coup. But the West must still do something.

The relationship between the Israelis and Hamas is long standing. The Palestinians are integrated into the Israeli system. They rely on the Israelis for bare essentials. Israeli troops move freely in Palestinian areas. Hamas is not as easy a problem to do deal with.

Taking out a regime, especially given that the US is engaged in Iraq and is in the middle of a campaign year, is not an option. The case for war against either Syria or Iran would be difficult to put forward. American allies would become further enraged just as President Bush is trying to rebuild international consensus.

Hezbollah stupidly carried out an attack. The Lebanese leadership brought Hezbollah into the government worried that not doing so would start a civil war and continue the campaign of assassinations against Lebanese political leaders.

No one thought that Israel would take this kind of action. Once it began, though, the US saw an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Why wait for the Brammertz Report to isolate the Syria regime? Why fight tooth and nail with the international community for ineffective sanctions against the Iranian regime that would still leave it capable of building nuclear weapons? Hezbollah provided the international community with an option.

I hate to say this, but Israel has been surprisingly restrained given the leeway they have been given by the international community. Lebanon does not deserve to be destroyed in this way, but the world sees this as an opportunity to isolate Iran and Syria, and Israel has a case for war. This war is ridiculous because it isn't one. Israel is at war. Hezbollah is doing little damage to Israel. Lebanon is being destroyed.

The irony is that the Lebanese people, by and large, support the Western agenda. There is little positive sentiment for the Iranian or Syrian regimes and for Hamas. This is the diametric opposite of the Syrian people who fully support the destruction of Israel.

The Lebanese were trying to get rid of Hezbollah. They were not given the time it takes in this region to get anything done. Sadly, the West does not have time to wait. Iran refuses to cooperate, and Lebanon suffers.

Monday, July 17, 2006


A lot to read but after the all the awe of the Israeli might, you see the Islamists and extremists win if they win and win if they lose or tie............ Syria and Iran rejoice as Israel is forced to inflict damage and death onto the 1 Arab country that is a fledgling/struggling Democracy and better yet has a powerful Liberal/Secular and Christian community in Government and Business sectors.

Israel needs to defeat Hezbollah - Get their soldiers back - get some security and quiet on their Northern Border - and not turn the average Lebanese Christian and Secularist who does not like Hezbollah against them........... ie............. IMPOSSIBLE.

Hezbollah and Syria want the other liberal and progressive communities in Lebanon to be hurt economically, financially and with their lives by Israel. So they position their fight in civilian neighborhoods and relentlessly shoot rockets into Israel.

Here are a few posts I've read.

Sandmonkey (Sam) from Egypt
The Difference between our (Egyptian) Left and their (Israeli) Left
  • But then I rememebrd that we- the majority of us (Egyptians and Arabs) anyway- don't want peace with Israel, and are not interested in any real dialogue with them. We weren't then and we are not now. The Entire peace process has always been about getting the land back, not establishing better relations. Even when we do get the land back, it's not enough.
  • People in Egypt lament daily the Camp David treaty that prevents us from fighting. In Gaza they never stopped trying to attack Israel. In Lebanon Hezbollah continued attacking even after the Israeli withdrawal. And the people- the majority of the arab population- support it. Very few of us are really interested in having any lasting Peace or co-existance. I mean, if our left is asking for war, what do you think the rest of the population is thinking?
  • I think that the Israeli want peace with us because they don't want their lives disrupted. They don't want to have the IDF soldiers fighting in Gaza, rockets coming into their towns from Hamas or having to go to wars against Hezbollah to get their soldiers back. I think they want peace because they want their peace of mind. They view us as if we were a headache. We view them as if they are a cancer.
    And this is why there will never really be any peace in the middle-east.
Background from Totten on Israel and Lebanon
  • Israel has a right - nay, a moral obligation - to defend itself and rescue the kidnapped. But what kind of down-the-rabbit-hole war is this, where the guilty parties - the Baath regime in Syria and the Jihad regime in Iran - sleep warm in their beds while Beirut, a libertine city they hate, takes the punishment for them?
  • The dictators in the region have always been happy to fight the Israelis to the last Palestinian. Now it looks like they're happy to fight the Israelis to the last Lebanese, too. And why not? Lebanon is a relatively liberal and almost half Christian sort-of democracy. Can't have any of that in the region if you're a totalitarian mullah. It suits Tehran just fine if the Jews slug it out with such people.
  • Bashar al-Assad promised to make Lebanon burn if his Syrian occupation soldiers were forced out of the country. No doubt he is ecstatic at this latest turn of events. His principal enemies are killing each other instead of teaming up against him like they would in a better and more intelligent world.
  • Israel and Lebanon are the two freest countries in the Middle East. They are the only countries, aside from tortured Iraq, that hold unrigged elections for parliaments and heads of state. The tyrants to their east have pulled quite a coup, haven't they? The two countries friendliest to America and to liberal Western values are now shooting each other. (The Lebanese army, which has cooperated with Israel in the past behind the scenes, is now firing anti-aircraft guns at Israeli planes.)
Michael Totten is sad and critical of the Israeli campaign and the destruction of Lebanon
  • What should the Israelis have done instead? They should have treated Hezbollahland as a country, which it basically is, and attacked it. They should have treated Lebanon as a separate country, which it basically is, and left it alone. Mainstream Lebanese have no problem when Israel hammers Hezbollah in its little enclave. Somebody has to do it, and it cannot be them. If you want to embolden Lebanese to work with Israelis against Hezbollah, or at least move in to Hezbollah's bombed out positions, don't attack all of Lebanon.
  • Israel should not have bombed Central Beirut, which was almost monolithically anti-Hezbollah. They should not have bombed my old neighborhood, which was almost monolithically anti-Hezbollah. They should not have bombed the Maronite city of Jounieh, which was not merely anti-Hezbollah but also somewhat pro-Israel.
  • Israelis thinks everyone hates them. It isn't true, especially not in Lebanon. But they will make it so if they do not pay more attention to the internal characteristics of neighboring countries. "The Arabs" do not exist as a bloc except in the feverish dreams of the Nasserists and the Baath.

Lebanon Profile laments losing his country (again the extremists are stronger than the moderates in the Middle East)

  • You've made this country unliveable for the people fighting to disarm Hezbollah.
    Guess what? I'm leaving. Yep. Me.
    Where am I going? Syria. Didn't want to, but I have to. The people we marched against are the ones you sent us begging to. The people who assassinated our leaders, (Syria) kept us from having an operating democracy, and who armed Hezbollah are laughing it up because they've won the game because of you.
    Bashar Assad said Lebanon would be destroyed if he left. I didn't know the Israelis would play into his game. It's not surprising that Syrian-allied Hezbollah started the mess, but you guys are just vicious.
  • All my Hezbollah supporting friends are sticking around. They call the rest of us cowards. I guess we are. We want to do scientific research. We want our children to learn how to play the piano. We want to watch our stock porfolios burgeon. We can't do that here any more.
    I tried to sympathize with you. I didn't support Hezbollah, and if you look at the posts before this conflict began, I was maligning the political parties that oppose Hezbollah for not doing enough.
  • I even gave you guys the benefit of the doubt at the beginning of this, as did most Lebanese. Even the Shia, Christians, and Druze in South Lebanon understood your position. Not any more. Everyone Who Thinks Israel's Campaign is Just Fine and Dandy

Big Pharaoh weighs in from Egypt

  • Just as we point out how stupid Hezbollah is, we also have to mention how stupid some of Israel's actions are.
  • Today the Israeli air force bombed the port of Abdeh near Tripoli in North Lebanon. At least 14 people were killed including 8 Lebanese soldiers. The same soldiers Israel wishes to see on its borders with Lebanon. How ironic right?!
  • In addition to that, in case Israel's military commanders don't know, the north of Lebanon has no hezbollah. Zero Hezbollah. This area is inhabited by Sunnis and Christians, many of them do not even like Hezbollah and its God like status in Lebanon.
  • Well, Israel bombed the port so Hezbollah won't receive shipments from Iran and Syria. Crap! Israeli ships are patrolling the sea, how on earth will a ship carrying missiles and rockets pass through them?? (Good point I would like to know the answer here)
  • Collective punishment of all Lebanese is wrong, stupid, and very counterproductive.
    The mood is changing in the region. Arab governments for the first time are starting to criticize Hezbollah. The Lebanese government for the very first time said something about extending its authority over the south. Please Israel, pleaaaase, don't screw up that. Don't act like Hezbollah.

Arab world fed up with Hizbullah?

  • With the exception of the Palestinians, the Arab world appears to be united in blaming Iran and Syria for the fighting in Lebanon. Until last week, Arab political analysts and government officials were reluctant to criticize Hizbullah in public. But now that Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah and his top aides are in hiding, an anti-Hizbullah coalition is emerging not only in Lebanon, but in several other Arab countries as well.
    The Palestinians and Hizbullah feel that their Arab brethren have once again turned their backs on them. On Monday, hundreds of Palestinians who marched in downtown Ramallah in support of Hizbullah chanted: “Hassan Nasrallah is our hero, the rest of the Arab leaders are cowards” and “O beloved Abu Hadi [Nasrallah’s nickname], bomb, bomb Tel Aviv.”
  • The second battle cry is reminiscent of the famous slogan the Palestinians used during the first Gulf War: “O beloved Saddam, bomb, bomb Tel Aviv.”
  • Hizbullah and their supporters were hoping that the massive Israeli military operation in Lebanon would trigger large-scale protests throughout the Arab world, creating instability and threatening to bring down some of the Arab regimes.
  • But the response on the Arab street has been so disappointing for Hizbullah that its leaders are now openly talking about an Arab “conspiracy” to liquidate the Shi’ite organization. The few Hizbullah supporters in Ramallah, the Gaza Strip and some Arab capitals have therefore been directing most of their criticism against the Arab presidents and monarchs, accusing them of serving the interests of the US and Israel.
  • The anti-Hizbullah coalition, which appears to be growing with every Israeli missile that drops on the heads of Hizbullah leaders and headquarters, is spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. These three countries, together with many Arab commentators and political analysts, are convinced that the leaders of Teheran and Damascus are using Hizbullah to divert attention from Iran’s nuclear program and Syria’s involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.