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I posted this comment over at Karim's One Arab World Blog
  • Karim -


    Tired of the special treatment and deference Islam gets and demands in the West.

    Tired of the filthy sub-human hatred printed DAILY** in newspapers in virtually EVERY Muslim country on the planet. Egypt among the WORST.

    Tired of the fact we even have to debate the INSANITY of the Muslim reaction to some CARTOONS.

    Tired of the way Muslims drag in Joooos to every conversation even an event that has NOTHING to do with Jooooos or Israel. (I don't want to fin hear it)

    Tired of the vast sympathy in the Muslim world in the West and East to the violence and sticking it to the West.

    Tired of hearing about the ""rampant Islamophobia" in the West while Muslims are burning down Embassies, calling for a Holy War, attacking and killing Catholic Priests, and destroying/demolishing others holy sites throughout the world.

    THERE IS A COMPLETE DISCONNECT TO REALITY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD. It lives in the 16th Century Dark Ages and feels it is always wronged, always aggrieved, always downtrodden and its faults, shortcomings and problems are always others faults.

    TIRED.... TIRED... TIRED...

    The Culture War (more culuture than religious) is inevitable and due to predominately to the Muslim World not the West. This event has sealed it in my mind.

    - Mike

    I am sad to say that I have to agree with Mike Nargizian. I, too, am tired of all this BS. I was born in Saudi Arabia (to an Austrian and American) and grew up there. I learned Arabic, had Saudi family friends as well as Western and lived in a villa (not a compound). Now I live in the US (I also spent a year each in Russia, Kazakhstan, Dubai and Austria). I have been trying very hard to defend Saudi and the Arabs over the past few years and try to explain their grievances in terms that people in the US understand. But when an large portion of the population acts in the way described by Mike, I get very sad, because I can't defend them, because I don't get it myself. And that makes me sad, becasue Saudi was my home for many years and I loved it. And it makes me TIRED. I am TRIED of always fighting to defend Saudi and the Arab world when I myself believe that a lot of the things said against them are true. This cartoon mess is the last straw - I stopped trying to defend them now. I don't attack them, and I will inteerupt if I think someone is being unfair or ianacurate. But when people like Mike say that they think that the Arab world should face its own problems and not blame it on teh Jews or someoutside evil ctor out to defame and get them, I agree myself. And his statemetns are what people will remeber and take with them, not any of my qualifiers about feelings of inferiority or love of religion.

    PS I am an Episcopalian (moderate Protestant Christian) and I don't liek to see Christianity mocked in the press (has anyone here seen Southpark?), and I will try to change people's minds if I encoutner it, but this doesn not mean that I feel I have a right to force others to stop. I would never burn the Colordao State Society for Sotuhpark. I wouldn't even burn the Egyptian Embassy for some of the viscious, platenetly untrue articles written in the Egyptian press about the US.
    Written by: Mika at 2006/02/07 - 17:18:48


At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hear ya. i wish them westerner would grow some brains or at least stop thinking with their %$#%$#%$


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