Wednesday, January 04, 2006


For all the demonization of Sharon and all the cowards who are now afraid to speak about what this guy was, the last best hope for any kind of reduction of violence in the region may have been lost by the "best, quickest and brightest doctors supposedly in the world".... from A-Z they caused the stroke, worsened it, and then took their time getting an overweight 78 year old man who already suffered a stroke a few weeks ago to the hospital.
This after they delayed operating on his heart for a few weeks and keeping him on the blood thinners that likely caused, and then recaused his last 2 operations.

Policeman at Hadassah Hospital late Wed.
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After a six-hour operation for cerebral hemorrhaging that continued for most of Wednesday night, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was returned to the operating room following a CAT scan that revealed additional areas of cerebral bleeding.

Several of Sharon's advisors left the emergency room with what journalists described as "poker faces." When pressed for details on his condition, they refused to comment.

Professor Shlomo Mor-Yosef, Director General of the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, said Thursday morning that the first operation had apparently stopped the hemhorraging, but a CAT scan showed "extensive" bleeding in additional areas. Sharon was therefore returned to the operating room for an operation that was expected to last several hours.

Mor-Yosef explained that the prime minister was, of course, under general anesthesia and receiving artificial respiration during the procedure. "The situation is serious," Mor-Yosef stated.

Sharon suffered a massive brain hemhorrage late Wednesday, which caused extensive cerebral bleeding.

Some doctors proffered an opinion that the process of stopping Sharon's brain hemorrhage was complicated by the blood thinners that the prime minister has been receiving twice daily since his first, minor, stroke some two weeks ago. Hadassah doctors neither confirmed nor denied this theory.

A short while after 1 a.m., Sharon's personal physician, Dr. Shlomo Segev told reporters, "The prime minister is in surgery; the surgery is going as planned. We need to be patient. I have nothing else to add."

PM Spokesman Raanan Gissin said, "Once the operation ends, the public will be notified. Until then, I suggest not to engage in speculation."

According to a medical expert, the procedure is life threatening. Asked what are the chances of surviving this type of surgery, the doctor replied, "Let's be optimistic, some people survive it."

The prime minister's close associates said of his condition: "Hope for a miracle."

Justice Ministry spokesman Ya'acov Galant said that a prime minister legally remains in his post only as long as he is capable of making decisions. Since Sharon is not conscious after suffering from what doctors termed "a serious stroke," his powers and prerogatives were transferred to his deputy, Finance Minister Ehud Olmert.

Olmert will convene a special cabinet meeting on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. in order to brief the ministers on the temporary transfer of powers.

The Rabbinate was organizing a prayer rally service at the Western Wall.
It appears that initially, Sharon's condition was not as severe. According to well-placed sources, there were two deteriorations, the first just prior to the arrival at Hadassah and the second, upon entering the trauma unit.

While on his way to the hospital, Sharon's spokesmen claimed that the prime minister was conscious and able to speak, but had complained that he was suffering from weakness and "felt ill."

The prime minister initially complained of feeling chest pressure and pain. Two Sharon associates said the prime minister was feeling unwell at his Negev ranch, and following a discussion with his personal doctor, decided to be taken to the hospital.

He could have been taken to the closer Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, but it was decided to take him to the further Jerusalem hospital, where he was to have a pre-scheduled catheterization on Thursday.

Sharon's son Gilad was reportedly in the car with him, along with a physician, while his other son, Omri Sharon, arrived at the hospital as well.

After suffering a mild stroke 18 days ago, the prime minister had been scheduled to undergo the heart procedure Thursday morning.

However, the procedure was reportedly delayed due to the events of Wednesday evening.

High-ranking Likud sources hinted that the Likud could end up staying in the government if Sharon's health situation turned out to be serious, but a Netanyahu spokesman said the party would not issue any statement other than to wish the prime minister well.

The dramatic downturn in Sharon's health came as Sharon was running for reelection on March 28 at the head of a new centrist party, Kadima. He was enjoying a wide lead in the polls. The party's strength is centered on Sharon himself, and if he were forced to leave the scene, Israel's political scene would be thrown into turmoil.

With Judy Siegel-Itzkovitch, Dan Izenberg and AP


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