Friday, February 24, 2006


BigPharaoh give a great summary here.

  • To Dubai or Not to Dubai

  • I got several emails asking me to post my opinion regarding the ports management thing.

  • I am not quite aware of the operations of a port in Egypt yet alone in the US but I would still give my 2 cents here.

  • First let us start with the concerns voiced by US legislators. They have a reason to be concerned. UAE banks were involved in 911 money. The banks were not involved themselves in the attacks, but the terrorists used the Emirates’ sophisticated banking system in order to wire thousands of dollars to Atta and Co. Therefore, it is very possible that terrorists sympathizers might infiltrate the management company just as Cocaine drug smugglers might infiltrate a Columbian company. In addition, the concern over this deal is bipartisan. And when both Democrats and Republicans agree on something then this something must be of some importance!

  • However, the Bush administration is right to say that a company’s origin should not be a reason to avoid dealing with it especially if this country is an ally in the region. Besides, refusing to go ahead with the deal will send a very wrong message to the world about how the US conducts its business.

  • So in my humble opinion, I think the US government should work out a deal with the company in a way that eases the concerns of the legislators. Probably the US government could ask for unrestricted security access to the ports or something.

  • To sum, it would be wrong to reject the company just because of its nationality, and it would be unwise to brush aside these concerns.On a different note, it’s funny how the Arab media is treating this issue. Nobody wants to give Bush some credit for standing up and defending this deal to the extent of threatening a veto if it was hurdled. Arab media give credit to Bush??!!!! Blasphemy!!

Meanwhile the ever ultra sensitive, yet extremely obnoxious and condescending Richard Silverstein, who would easily qualify as the male PC annoying version of the Jewish mother on South Park, is all over the out of control rampant hatred in the US for of course Muslims. He actually wrote in his comments "that as a Jew I can speak of the Christian hatred and descrimination in my country for Muslims and Jews". In his fantasy world he created in his mind, the real problem in the world is not Islamic Fanaticism and hatred, nope, it's "out of control Religious Right" and he's going to "let you know" about all these baddies and their "Zionist" allies who are trying to "defame Islam". Safe to assume he doesn't read Sandmonkey, Freedom for Egyptians or Big Pharaoh and try his melodrama there.


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