Tuesday, December 13, 2005


A follow up to this post today regarding the Saudis buying the News in the US and Europe.

"Leading Universities" Harvard and Georgetown just eagerly took $20 million from the Saudi Prince, the same ones that fund Al Queda, Hamas and Wahabi Mosques all over the world including the US (control 80% of US Mosques. These mosques are the conduit to spreading fundamentalist ideology causing terrorism in Kurdistan, Khazakstan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Bali, etc..
Here is a quote from Harvard and Georgetown... money talks -

  • “We are deeply honored by Prince Alwaleed's generosity."

Big Pharaoh asks -

  • Bridging the understanding between East and West is important for peace and tolerance," Prince Alwaleed said in a statement issued by both schools.

Dear Prince Alwaleed,

I am one of your many admirers. I do have a question that's bugging me.

I am sure Harvard and Georgetown include Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, athiest, etc students. And these students would definitely benefit from your very generous gift. Now my question is: does King Fahd University include a department for the studies of Christianity, Judiasm, and other religions?If the answer is yes, then awesome. If the answer is no, then I have another question: don't Saudi students studying in Saudi need to have a "bridge between East and West" as well?!

Saudi Prince Spends $20 Million for American Minds
How about a little free transparency instead?
by James Ridgeway
December 13th, 2005

[......] it would be so much more to the point if he demanded a little transparency from the Saudi royal family.

Instead of giving these wealthy exclusive universities money, why doesn't the Saudi royal family come clean and tell us what it was doing before 9-11?

  1. Did it help finance, directly or indirectly, the attacks that day?
  2. Are members of the Saudi government and royal family now providing financial support to al Qaeda?
  3. Why give money to wealthy American universities when the family should be investing in its own poor populace, offering them an economic future not solely dependent on the export of a raw commodity-oil-to the U.S. and Europe?

The Joint Inquiry of the Congress formed to investigate intelligence failures after 9-11 discovered a Saudi spy operating in the U.S. There is widespread speculation in Washington that he was but one of several Saudi spies operating in the U.S.

Former Senator Bob Graham describes in detail in his book, Intelligence Matters, how the Saudi government paid one of its California operatives through a chain of conduits, and how a member of the royal family contributed cash to the spy's family as well. This took place in California while al Qaeda was gearing up for the attacks, among other things settling two of its hijackers in San Diego.

In attempting to track Middle East terrorists, especially al Qaeda before 9-11, FBI officials sought to interview several people detained by the Saudis. At first the government stonewalled the feds; then they beheaded the suspects before the FBI could arrive.

And what was in those notorious 28 pages of classified material in the Joint Inquiry report, reportedly dealings with the activities of Saudi officials with regard to 9-11?

Both Harvard and Georgetown gratefully took the handout. Georgetown president John DeGioia was almost groveling when he declared in a statement -

  • “We are deeply honored by Prince Alwaleed's generosity."


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