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Sam from Egypt Writers
Another sign of the impending apocalypse
This was just too good to pass. The following is a front page editorial of the marxists newspaper "The True Voice of the People" - which actually states that they have finally realized that the Jihadies are not their friends. Imagine that.

  • Dump the Jihadists

    It is time for us in The Movement to reconsider our support for Jihad. I know that this editorial will rankle many of our readers who seek World Peace and Justice, but let's try to be rational for a minute.

  • Oh Boy. Don't hurt yourself now!

    Islam is opposed to women's rights. They jail and hang gays. They hate blacks. They kill Jews. They have absolutely zero class consciousness. They are so religious Marx would cry, and we cannot wean them off Mohammed and onto Marxism-Leninism. They treat criminals worse than our fascist USA or fascist France or fascist China. Their Sharia Law is in total contradiction to what we aspire to. They have an unsavory, oil-based, capitalistic tendency which is abominable. They are as multiculturally enlightened as a rattlesnake. And "Green"? They don't know from green.

    Let's be honest with ourselves. We only love the Jihadists because they are anti-US and anti-West, and because of our wish to see Bush damaged. And for no other reasons. It's our nihilistic, adventurous streak which causes us to glamorize these people, but they are not heroic Lenins or Stalins or Fidels or Maos. Our emotion derives purely from the old "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend."

    But where would these Jihadists take us? We'd be the first to lose our heads in a nation run by them. These people are exposing themselves to be semi-civilized religious fanatics, and they would carry us in the wrong direction - not towards the Revolution we all seek, but towards the Theocratic Fascism we have valiantly fought for so many generations. We hereby pronounce the Jihadists to be Counter-Revolutionaries.

  • LOL, they just figured that out. hehehe..LOL..Sorry, just..hehe.. keep reading.

    We did not come to this weighty decision lightly, but our Editorial Board concludes that it's time the Left said "Dump the Jihadists. " It's time for us to move forward towards better, saner, and more progressive allies, like Chavez and Fidel and Sanders and Hillary. If we do not eliminate Jihad, The People's Revolution will never have a chance in the world.

    Yes, we all wish to see the US humiliated and weakened in the world, but let's not forget why: our goal is to advance the People's Revolution. And Bourgeois Freedom is the only medium in which we can effectively work for our goal. A successful Jihad could set Our Cause back 1000 years, as it is doing in Europe right now.

  • Notice that these are their goals, and they cite Hillary as one of their Heros. Hillary for President anyone?

    Politics makes strange bedfellows. We might not like the demonic Bushitler, but it's time for the Left to get on board with the so-called "War on Terror" for the moment, tactically, or our dream of Universal Justice, provided by a Benevolent State, could have no future at all. It's time to be smart, and not blinded by our anger.

  • Oh man. Took them long enough, no?

    Update: Turns out this article is a satire. Awww. Although, honestly, that makes more sense than the alternative. I mean, marxists who use their brain and think rationally? Ha. Puleeeze!

Arab Secularist Writer Al-Qimni Surrenders to Death Threats from Muslim World

Big Pharaoh Writes
Al-Qimni Surrenders

Sayed al-Qimni is a prolific secular and anti-fundamentalism author. His pen strips the so-called “Islamic” fundamentalists naked. Al-Qimni’s writings always point to the deficiencies in the current interpretation of Islamic law and to the need for reform in order for us to catch up with the developed world.Terrorists didn’t like al-Qimni. They threatened him countless times and the government had to assign bodyguards for his protection so that he won’t meet the fate of his fellow secular author Farag Fouda who was shot dead right in front of his house.

It seems that the terrorists were determined to rid the world of someone who causes them so much headache. They sent an email telling that killing him is so easy and that the protection won’t do him any good. “We have people who want to wash their sins with your blood” they told him. Al-Qimni decided that he won’t take it anymore and that he doesn’t want his children to face what Fouda’s children faced and so he announced that he will stop writing and appearing in the media. He also fulfilled another demand of the terrorists and declared that he is backtracking from everything he said and wrote.

I personally find some of al-Qimni’s writing a little bit extreme, but no one has the right to prevent him from voicing his opinions. It seems that terrorists and their “non-violent” supporters want to be the only voices heard even if they used murder for it.

Do you agree with al-Qimni’s decision? Would you have done the same thing?

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Also don't miss Michael Totten's diary of his trip to Northern Iraq - Kurdistan.
Great blog on Kurdistan - Kurdistan Bloggers Union

Some interesting posts -
  1. Jewish medical student visits Kurdistan

    Notes, Jonathan Dworkin's diary at the Washington Monthly of his present 2 month exploration of Kurdistan.

  2. An Evening with Joe Wilson

    Went to a speech Wilson gave for the Council on Foreign Relations in Salt Lake and sat next to him at his table.

  3. BBC Interview on Kurdish Bloggers.


BigPharaoh give a great summary here.

  • To Dubai or Not to Dubai

  • I got several emails asking me to post my opinion regarding the ports management thing.

  • I am not quite aware of the operations of a port in Egypt yet alone in the US but I would still give my 2 cents here.

  • First let us start with the concerns voiced by US legislators. They have a reason to be concerned. UAE banks were involved in 911 money. The banks were not involved themselves in the attacks, but the terrorists used the Emirates’ sophisticated banking system in order to wire thousands of dollars to Atta and Co. Therefore, it is very possible that terrorists sympathizers might infiltrate the management company just as Cocaine drug smugglers might infiltrate a Columbian company. In addition, the concern over this deal is bipartisan. And when both Democrats and Republicans agree on something then this something must be of some importance!

  • However, the Bush administration is right to say that a company’s origin should not be a reason to avoid dealing with it especially if this country is an ally in the region. Besides, refusing to go ahead with the deal will send a very wrong message to the world about how the US conducts its business.

  • So in my humble opinion, I think the US government should work out a deal with the company in a way that eases the concerns of the legislators. Probably the US government could ask for unrestricted security access to the ports or something.

  • To sum, it would be wrong to reject the company just because of its nationality, and it would be unwise to brush aside these concerns.On a different note, it’s funny how the Arab media is treating this issue. Nobody wants to give Bush some credit for standing up and defending this deal to the extent of threatening a veto if it was hurdled. Arab media give credit to Bush??!!!! Blasphemy!!

Meanwhile the ever ultra sensitive, yet extremely obnoxious and condescending Richard Silverstein, who would easily qualify as the male PC annoying version of the Jewish mother on South Park, is all over the out of control rampant hatred in the US for of course Muslims. He actually wrote in his comments "that as a Jew I can speak of the Christian hatred and descrimination in my country for Muslims and Jews". In his fantasy world he created in his mind, the real problem in the world is not Islamic Fanaticism and hatred, nope, it's "out of control Religious Right" and he's going to "let you know" about all these baddies and their "Zionist" allies who are trying to "defame Islam". Safe to assume he doesn't read Sandmonkey, Freedom for Egyptians or Big Pharaoh and try his melodrama there.

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Listen to the PC Left crowd especially PC Jews, and you'll hear this sentiment -

  • The Muslim world's prejudice is just exagerrated and really a result of poverty and lack of education. It is nothing engrained via the culture or religious teaching (it's a peaceful religion usually). It's simply an exagerrated tool for the "right wingers" and (so-called) "zionists". The real problems in the Middle East are not "cultural" but US and Israeli "hegemony" and "arrogance".

REALITY UPDATE - A new film in moderate/secular Turkey (moderate Muslim State) is breaking Box Offices numbers in Turkey and Europe and guess what the it's about?

  • Ameican soldiers who shoot up and kill Iraqis at their wedding led by a Christian Fundamentalist "peacekeeper" who is really a blood thirsty American Christian (Billy Zane - Titanic) as well as a American Jewish Doctor (Gary Busey) who is only interested in keeping their organz intact so he can cut out the organs of the dead Arabs and sell them on the black market to among others notably Orthodox Joooos!.

In case you are completely oblivious let me enlighten you.

  • The Arab and Muslim world is regularly treated to many lies and conspiracies about the Big Satan and Devious Joooos. One of these is the Blood Libel lie that Joooos cut out Arabs bodyparts and sell them on the black market or use little Arab kid's blood to bake Matzah. This was acted out in a movie that played recently in Syria and Egypt.

This sick practice actually does occcur in China as well as many poor countries including it is strongly suspected in Arab countries.

So you see Arab children from Ramallah to Uh Fahm (in Israel proper) are treated for free by the best doctors in Israel regularly. As many exit the door they show their appreciation by cursing the Jooooo doctors and spreading lies about them.

The "blood libel" started in Christian Europe in Medeival Times... and is now resurrected in the Muslim world today.
You MUST remember though -

  • It's the American Religious Right that is the "BIG" problem in the world today.

Hat tip Solomon

I was Only Following Orders

Gary Busey has always been one foot in the nut-house, anyway, but Billy Zane played in a very interesting film called The Believer (in which he played a Fascist, actually).

  • The nefarious parts we play
  • A Turkish movie featuring American actor Gary Busey as a Jewish U.S. army doctor who cuts out the organs of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib and sells them to wealthy foreign clients is breaking all box office records in Turkey.

    Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak in Turkish) is set for release in a dozen Arab and European countries and the producer is at the current Berlin International Film Festival to find distributors for the United States and additional markets.

    The film's arch villain is a rogue American officer, played by Billy Zane, who is a self-professed "peacekeeper sent by God." He and his men shoot up an Iraqi wedding party, killing the groom in the presence of the bride and a little boy in front of his mother...

    ...The Busey character, listed only as The Doctor, is far removed from the Jewish stereotype in both appearance and manner, but hardly a credit to his heritage. At one point, he scolds American soldiers for shooting up the wedding guests "because it ruins their organs." In another scene, a group of apparent organ buyers includes a man clearly dressed as an Orthodox Jew.

    Even worse is the depiction of Zane's character, Sam William Marshall, as a psychopathic Christian fundamentalist, who can be kind to an Iraqi one moment and then kill him instantly...

    ...Vickie Roberts, Busey's attorney for the past six years, said that the actor was not giving any interviews but defended her client on constitutional grounds. "There is something in this country called the First Amendment that protects freedom of expression," she said, "I hope we are not returning to the McCarthy era."
    (so playing Jooos who cut out poor Arabs bodyparts and sell them is OK. But depicting Mohammed in a mild cartoon is cause for rampant violence, arsen and murder!)

    Roberts added, "If Gary played a rapist in a movie, would anyone believe him to be an actual rapist? He is an actor, not a politician."

    When asked about the moral and ethical implications of portraying an anti-Semitic stereotype in a foreign movie, Roberts declined to comment.

    Maybe Zawahiri will need some extras for his next production...

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The Right to Offend - Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The Right to Offend

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
I am here to defend the right to offend.

It is my conviction that the vulnerable enterprise called democracy cannot exist without free expression, particularly in the media. Journalists must not forgo the obligation of free speech, which people in other hemispheres are denied.

I am of the opinion that it was correct to publish the cartoons of Muhammad in Jyllands Posten and it was right to re-publish them in other papers across Europe.

Let me reprise the history of this affair.

The author of a children’s book on the prophet Muhammad could find no illustrators for his book. He claimed that illustrators were censoring themselves for fear of violence by Muslims who claimed no-one, anywhere, should be allowed to depict the prophet. Jyllands Posten decided to investigate this. They -- rightly – felt that such self-censorship has far-reaching consequences for democracy.

It was their duty as journalists to solicit and publish drawings of the prophet Muhammad.
Shame on those papers and TV channels who lacked the courage to show their readers the caricatures in The Cartoon Affair. These intellectuals live off free speech but they accept censorship. They hide their mediocrity of mind behind noble-sounding terms such as ‘responsibility’ and ‘sensitivity’.

Shame on those politicians who stated that publishing and re-publishing the drawings was ‘unnecessary’, ‘insensitive’, ‘disrespectful’ and ‘wrong’.

I am of the opinion that Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark acted correctly when he refused to meet with representatives of tyrannical regimes who demanded from him that he limit the powers of the press. Today we should stand by him morally and materially. He is an example to all other European leaders. I wish my prime minister had Rasmussen’s guts.

Shame on those European companies in the Middle East that advertised “we are not Danish” or “we don’t sell Danish products”. This is cowardice. Nestle chocolates will never taste the same after this, will they? The EU member states should compensate Danish companies for the damage they have suffered from boycotts.

Liberty does not come cheap. A few million Euros is worth paying for the defence of free speech. If our governments neglect to help our Scandinavian friends then I hope citizens will organise a donation campaign for Danish companies.

We have been flooded with opinions on how tasteless and tactless the cartoons are -- views emphasising that the cartoons only led to violence and discord. What good has come of the cartoons, so many wonder loudly?

Well, publication of the cartoons confirmed that there is widespread fear among authors, filmmakers, cartoonists and journalists who wish to describe, analyse or criticise intolerant aspects of Islam all over Europe.

It has also revealed the presence of a considerable minority in Europe who do not understand or will not accept the workings of liberal democracy. These people – many of whom hold European citizenship – have campaigned for censorship, for boycotts, for violence, and for new laws to ban ‘Islamophobia’.

The cartoons revealed to the public eye that there are countries willing to violate diplomatic rules for political expediency. Evil governments like Saudi Arabia stage “grassroots” movements to boycott Danish milk and yoghurt, while they would mercilessly crash a grassroots movement fighting for the right to vote.

Today I am here to defend the right to offend within the bounds of the law. You may wonder: why Berlin? And why me?

Berlin is rich in the history of ideological challenges to the open society. This is the city where a wall kept people within the boundaries of the Communist state. It was the city which focalized the battle for the hearts and minds of citizens. Defenders of the open society educated people in the shortcomings of Communism. The work of Marx was discussed in universities, in op-ed pages and in schools. Dissidents who escaped from the East could write, make films, cartoons and use their creativity to persuade those in the West that Communism was far from paradise on earth.

Despite the self-censorship of many in the West, who idealised and defended Communism, and the brutal censorship of the East, that battle was won.

Today, the open society is challenged by Islamism, ascribed to a man named Muhammad Abdullah who lived in the seventh century, and who is regarded as a prophet. Many Muslims are peaceful people; not all are fanatics. As far as I am concerned they have every right to be faithful to their convictions. But within Islam exists a hard-line Islamist movement that rejects democratic freedoms and wants to destroy them. These Islamists seek to convince other Muslims that their way of life is the best. But when opponents of Islamism try to expose the fallacies in the teachings of Muhammad then they are accused of being offensive, blasphemous, socially irresponsible – even Islamophobic or racist.

The issue is not about race, colour or heritage. It is a conflict of ideas, which transcend borders and races.

Why me? I am a dissident, like those from the Eastern side of this city who defected to the West. I too defected to the West. I was born in Somalia, and grew up in Saudi Arabic and Kenya. I used to be faithful to the guidelines laid down by the prophet Muhammad. Like the thousands demonstrating against the Danish drawings, I used to hold the view that Muhammad was perfect -- the only source of, and indeed, the criterion between good and bad. In 1989 when Khomeini called for Salman Rushdie to be killed for insulting Muhammad, I thought he was right. Now I don't.

  • I think that the prophet was wrong to have placed himself and his ideas above critical thought.
  • I think that the prophet Muhammad was wrong to have subordinated women to men.
  • I think that the prophet Muhammad was wrong to have decreed that gays be murdered.
  • I think that the prophet Muhammad was wrong to have said that apostates must be killed.
  • He was wrong in saying that adulterers should be flogged and stoned, and the hands of thieves should be cut off.
  • He was wrong in saying that those who die in the cause of Allah will be rewarded with paradise.
  • He was wrong in claiming that a proper society could be built only on his ideas.
The prophet did and said good things. He encouraged charity to others. But I wish to defend the position that he was also disrespectful and insensitive to those who disagreed with him.

I think it is right to make critical drawings and films of Muhammad.
It is necessary to write books on him in order to educate ordinary citizens on Muhammad.
I do not seek to offend religious sentiment, but I will not submit to tyranny.

Demanding that people who do not accept Muhammad’s teachings should refrain from drawing him is not a request for respect but a demand for submission.

I am not the only dissident in Islam. There are more like me here in the West. If they have no bodyguards they work under false identities to protect themselves from harm. But there are also others who refuse to conform: in Teheran, in Doha and Riyadh, in Amman and Cairo, in Khartoum and in Mogadishu, in Lahore and in Kabul.

  • The dissidents of Islamism, like the dissidents of communism, don’t have nuclear bombs or any other weapons. We have no money from oil like the Saudis. We will not burn embassies and flags. We refuse to get carried away in a frenzy of collective violence. In number we are too small and too scattered to become a collective of anything. In electoral terms here in the west we are practically useless.

  • All we have are our thoughts; and all we ask is a fair chance to express them.

  • Our opponents will use force to silence us. They will use manipulation; they will claim they are mortally offended. They will claim we are mentally unstable and should not be taken seriously. The defenders of Communism, too, used these methods.
Berlin is a city of optimism. Communism failed. The wall was broken down. Things may seem difficult and confusing today. But I am optimistic that the virtual wall, between -

lovers of liberty and those who succumb to the seduction and safety of totalitarian ideas will also, one day, come down.

Berlin, 9.02.06

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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I posted this comment over at Karim's One Arab World Blog
  • Karim -


    Tired of the special treatment and deference Islam gets and demands in the West.

    Tired of the filthy sub-human hatred printed DAILY** in newspapers in virtually EVERY Muslim country on the planet. Egypt among the WORST.

    Tired of the fact we even have to debate the INSANITY of the Muslim reaction to some CARTOONS.

    Tired of the way Muslims drag in Joooos to every conversation even an event that has NOTHING to do with Jooooos or Israel. (I don't want to fin hear it)

    Tired of the vast sympathy in the Muslim world in the West and East to the violence and sticking it to the West.

    Tired of hearing about the ""rampant Islamophobia" in the West while Muslims are burning down Embassies, calling for a Holy War, attacking and killing Catholic Priests, and destroying/demolishing others holy sites throughout the world.

    THERE IS A COMPLETE DISCONNECT TO REALITY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD. It lives in the 16th Century Dark Ages and feels it is always wronged, always aggrieved, always downtrodden and its faults, shortcomings and problems are always others faults.

    TIRED.... TIRED... TIRED...

    The Culture War (more culuture than religious) is inevitable and due to predominately to the Muslim World not the West. This event has sealed it in my mind.

    - Mike

    I am sad to say that I have to agree with Mike Nargizian. I, too, am tired of all this BS. I was born in Saudi Arabia (to an Austrian and American) and grew up there. I learned Arabic, had Saudi family friends as well as Western and lived in a villa (not a compound). Now I live in the US (I also spent a year each in Russia, Kazakhstan, Dubai and Austria). I have been trying very hard to defend Saudi and the Arabs over the past few years and try to explain their grievances in terms that people in the US understand. But when an large portion of the population acts in the way described by Mike, I get very sad, because I can't defend them, because I don't get it myself. And that makes me sad, becasue Saudi was my home for many years and I loved it. And it makes me TIRED. I am TRIED of always fighting to defend Saudi and the Arab world when I myself believe that a lot of the things said against them are true. This cartoon mess is the last straw - I stopped trying to defend them now. I don't attack them, and I will inteerupt if I think someone is being unfair or ianacurate. But when people like Mike say that they think that the Arab world should face its own problems and not blame it on teh Jews or someoutside evil ctor out to defame and get them, I agree myself. And his statemetns are what people will remeber and take with them, not any of my qualifiers about feelings of inferiority or love of religion.

    PS I am an Episcopalian (moderate Protestant Christian) and I don't liek to see Christianity mocked in the press (has anyone here seen Southpark?), and I will try to change people's minds if I encoutner it, but this doesn not mean that I feel I have a right to force others to stop. I would never burn the Colordao State Society for Sotuhpark. I wouldn't even burn the Egyptian Embassy for some of the viscious, platenetly untrue articles written in the Egyptian press about the US.
    Written by: Mika at 2006/02/07 - 17:18:48

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CNN has been accompanying every story about the Danish cartoon jihad with this boilerplate message:

  • CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons out of respect for Islam

But they apparently have no such "respect" for Christianity; they didn't hesitate for a second to show this image of the virgin Mary made out of elephant dung and pictures of female genitalia: New York, Brooklyn museum settle funding dispute

What they are scared to admit is they won't show the Mohammed cartoons because -

  • CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons out of fear of Islam

Religion of Peace Images -

Muslims in Turky respond to the Danish cartoons with open expressions of Jew-hatred

Cartoons -

The Arab European League has found a 'good' way to respond to the Danish cartoons of Mohammed-publish sick anti-Jewish cartoons on their web site -

The sickness of it is even beyond jeolousy or obsession - it's depraved.

Jerusalem Post writes about this phenomenom

  • Non-Jews slander non-Jewish prophets and then come to hang the Jews, one could say of the latest, ugly twist in the Danish cartoon controversy, paraphrasing one of Menachem Begin's most famous lines.

    A Belgian-Dutch Islamic political organization, the Arab European League, posted anti-Jewish cartoons on its Web site on Saturday in response to the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in Danish papers last year and offended many Muslims, unleashing violent demonstrations around the Islamic world.

    One of the AEL cartoons reportedly displayed an image of Anne Frank in bed with Hitler, and another questioned whether the Holocaust actually occurred.
    Dyab Abou Jahjah, the party's founder and best-known figure, defended the action on the Dutch television program Nova Saturday.

    "Europe has its sacred cows, even if they're not religious sacred cows," he told the program.......................

    One ministry official said that the "cartoon wars" were not Israel's battle, and that it did not want to get dragged into it. If Israel would react to the whole controversy, the official said, the Islamic world would eventually blame Israel for being behind the whole incident.

    The Anti-Defamation League, however, did not feel the same restraints.
    In a statement released on Friday, the ADL said the fact that despicable anti-Jewish caricatures appear daily in newspapers across the Arab and Muslim world has been overlooked in the whole controversy.

    "While invoking the supposed 'freedom of the press' in their countries, Arab and Muslim leaders have refused to take any action to stem the drumbeat of anti-Semitism in widely circulated newspapers, many state-sponsored," the statement read. The statement said that the leaders of Egypt and Saudi Arabia have "virtually ignored" appeals from the United States and Jewish organizations to put an end to incitement in their media.

    "One would hope that leaders of the Arab and Muslims would turn all of the anger being aimed at the European press into a larger lesson for their own people about the power of images," the statement read.

    The statement said that the ADL was opposed to religious, racial and ethnic stereotyping in the media," and found "some of the cartoons in Jyllands-Posten troubling, particularly the direct linkage of Mohammed and violence."

    At the same time, statement said the ADL was "gravely concerned" by the extreme violent reaction these cartoons have generated."


The "outrage" over depicting Muhammad yet here are images of Muhammad throughout history in the East.
Hat Tip Freedomforegyptians

Mohammed Image Archive