Monday, December 19, 2005


Yawn.................. And the beat goes on....... so common it's boring already.

What I note how the Arab world should be ashamed and embarrassed. If I were Egyptian or Arabic I would be absolutely ashamed and embarrassed.

Also, the irony of the pathological hate.
You can not make this SH** up for comedic irony if you tried.
Like this quote below -
  • ..."We've had enough of the lies and the falsification of the facts with which the [Israeli] textbooks are replete.
That's like Arafat calling George Washington under the apple tree a filthy liar. The PA, Syrian and Egyptian textbooks have been noted for years for their ridiculous ideology of hate and rejectionism.

I'm tired so I just copied Solomon's post below in full. Highlights are mainly mine.
Maybe he'll give me a hat tip tomorrow?
Your daily dose of Arab Holocaust Denial
(only once a day?)

MEMRI: Columnist for Egyptian Government Daily: The Nazis Did Not Massacre the Jews

  • In an article titled "Israel's Lies" in the Egyptian government evening paper Al-Masaa, columnist Hisham Abd Al-Rauf wrote that there were no massacres of the Jews during World War II, and that the gas chambers were intended for disinfecting clothing. Hitler, he wrote, was not against the Jews, and had even permitted Jews to emigrate to Palestine during his first years in power. [1]

    The following are excerpts:

    "The Execution Chambers Were No More Than Rooms for Disinfecting Clothing"

    ..."We've had enough of the lies and the falsification of the facts with which the [Israeli] textbooks are replete. The most serious lie is the Jews' Holocaust, which they have exploited in order to extort global solidarity.

    "When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad refutes this lie, the entire world is up in arms, and the Iranian president is inundated with accusations of madness, fanaticism, and falsification. [Ahmadinejad] was inundated with these accusations even though he did nothing more than state the truth, which a number of honest researchers have [also] reached.

    "What this truth means is that these massacres, which Israel alleges that the Nazis perpetrated against the Jews, never happened. The famous execution chambers [i.e., the gas chambers] were no more than rooms for disinfecting clothing."...

Two things: 1) This is not a fringe opinion. 2) There is no such thing as a free press in Egypt.


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No I put up like 7 posts yesterday on a lot of things. You can read it, post it and then give me a hat tip.


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