Monday, December 12, 2005


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New England Patriots
Nobody wants to face the New England Patriots in the playoffs. The 3 time Super Bowl champ with a clutch winner at QB is getting healthier and even the defense is gelling now.
That is perhaps except the Pittsburgh Steelers? And guess what that could be a first round match up with the Steelers as wildcard traveling to New England!

Riley to coach Miami Heat again
Stan Van Gundy has stepped down right as Shaq comes back "to spend more time with his family"?
MSNBC writer Mike Celzic then babbles on for 2 pages about how "touching" this is.

It's probably true that being a Head Coach is hazardous to any kind of family life but this guy has busted his ass for 24 years and quits midstream with a potential NBA Champ?

Coaching an NBA Champ is what every coach dreams of and is what cements him in coaching folklore forever.

Pat Riley has been chomping at the bit for 2 years to get his post back now that Miami is a winner again. Remember he quit during the lean years after coaching Alonzo and co there. These losing years were killing his top hostoric "winning %" so he quit - and turned (dumped) over the reigns over to his loyal assistant.

After proving his wears for 3 years first with an average team of individualists, now with a Contender Van Gundy now "realizes he needs to step down midstream" and lo and behold Pat Riley realizes he "wants to take over" again? Not after the season is over of course. LOL!

Mike Celizic in MSBC -
  • Let's applaud family man Van Gundy
    Now former Heat coach has his priorities straight to step down

He continues with his horseshit blathering article -

  • Van Gundy’s a lucky man. As a successful third-year NBA coach with more than 20 years of experience as a pro assistant and college coach behind him, he’s got some money in the bank and a front-office job with the Miami Heat. His family won’t suffer for material goods because he decided to give up a job literally millions of people think is the greatest job anyone could have.
    His family is also lucky to have a husband and father who realized that his job wasn’t just a bit demanding on his time, it was all-consuming. Van Gundy reportedly said that he looked at the schedule for this season and realized he would be home just 49 of the 170 days in the regular season.
  • Good for him and good for his family.
    Just the same, let’s hope everyone doesn’t get the same idea. There’d be nobody left to play the games.

Oh I'm just getting goosebumps all over. And this guy get's paid to write "sports" articles?

Here is a reality check for that moron.

  • To the surprise of very few NBA watchers (except possibly Stan Van Gundy), Pat Riley has jumped back into the saddle.

    This is something that Riley has wanted to do ever since Shaq was dealt to Miami in July of 2004. Indeed, whatever public reasons Riley presented for handing over the coaching job to SVG in 2003 (issues of health, weariness, the desire to spend more time with his family, blah, blah, and blah), the truth was that Slick Pat simply couldn't deal with the prospect of another losing season. (Remember, the Heat went 61-103 during his last two seasons on the bench.)

    His secret blueprint was for Van Gundy to hold the line until the team improved to the point where Riley could then take them over the top. The plans were scrambled somewhat when Van Gundy earned himself another season after Miami recovered from a horrific start in 2004 to win 42 games and actually win a playoff series.
  • Then along came Shaq and the stakes were dramatically raised. Even though the Heat came within a whisker of overcoming injuries to both Shaq and Dwyane Wade and qualifying for the NBA Finals, Van Gundy was already under the gun.

Here is where I disagree with the writer though. The trade that Riley engineered for Posey, Walker and Williams was detrimental to the team. They lost some key role players that fit and picked up players that were/are all stars with holes in their game that DON'T FIT. Any Knick fan remembers the pickup of Charles Smith and the loss of Xavier McDaniel. Though Smith's knee wasn't the same his soft West Coast Power Forward game NEVER fit with Knicks or the Small Forward slot they placed him in.

  • This year, with the Heat already playoff-hardened and bolstered by the off-season additions of James Posey, Jason Williams, and Antoine Walker, Van Gundy had to bust from the gate and take an early lead or he was a goner. And notice, too, that Riley didn't make his selfish, cold-blooded move until Shaq's ankle injury had healed.


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