Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I forgot about Matisyahu. It's been a while since I first discovered him on the Jimmy Kimmel Live in June. I put up a post on him here HASEDIC REGGAE STAR IS THE REAL DEAL!.

Yesterday driving home scanning radio stations - I heard the beginning of this song that caught my attention. It was well... beautiful and I left on the station. Sure enough it was Matisyahu's song being played on a regular rock radio station.

My suggestion -

The reggae part is cool and you have a talent for that too. But the first 20 seconds of the song is incredible. You should make a 3 minute song with that expanded. It makes me almost want to become religious.
Agree or disagree?


Best Version in Concert Here actually
Matisyahu remakes video - not crazy about the more popped out/less spiritual version
Who is Matisyahu - Haaretz


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Bat Mitzvah Mother said...

I watched the Matisyahu 2/19/05 King Without A Crown Video. He jumps twice into a mixed gender crowd during the song. As a hasid, how can he do that with all those female hands touching him? I don't get it.....

At 4:20 PM, Blogger Heavy A said...

well, i just love that guy.
i made a new blog about Matisyahu/
there you can find: music, interviews, his albums for free, p.o.d collaboration, mush-ups, and many more ....

check it out :



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