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(Previous post on Sudan at the UN Security Council here)

I just watched Nick and George Clooney on Fox with Shepard Smith. They'll be on the news shows as well. George and his father Nick traveled through Sudan via a single engine plane. They said it is an organized and planned Genocide and that they could not imagine the depth of cruelty they saw. GEORGE.... paraphrased -
  • "The Government sends in planes to bomb towns and villages. As the resident flee into the mountains the Janaweed then murder the villagers fleeing for their life....... we went to an area where 1000 displaced families were living under trees without food or water... when the rainy season comes they will be flooded out and die.........
  • (film clip George took shown with his voice over) The Arab militias are murdering the black population in an organized Genocide"

George then mentions that it changes you when you see cruelty like this.

  • We are witnessing a Genocide in front of our eyes and we can do something about it now..."
  • "There are problems. China and Russia are resisting Security Council Resolutions and France has been shaky on it as well...... but something can be done and pressure can be brought..... etc....."

What I still find ASTOUNGING is how the word Arab and Muslim are barely ever used when describing this Genocide.

Unfortunately perhaps it's not Whites, Europeans or Christians committing this heinous Genocide? Then we might see blaring and scathing attention from the Western press and general public Consciousness.

The Arab world and Al Jazeera would be endlessly trumpeting out pictures! Louis Farakhan and Jesse Jackson as well as the Arab League would be going nuts... Al Sharpton and Congressman Rangel have attended small rallies outside the Sudan Embassy in NY. However, overall the reaction is astoundingly PASSIVE.

Sudan's biggest financial backers are Egypt and Saudi Arabia and the Arab League prevents any action at the UN General Assembly. As I noted previously Clooney above China and Russia as well as France have been preventing UN Security Council action.

BUT - How many public demonstrations and "peace rallies" in Europe and the US have we sern regarding Iraq? How many "peace activists" actually went to Iraq to protect the Hussein regime before the war?

The EU and BBC (which has had extensive coverage) only softly and rarely describe the Genocidal party involved.

It strongly appears as Western self-censored fear of sounding too critical of Arabs or Muslims.. This is reverse (soft) racism and results in carelessness to Genocide!!

It is even described as -

  • "rebels" fighting the "gov't forces"....

Rebels? Starving defenseless Civilians being slaughtered, raped and enslaved described the same way as Zarquawi's Murderers are? Can you imagine?

How about SCREAMING -

  • "Genocide committed by the Arab Muslim militias and Government in Khartoum.... against the unarmed starving Black population in Darfur...

The groups themselves describe the conflict as - Arabs and Blacks. It has other dimensions and the Northern Arabs are darker than some other Arabs (if this could even be a universal color anyway) and often similar in color to the Black populations. However, make no mistake about it this is an Arab - Ethnic and Cultural Genocide on Black Africans.

Note the Arab Militias in the North first committed Genocide on the Black ChristiansAnimists in the South - Manute Bol's people and now the Black Muslims in Darfur..

Tony Badran explains -

  • He never once mentions that the terms "black" and "Arab" are in fact used by the parties in the conflict themselves. The Arabs call the Fur, Masalit, Baggara and Zaghawa, zurga ("black") and identify themselves as Arab (and are called "Arabs" by the Fur et al.) Regardless of the fact that they both share the same skin color, or the same religion or language! This is very much an "ethnic conflict"! These are ethnic boundaries, regardless of whether we can tell them apart in pictures!
  • It's cognitive. And the fact that they use terms like "zurga" or "Arab" means that these are meaningful ethnic boundaries for them.

Here is Manute Bol's best friend (a Sudanese Christian) describing the Genocide on HBO Real Sports recently -

  • ....told them the greatest threat they would face in the future would be from Islamist Fundamentalism, at which most (Congressmen he and Bol met with in the 90's) laughed.

Meanwhile, as I previously noted Tony describes Arabism at Arab States at Its Ugliest. Nouri describes how most money and attention in the Arab world goes to the Palestine Industry, as she calls it while there are far greater tragedies occurring.

George Clooney Travel to Darfur Calls for International Aid

Nick and George urge International Aid


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