Thursday, February 16, 2006


Listen to the PC Left crowd especially PC Jews, and you'll hear this sentiment -

  • The Muslim world's prejudice is just exagerrated and really a result of poverty and lack of education. It is nothing engrained via the culture or religious teaching (it's a peaceful religion usually). It's simply an exagerrated tool for the "right wingers" and (so-called) "zionists". The real problems in the Middle East are not "cultural" but US and Israeli "hegemony" and "arrogance".

REALITY UPDATE - A new film in moderate/secular Turkey (moderate Muslim State) is breaking Box Offices numbers in Turkey and Europe and guess what the it's about?

  • Ameican soldiers who shoot up and kill Iraqis at their wedding led by a Christian Fundamentalist "peacekeeper" who is really a blood thirsty American Christian (Billy Zane - Titanic) as well as a American Jewish Doctor (Gary Busey) who is only interested in keeping their organz intact so he can cut out the organs of the dead Arabs and sell them on the black market to among others notably Orthodox Joooos!.

In case you are completely oblivious let me enlighten you.

  • The Arab and Muslim world is regularly treated to many lies and conspiracies about the Big Satan and Devious Joooos. One of these is the Blood Libel lie that Joooos cut out Arabs bodyparts and sell them on the black market or use little Arab kid's blood to bake Matzah. This was acted out in a movie that played recently in Syria and Egypt.

This sick practice actually does occcur in China as well as many poor countries including it is strongly suspected in Arab countries.

So you see Arab children from Ramallah to Uh Fahm (in Israel proper) are treated for free by the best doctors in Israel regularly. As many exit the door they show their appreciation by cursing the Jooooo doctors and spreading lies about them.

The "blood libel" started in Christian Europe in Medeival Times... and is now resurrected in the Muslim world today.
You MUST remember though -

  • It's the American Religious Right that is the "BIG" problem in the world today.

Hat tip Solomon

I was Only Following Orders

Gary Busey has always been one foot in the nut-house, anyway, but Billy Zane played in a very interesting film called The Believer (in which he played a Fascist, actually).

  • The nefarious parts we play
  • A Turkish movie featuring American actor Gary Busey as a Jewish U.S. army doctor who cuts out the organs of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib and sells them to wealthy foreign clients is breaking all box office records in Turkey.

    Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak in Turkish) is set for release in a dozen Arab and European countries and the producer is at the current Berlin International Film Festival to find distributors for the United States and additional markets.

    The film's arch villain is a rogue American officer, played by Billy Zane, who is a self-professed "peacekeeper sent by God." He and his men shoot up an Iraqi wedding party, killing the groom in the presence of the bride and a little boy in front of his mother...

    ...The Busey character, listed only as The Doctor, is far removed from the Jewish stereotype in both appearance and manner, but hardly a credit to his heritage. At one point, he scolds American soldiers for shooting up the wedding guests "because it ruins their organs." In another scene, a group of apparent organ buyers includes a man clearly dressed as an Orthodox Jew.

    Even worse is the depiction of Zane's character, Sam William Marshall, as a psychopathic Christian fundamentalist, who can be kind to an Iraqi one moment and then kill him instantly...

    ...Vickie Roberts, Busey's attorney for the past six years, said that the actor was not giving any interviews but defended her client on constitutional grounds. "There is something in this country called the First Amendment that protects freedom of expression," she said, "I hope we are not returning to the McCarthy era."
    (so playing Jooos who cut out poor Arabs bodyparts and sell them is OK. But depicting Mohammed in a mild cartoon is cause for rampant violence, arsen and murder!)

    Roberts added, "If Gary played a rapist in a movie, would anyone believe him to be an actual rapist? He is an actor, not a politician."

    When asked about the moral and ethical implications of portraying an anti-Semitic stereotype in a foreign movie, Roberts declined to comment.

    Maybe Zawahiri will need some extras for his next production...


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