Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ari Fleischer Writes to Jimmy Carter on Israel / Hezbollah

Jimmy Carter gave an interview in DerSpiegel, a German newspaper, where he blasted Israel for its "unjustified" war in Lebanon and "targeting of civilians"..... The US and Israel Stand Alone

Now Ari Fleischer has written a respectful letter to Jimmy C politely criticizing him.

NOTE - Almost all ex-Presidents are very reserved in ever critiquing or criticizing a sitting President. Bush I, Reagan, Nixon and Ford all complied with this respectful tradition. Clinton has somewhat drifted from that. However, Carter can never get enough attention and even individually takes it upon himself to inject himself into foreign policy situations.

Example: Remember when Jimmy Carter personally called other countries to tell them to vote against UN Ambassador John Bolton's proposed model to rework/improve the makeup of the UN "Human Rights Sadist Commission". He told them it was not fair to other countries and decided it was his right/duty to lobby them to reject it. This from someone who is no longer an elected official of the US but is personally obstructing administration policy with foreign countries? Here is the result by the way.

A Letter to JIMMY CARTER from ARI FLEISCHER re. Carter Interview

The Honorable Jimmy Carter
The Carter Center
453 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Dear Mr. President:
I just read the transcript of your interview with the German magazine, Der Spiegel, in which you accuse Israel of launching an “unjustified attack on Lebanon.”

Even after the interviewer reminded you that Israel was the first to get attacked, you charged Israel with lacking “any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation of Lebanon.”

As someone who served in the White House as a spokesman for a President, I am reluctant to criticize another President, but in this instance my conscience compels me to do so.

Mr. President, your words are music to Hezbollah’s ears and your message is a blow to long-term peace.

Just as you underestimated the threat of the Soviet Union in the 1970s, you underestimate the threat of radical Islam today. Your condemnation of Israel, the victim, only encourages Hezbollah, the attacker, to bide its time and attack again.

Ahmed Barakat, a member of Hezbollah’s central council, last week told the Qatari newspaper as-Watan that

  • “Today Arab and Muslim society is reasonably certain that the defeat of Israel is possible and that the countdown to the disappearance of the Zionist entity in the region has begun. The triumph of the resistance is the beginning of the death of the Israeli enemy.”
I was raised a Democrat but I changed parties in 1982 because I believed your policies and the nuclear freeze movement invited increased Soviet militarism and adventurism. President Reagan’s military build-up and credible threat of the use of force helped bring about the demise of Communism and brought freedom and a better life to hundreds of millions in Central and Eastern Europe. It also secured a lasting peace.

I’m sorry to see you articulate about Hezbollah and its aggression the same weak world-view that encouraged Soviet aggression. As Ronald Reagan showed us, peace through strength is the only formulation understood by those bent on destruction.

I understand your longing for peace and your fond hope that Hezbollah can be reasoned with. However, when you call Israel’s defense “an attack”, when you call what is justified “unjustified”, and when you call morality immoral, I conclude that the pro-defense, strong foreign policy lessons of the 70s and 80s remain unacceptable to you. Also, when you criticize Israel for targeting so-called “civilian” areas in Beirut and other areas where Hezbollah hides its operations, the result would be – if Israel listened to you – the creation of safe havens from which more violence and rocket attacks would be planned and launched.

Sadly, Hezbollah today is planning its next war. For the sake of peace, Israel deserves your praise, not your condemnation.

L. Ari Fleischer

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jewish Man Brutally Murdered By Mob in Australia

Charles first pointed out this story however I want to comment on the way the story is described in the foreign (Australian in this case) press.
Australian Press carried this story -

Two wanted after Israeli fatally stabbed
By Paul Mulvey
August 06, 2006 06:41pm
Article from: AAP

  • TWO men are wanted by police over the stabbing murder of a former Israeli soldier outside a Bondi shop, in an attack which lasted only seconds. (bolded in the actual article note)

Notice this is the first sentence... a subtle and (bolded in the actual article) direct attempt to let you know this guy is Israeli and an "ex soldier" so that may "explain and/or justify" it at least.... even though the assailants are NOT ONCE referred to as being suspected of or being Muslim.

Note, that EVERY Israeli is an "ex soldier" as they are all obligated to some sort of service. Imagine if a 9-11 victim of terror was referred to as an "ex soldier" who maybe even served in Lebanon or Afghanistan!!

  • The victim was attacked by at least two men whom witnesses say jumped out of a car, bashed him with a pole or similar object, and left him with multiple stab wounds to the back and stomach.
  • Witnesses said a carload of men bashed the 36-year-old victim, named by Channel 10 as Arnon Gelman, at about 9.45pm (AEST) yesterday, although police were uncertain how many were involved.
  • When police arrived at the scene, outside the Glenayr Convenience Store at the intersection of Glenayr Avenue and Curlewis Street, Mr Gelman was slumped on the footpath in deep pools of blood.
  • Police are trying to contact Mr Gelman's family in Israel.
  • It is believed he had lived in Australia for three years and had applied for permanent residency.
  • "He was a very, very nice guy, he was a bit of a go-getter, he knew what he wanted," friend Gary Levine told Ten News.
  • "I think he was going to go far, this is a total shock." Witnesses say they heard shouting on the footpath before the attack. Superintendent Mark Walton said detectives were trying to establish a motive but said it was not connected with the conflict in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah. Supt Walton said the attack would have been over in an instant. "These attacks last seconds rather than minutes," he said.

How does the guy definitively know how long it lasted? He can't assume (see bottom) anything about the attackers or the attack relating to the victim's religion or nationality playing any part in the attack nor is the assailant's potential status as Muslims and likely Lebanese as many Muslim immigrants there are - nor is it ever even brought up - but he's "sure" the attack only lasted seconds?

  • One of the men wanted by police is described as 178cm tall, of medium build with shoulder length dark hair and clean shaven, wearing jeans and a black top. A second man is 170cm tall, of medium build with short, dark hair. "We are trying to determine how many people were involved but at this stage we are focused on those two men," Supt Walton said outside Bondi Police Station.
  • "We have neither recovered or have a good description of the weapon." Detectives are hunting for a green Mitsubishi Pajero with New South Wales registration SVJ 201 that was seen driving in Glenayr Avenue immediately after the attack.
  • "The motivation in relation to this incident is unknown at this stage," Supt Walton said. "We are very open-minded but there is nothing in relation to information or evidence that it is connected to this man's nationality or religious background."
  • The attack comes six months after six people were taken to hospital after being stabbed in Bondi.
  • "There are always grave concerns about incidents like this but I don't believe it's indicative of what happens in Bondi on a weekend," Supt Walton said.