Monday, December 19, 2005

INCITEMENT REJECTIONISM - 'Just the minority'?

I put up a POST about how Al Manar claimed Arabs discovered America, a Muslim advocacy group almost got it included in California textbooks and a new book that tries to support the desperate Arab/Muslim 'claim' that a Temple never existed, Jewish claims to Jerusalem are fabricated etc... blah blah blah... the lies keep morphing and changing...
Anyway, here was Karim's reply -

  • Man your pointing fingers at idiots thinking youve uncovered something deeper than just that... the babble of idiots. Belive me I could do that too. But whats the point. That said there is an interesting conversation I wanted to have with you concerning Judeo-Christian prophets in Islam.
Meryl's post on the President's speech she links to her older post on incitement in the Arab/Muslim world -

  • The construction works are planned to be financed by several ministries; phased over five-year period. These include propping up what is called as “Heshmonaem Tunnel” - a tunnel that passes under Al-Aqsa mosque - and building a befitting infrastructure for it, in addition to air-conditioning installation; restoration works of Al-Buraq wall, setting up additional arrival halls to receive the tourists who come to visit Al-Buraq square; constructing a heritage centre - dedicated to show a fabricated heritage that might will help them to deceive the foreign visitors into believing Jerusalem as a historical place of the Jews; building a police station; carrying out a marketing project to encourage the Jewish soldiers and students visit the Islamic holy square of Al-Buraq along with Al-Aqsa mosque.

IDIOTS? And in the head officials, political and 'religious' in the "peace seeking" PA?

Meryl continues -


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