Monday, November 27, 2006


Pat Buchanan is at it again and I ask Cui Bono? Who benefits from Pat's insinuative rants? Well, that's hard to say but if you're a Pat fan, I'm sure you can guess who the bad guys typically are?
  1. Zionists
  2. Neo Cons
  3. Jooos?
  4. Israel


The murder of Buchanan: Is Putin Being Set Up?

  • In an assassination, one must ask: Cui bono? To whose benefit? Who would gain from the poisoning of Litvinenko?
  • Indeed, no sooner had Litvinenko expired than his collaborator in anti-Putin politics, Alex Goldfarb, was in front of the television cameras reading Litvinenko's deathbed statement charging Putin with murder[.....]
  • Litvinenko's statement is awfully coherent and eloquent for a man writhing in a death agony. But if he did not write it, who did? All of which leads me to conclude Putin is being set up, framed for a crime he did not commit. But then, if Putin did not order the killing, who did? Who else could have acquired the polonium 210? Who else would kill Litvinenko to make Putin a pariah? These are the questions Scotland Yard, which also seems skeptical that Putin had a hand in this bizarre business, has begun to ask.
  • Certainly, the oligarchs and robber barons like Berezovsky—many of them now dispossessed of the wealth they amassed in a collapsing Soviet Union, and all of whom have been run out of the country or imprisoned—have the most powerful of motives. They hate Putin and seek to bring him down. And Goldfarb and Litvinenko both enjoyed the patronage of the billionaire Berezovsky.
  • America has a vital interest in this Scotland Yard investigation. What it discovers may tell us more about the character of the man into whose eyes George Bush claimed to have stared, and seen his soul, (Putin) or it may tell us who the real enemies of this country are, who are out to restart the Cold War, and perhaps another hot one.

Both cases have similarities -

  1. Syria killed multiple people in Lebanon opposed to them, journalists, politicians etc.. showing their brazen arrogance and in Tony's words, taking the way they communicate.
  2. Russia has killed multiple people, journalists, ex pats and likely politicians as well.
  3. In both cases Pat insinuates someone is trying to goad the 'gullible' GW and the US into a war or conflict, because why would Assad or Putin be so stupid as to murder in public?? (keep a straight face at this point)
  4. In both cases Neocons, Zionists and/or Israel is the "real enemy" setting a trap for the US in a false flag operation.

In December 2005 in my post Is Lebanon being left to hang? I referenced my May 2005 post - Pat Buchanan can't help himself. ('Baiting a Trap for Bush') Both concern the murder of Rafiq Harriri in Lebanon very likely by Syrian agents within Lebanon. Pat asked then, but who benefits from this? ISRAEL ie... they laid the trap for Bush and were actually behind it. Pat was likely dissapointed by the Mehlis UN Report which directly implicated several high level Syrian officials. But Pat isn't as blatant as Syrian/Arab media, which stated that "Mehlis is the son of a Jew", which explains his biased/incorrect conclusions.

Ironically, "the realists" who Pat recommends sold out Lebanon in 1993 (Bush I and Baker) to get them to back the Kuwait liberation from Saddam. Michael Young, Tony Badran and many others have presently stated as well as in Dec 2005 that what scares most in Lebanon the most, is the fear that W worn down from Iraq will fall for a false fig leaf and allow Syria to reoccupy, control and continue raping Lebanon again.

Funnier still the day the 2nd Mehlis progress report (which described Syrian reluctance to cooperate) another murder was committed in Beirut -- that of journalist Gebran Tueni, a critic of Syria. Mehlis ironically opposed widening the investigation (despite Lebanon's gov't request) to other political assassinations which Mehlis agreed Syria was likely involved in - Tueni, Samir Kassir and George Hawi - to name a few.

Pat's like a 0ld broken down record at this point. Any situation the same theme - "the tricky Joos trying to get the US involved in wars". Simply put, a slyer version of Mel Gibson's outburst.