Saturday, April 22, 2006


Charles notes how Penn State has shut down an artists display relating to Palestinian terrorism
  • For Penn State student Josh Stulman, years of hard work ended in disappointment yesterday when the university cancelled his upcoming art exhibit for violation of Penn State’s policies on nondiscrimination, harassment and hate.

    Three days before his 10-piece exhibit — Portraits of Terror — was scheduled to open at the Patterson Building, Stulman (senior-painting and anthropology) received an e-mail message from the School of Visual Arts that said his exhibit on images of terrorism “did not promote cultural diversity” or “opportunities for democratic dialogue and the display would be cancelled.

Next to a picture of the artist caption reads -

  • The painting to the right, by Stulman, is titled “Our Greatest Hero” and depicts Hag Amin Al-Husseini, who was hailed as the greatest Palestinian hero by Yasir Arafat. Other works by Stulman address terrorism toward Jews.

Key words allowed on college campuses today are -

  • "Israeli Nazi Apartheid Racist Wall Colonialists Oppressors Sharon baby killer
    American Occupation and Murderers"
Words not allowed -

  • Terrorism - Islamic Fundamentalis - Arafat's own words - Haj Husseini's own words - Glorification of Suicide Bombings pointed out - Death Cult - Any association of Islamic promotion of Terrorism or Suicide Bombing or Terrorism (IN ANY WAY)

CV bio of Charles R. Garoian - the professor who censored Josh Stulman’s exhibit -

  • Garoian, C.R., Fighting censorship in the art classroom. School Arts: Inspiring Creativity in Teaching, Vol. 95, No. 14, December 1996 (with Albert A. Anderson).

'Art Exhibits' that were Culturally Appropriate -

Vancouver Art Exhibit of the Blood Thirsty Hook-Nosed Israelis Causes Controversy

The exhibit was also accompanied by a small, photocopied chapbook presented as a "travel guide to occupied Palestine" and which depicts hook-nosed caricatures of Jewish soldiers and citizens as blood-thirsty murderers ready to shoot anyone, blow up schools and destroy homes. The chapbook's origin is a mystery, since the gallery's administrator says it was brought in by Moiseiwitsch and Moiseiwitsch won't talk about it.

Moiseiwitsch at first agreed to be interviewed by the Bulletin then later changed her mind. However, contacted at home, she offered some terse comments before hanging up abruptly. She added that the Israeli system is akin to apartheid.


"As an individual, there are certain things I don't like," she said. But as an arts administrator, she added, her opinions about the content are largely irrelevant, regardless of the topic.

The grunt gallery's mandate is to provide a venue for art with a "passionate position," which means a lot of the art that comes through the door is going to challenge somebody's worldview. "A lot of what people say is very contentious," Wood said.

UPDATE: Muslim Students at Penn State Univ of Pennsylvania Sponsored Nazi "Reverend" William Baker to Speak in 2003 and the School Paid for it!

Baker was in the news in 2002 when he was fired by Rev. Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral Ministries, following an exposé in the Orange County Weekly, for his ties to neo-Nazism and his anti-Semitic writings. (Schuller’s California-based Crystal Cathedral is perhaps best known for its nationally syndicated television program “The Hour of Power.”)

The weekly’s investigation revealed that Baker had served as the Populist Party’s chairman in 1984 and organized its convention that year. The Populist Party was an initiative of Willis Carto, the well-known neo-Nazi figure also known for founding the Institute for Historical Review, a group devoted to Holocaust denial, and publisher of the nation’s foremost anti-Semitic newspaper, The SPOTLIGHT (now reorganized as the American Free Press).

Michelle Malkin has a great summary working off of the Volkh Blog's Detailed Analysis

Justice Matters: Artists Consider Palestine exhibit in Berkeley (though not the University) Pictures at the site.
Universtiy of Death Art Exhibit to Suicide Murder
An Najah Suicide Shrine
Sbarros Bombing the Palestinians Glorify in Art
Harper College pulls photo exhibit upon Muslim protest
An art exhibit that included photographs of nude Muslim women wearing only a ... were the 40000 women Iran is recruiting to be suicide bombers in Israel, ...

Palestinian Art Exhibit in NYC March 2006 Pushes against the "Wall"

University of Michigan Display of Israeli "Apartheid"

Call to Boycot Israeli Artists - Israeli Racism Apartheid etc...

Occupied Space - Art for Palestine

Campaign to stop Support for Israeli "Apartheid"

Swedish Art Display Glorifies Female Suicide Murderer Shown in a Pool of "blood"

  1. Stockholm exhibit related to an international conference on preventing genocide.
  2. "Snow White and The Madness of Truth". The artists are a couple — she Swedish, he born an Israeli Jew, now also Swedish. On the blood-red water of a museum courtyard pool floats a small raft upon which is affixed the image of a female Palestinian suicide bomber responsible for the deaths of 19 21 Israeli civilians last October.
  3. A text accompanies the piece, as well as a Bach cantata called "My heart swims in blood""My heart swims in blood since in God's holy eyes, the multitude of my sins makes me a monster."
  4. Allison has more on this amazing this display didn't cause a worldwide Jewish uprising due to its disrespect like ummmmmmmmmmmm Mohammed+cartoon+controversy
  5. discusses Mohammed Cartoon controversy - Does one have the right to make fun of religion? Where is the line between freedom of speech and censorship? And what are appropriate responses?

Further Exhibits Arround the World

  • Britain- European dance magazine bans Israeli articles
  • Canada – Limitation of the Distribution of a Book Condemning Israel
    Date: 12 March Country: Canada
    The Boards of Education in the cities of Ottawa, Windsor and Niagara have limited the distribution of a controversial book for use in the 4th to the 6th grades dealing with the Israeli-Palestinians conflict. The book, "Three Wishes, Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak",
    praises suicide bombers and demonizes Israeli soldiers.
  • Germany – Exhibit of a Synagogue in Cologne as a Gas Chamber
  • Britain "Israeli Apartheid Week" at Oxford University
    Date: 10 March Country: Britain
    In early Mach 2006, "Israeli Apartheid Week" was held at Oxford University under the auspices of the Palestine Society. The program of the conference, which was held with the approval of the University's Students' Association, included such words as apartheid, Zionism, divestment and opposition. The Jewish students protested the Palestine Society's use of these provocative terms which reinforce prejudices and do not encourage fruitful dialogue
Art in the Age of Terrorism on a more positive note -

  • Doron Solomons Father, 2002
    Solomons is an Israeli living in Tel Aviv amidst the constant threat of suicide bombings. In spite of this he is opposed to the Sharon government's militant treatment of the Palestinians. He is angered by both his own government's untethered aggression and by the Palestinian militants who brainwash young men and women into blowing themselves up in crowded streets and cafes.....

    A central image in Father is of a young Palestinian suicide bomber whose bomb is being defused by a sophisticated bomb disposal robot (previously used by the British in Northern Ireland). The images are taken from Israeli television news footage. In this particular instance when the bomb was defused the young Palestinian was overcome with emotion. His expression of gratitude to the Israeli forces was such that the Israeli media portrayed him as transformed from evil bomber into victim. Father points to the total confusion of human values that such conflicts engender.


At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh Stulman appropriates Nazi symbology when it suits him and his hateful message. That you think you can quote from an article (written by his best friend, by the way) in a college paper without seeing the paintings in question is calls into question any credibility you have.

I know Josh, and he really doesn't have the intellectual power to send a complex political message as he claims he does, he is merely getting talking points from his sponsoring organization (Hillel). His work is simply about hatred of Palestinians. I have seen it.

I disagree with the cancelling of the show. I disagree with it because I believe hateful people like Josh will get their just desserts in the public sphere.

You also fail to see that every day a conservative and religious man preaches his message in front of Willard Building where thousands of students pass every day and debate him openly. No attempt to stop him by the University.

You fail to see the large placards and installations put up by a conservative religious student group along the mall leading to Patee Library with images of fetuses and images from the Holocaust. No attempt to stop it by the University.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

Everyone misappropriates the Holocaust these days. What the f else is new? PETA uses Holocaust images and images of slavery when they protest the treatement of animals like chickens in cages etc... Nothing new there.

If this artist is "not intellectual" or is "offensive" and only about "hatred of Palestinians" PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW?

Also anything he does is nothing compared to the numerous display that paint Israelis as Nazis, blodd suckers, hook nosed, Evil oppressors etc...... and then some....

You see that "ignorance" is more than ok, but this guys supposed ignroance is all of a sudden culturally in-appropriate"?

Is it more culturally inappropriate than having a pool of blood and a shrine within to the female suicide bomber in Jerusalem who murdered 19 innocent people including women and children. Body parts from the blast were found on the tops of nearby buildings.

Of course there's no comparison and the PC Police relating to anything having to do with terrorism, Islam or Arabs is a complete and obvious hypocrisy as I easily displayed within this post. Read any of the links!


At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to your outrage over the innocents killed just in the past couple of weeks by Israeli artillery fire.

Of course, it's only terrorism when it's a Palestinian in your bubble.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

So then you agree that him not being able to show his art was completely biased and IN appropriate... then.....

Take care.

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree that it was completely biased. You think that.

But the issue isn't that he isn't able to show his work. Since Hillel is sponsoring it, they can sponsor its showing in a forum not meant for students and not organizations outside the university. In fact, Josh Stulman was offered the opportunity to show his work if the sponsorship was withdrawn. All other shows in the gallery in Patterson Building are of students' work, and all were held without the material support an agenda-supporting organization like Hillel.

In any case, as I said in my comment before:

I disagree with the cancelling of the show.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

Your arguments are completely specious and meaningless on so many levels.

Your argument about Hillel sponsorship is complete nonsense. Plenty of Arab and Muslim groups have sponsored events including the ISM on college campuses. Do you want to go into the history of the ISM and compare it? I attended events sponsored by Arab and Muslim groups where former members of White Supremacist Groups have spoken.. Mr. Baker.

Hillel is the most wishy washy Politically Correct Jewish organization out there. But I suspect that your implication is that bcs it's a Jewish group that it's thefefore wothry of "suspicion".

Thus you state if Hillel wasn't sponsoring this event than it woiuld be OK is laughable and grasping at straws.

The bottom line is this guy's art was censored and far more malevolent artwork and programs that were construed as Pro Palestinian, Pro (so-called) "peace" or Pro Muslim regularly take place at college campuses and are sponsored by biased Arab groups and organizations.

My Link to the Art Director's Quote at Vancouver is all one needs to read.

I know how universal "free speech" and "tolerance" is in the Arab world but this is in a place called America with a 1rst Amendment.

Thanks for the fun interplay.
Take care.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

I would also add that your comment about Hillel sponsorship being the problem has all the smalls of prejudice as well. So keep walking this discussion is therefore over.

At 10:22 PM, Blogger nyarf said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

You got 2 strikes one more and I just delete your comments and ban you.

Don't insult me nor patronize.

As to your weak argument.

The Univ of Penn is not a "3rd rate" schhol, it is an Ivy League. So learn something before you try to insult someone and sound like a moron.

My post was updated about the fact that it was actually at U of Penn and not Penn State before your idiotic comment.... so try and read and act "coherently"...

The latest update to the Volkh Legal blog destroys the school's attempt to hide under the 'sponsorship' stance on every level - legally and sequentially in the school's actions.
Go0 enjoy.

I don't care who you're married to or if you hate or like "Jews" or your supposed backgroiund.

Now take a hike bud.


At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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