Thursday, December 22, 2005


Lebanese Bloggers ask - Are we being left to hang?

Vox says - Shame on the UN
Below I copied his recap of a discussion he had at Abu Advaark's comments section. As usual the inferrrence was "Wait, could it be the Jooos?"
(See my previous post Pat Buchanan can't help himself)

A typical commentator has written the following on Abu Aardvark
  • " Hey, wait a minute! Isn't there a much simpler explanation? Since everyone in Washington and Beirut says that Syria is responsible and the killings seriously damage Syria's reputation, you need a pretty good explanation for why the Syrians continue along this course. I've seen some attempts to answer that question, none of them wholly convincing. Anyone who knew Lebanon during the 1975-90 war must know that the most obvious perpetrator isn't always the real one. There are layers of deception at work here. "

To which I (Vox) replied:

  • Actually, it's the other way around. And Syria behaves that way because it has learned the lessons of the past: that it always got away with murder and that the international community has always turned its back on Lebanon. Bashar probably thinks that all this is just a temporary crisis. Maybe he's right, maybe he's wrong. We'll see if the situation in the middle east has really changed since 9-11. It's a test for the UN.The international community never really cared about Syria's occupation and violence agaisnt the Lebanese people. Lebanon was always too small and too irrelevant, it wasn't 'strategic' enough to be worth the effort. I was disappointed but not surprised by the UN's latest resolution. I mean, what kind of international organization let a country get away with murdering politicians in other countries? Syria blows our politician and only gets a reprimand? It's ludicrous. Shame on the UN. Shame on Russia, China, Algeria and especially Kofi Annan whose shady positions are unworthy of ta UN secretary gernal. It's despicable.