Thursday, December 15, 2005


Sandmonkey comments at his post about the Muslim Brotherhood recently calling Israel a "cancer". Here is a highlight of the Brotherhood's feelings -

CAIRO - Israel is a "cancer" in the Middle East and its peace deal with Egypt should be submitted to a referendum, the leader of Egypt's Muslim Brothers said in an interview published Thursday. "I declared that we will not recognize Israel which is an alien entity in the region. And we expect the demise of this cancer soon...," Mohammed Mehdi Akef told the state-owned English language Ahram Weekly.


  • I wish it were a red herring, but it's not. Thanks to years of Anti-IsraelNasser propaganda that got emulated by the eladers that came after him to make their people focus on an enemy other than them, the people of egypt have become truly anti-semetic. It also doesn;t help that many islamic preachers keep mentioning that "you can never (trust) a jew" , "they are the sons of pigs and monkeys" and "they break every deal and promise they make and will always betray you". So, yeah, anti-semtism jew-bashing is pretty freakin high where we at. I remember that a few years ago, the egyptian populace was so ecstatic over this new TV series called "a knight without a horse" that the jews worldwise condemned for mentioning "the Protocols of the elders of Zion" and stating that it was a fact. People wanted to see this show because they wanted to see "Mohamed Sobhy (the actor) beating the jews".
  • A better indication is "The Passion of the christ".
    Huge amounts of Muslims promoted seeing this movie, not because they liked Jesus, but because, in their eyes, showed the evil true nature of the Jews. The movie was a huge hit in Egypt man, with more muslims seeing it than christians. I guess that's what the ADL was afraid of when it was fighting this movie, you know?


  • Concerning the ever-so-present anti-semitism in Egyptians: Its true, all along Egypts history there has been a visible Jewish commuinty which made egypt their home and didn't want it any other way, up until the 50's that is! The revolution took place, Nasser became head of state and unfortunatly for Egypts diversity the Egyptian Jews felt the wrath of Arab nationalism. Three wars later and Egyptians still hate Jews, or is it Israelis? I myself would like to know the answer to that if Egyptians make a distinction between Jews and Israelis?

    All I can comment on is my own experience with the issue, last year I embarked on a trip to the holy land, I backpacked all through Israel and Palestine and had an amazing time doing it, I learned a lot about Israelis and Egyptians on that trip.

    For one thing I learned that Egyptiansdon't know jack shit about Israelis and why is that, because we're not allowed to go to israel. To go to israel with appropriate documentaion is like the everest of bearucratic bullshit, you thought getting your army papers was a headache then get ready for a brain tumour. Get this, you have to have the signature and approval from the minister of interior and they tell you that "amn dawla" (national police) and "el mukhabarat" (secret service) will follow you as long as they see fit, thats besides the months of paper work and high-up connections which are a must to obtain permission to go. Those are the facts, to most egyptians, they don't even know they have the option of going, its a forbidden place, its taboo to even talk about it. Most egyptians are like "Go to israel, are you crazy, do you wanna get kidnapped in the middle of the night and buried alive in the desert", those are some of the common thoughts associated with a trip to israel.

    So I went to Israel and had an amazing time, met some great people, and even got laid, woohoo! When I was hitchhiking through Galilee I got picked up by hadistic jews, those freaky looking dudes looking like grimreepers with funky side burns and cool hats. I couldn't believe that they picked me up in the middle of the highway and drove me to my hostel and all they wanted to talk to me about was soccer. I saw a very human mundane side to Israeli people unlike the blood thirsty homewrecking side we're told about in egypt. One of my friends even told me that israelis don't shower, which simply proves my point of egyptians not knowing jack about israelis.

    I learned something very interesting about egyptians though, when i came back to egypt, I came back on bus through sinai, so I went through Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab all places which Israeli tourists frequently visit. I talked to the egyptians there and they loved Israelis and its not because their livelyhood depends on Israeli tourists, I know this because they never mentioned it. They simply told me how kind hearted, generous and funny Israelis are, now that coming from egyptians was a culture shock to me, and I'm egyptian. They had one advantage over other egyptians in the rest of the country, they had actually met them and talked to them.

    So in conclusion I tell all egyptians to get to know Israelis before you cast judgement, sure we went to war with them but we also made peace with them.My message to Mahdi Akef is fuck off man, leave us alone, your the cancer plaguing the middle-east and Egypt, you wanna go to war again with Israel, you go fight, in my opinion the Gov. shouldn't have let you out of prison. A warlord and hatemonger, you should be stripped of your citizenship and sent to Iran, you can live on Islamboli street, better yet they'll name a street after you.


A typical coddled left winger living in his own closed off group think "reality" expresses his 'vision'. First - here are the RULES -

  1. Arab anti-semitism like most - is exagerrated by the "Zionists", ADL and right wing media.
  2. It is a'red herring' used to protect Israel while if Israel simply 'made peace' Arabs would love and celebrate Jews.
  3. Arabs aside from this 'silly' rhetoric from Imams, politicians, textbooks, newspapers etc.... really like Jews and want to come together with Israel and join hands if Israel would simply act 'appropriately' in the spirit of peace and compromise.
  4. While the ideology behind 'terrorism', 'fundamentalism', and this silly exagerrated 'Jihad' stuff is only embraced by the minority in the Muslim world - it would simply fade away and dissappear if Israel and the US "corrected their policies" and Israel wasn't such a "bully". The reasonable and moderate Arab Muslim world would then emerge and the US would be loved by the East.
  5. The real problem in this world are the Right wingers, the red necks, racists, homophobes and Christian fundamentalists. These same people are the Islamophobe hate mongers.

And here is his comment -

  • I don't care what you say SM, Ahmeddinjad is still the sexiest Iranian President ever and I will not let your right-wing zionist paranoia take that away.

    As a jew living in hick-town Canada, I would really love to know the extent of jew-bashing in the Arab/Iranian world. Is it just used by politicians as a means to avoid questions like "why are we still poor" or do the people themselves really believe this pro-nazi garbage?

    Its kinda funny, because when Politicians in Alabama are asked the same tough questions, they give a simular response except replace the word "jew" with "gay".

    My persian girlfriend says that although she was forced to scream out "death to israel" while in Iran, she says that the people actually LOVE american AND israel for no other reason than because their government tells them to hate it. I should mention that my gf is a bit on the "liberal" side... she has been dating a jew for over a year now and not one single jihadist attempt has been made on my life. (even my Jewish ex-girlfriends didn't make it this long without atleast 1 attempt!)

    So I am guessing that she hung out with like-minded liberals while in Iran... you know, the ones who only wear the burka when they are drunk, naked, and lost a bet

    What do you think SM, is there a alot of Jew Bashing in Egypt or is it just an obvious Red Herring?

UPDATE: From his comments he meant 'red herring' in the Arab gov'ts using it that way as a diversion, not as it being used that way in the Western media to defray criticism of Israel. I apologized to him.


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

You know whats ironic, I believe that jew-bashing is rampant through out the arab world and israel has nothing to do with it yet you posted my response as someone who thinks its the zionists fault?

Are you sure you are not taking in account the sarcastic tone of my post? SM caught onto it no problem(he has been known to have a little dry humour himself)

I assure you...

1. ADL is NOT exagerating jew bashing

2. I don't think you understand the way I was using the term "red herring". Besides it was a question, not a statement (and it is the type of question where you are probably sure what the answer will be)

3. Most Iranians like jews (they are the only Islamic country that had a candilite vigil after 911) because they hate the fact that Islam is being slamed down their throats. But as SM stated, the Arab world is not looking so good right now

4. I am pretty sure little christian girls in Indonesia would still get their heads cut off in Indonesia with or without Israel

5. Racists and homophobes are a problem in North America... but it is trivial compared to the anti-infidel problem in the middle east.

So in summary, thank you for taking my comments and assigning it the exact opposite position I was taking.

Well, that was fun :)

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

you said or it is an "obvious red-herring"

you said red necks in Alabama substitute "gay" for "jew"

that's what I interpreted.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Cmon, gay bashing is used by repulicans all the time to win votes... how else do you get poor people to vote for tax breaks for the rich? :)

I was ASKING (asking is when you use a "question mark") if the Arab people actually believe this nazi crap or can they see that it just used as a destraction from their own problems. (hense the term "obvious")

Somehow you took that and twisted it into "look, here is another self-hating jew who believes zionist are evil".

This is crazy... I am on your side on this issue!! Hell, just for fun I call my persian girlfriend "terrorist" and she calls me "jew" :)

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

How do you get poor people to vote for tax breaks? Another words any poor person that votes Republican is either uneducated, misguided or a fool?

I'm educated and not rich not poor and I voted for W, and I'm a registered Dem.

You're implication was comparing the hate coming out of the Arab world, that is beyond the pale (almost comical if not trut) for a Westerner is somehow comparable to the South not wanting to legalize gay marriage and not accepting gay lifestyle.
Newsflash - a lot of educated and well to do people do not accept it.
Newsflash - Alabamians are 20x more accepting of gays than Arabs and even throwing the comparison in the same post is an example of the misguided urge to morally equivocate it.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Scorekeeper, you admited on SM's blog that you misinterperd my response (which was very big of you by the way)

Can you admit the same on your blog and we can call it a day? Then we can both laugh this off!

(copy and pasted from SM's blog)

As for the gay bashing, I know this is racists but I do expect better from America than a curropt police state.

I don't see it being equivlant to the situation in the Arab world at all!! As far as I know, gay Americans aren't fleeing to Cuba to avoid being "honor killed".

Scorekeeper, I am Mr. Zionist! Why the hell do you think I spent all that time at that "Zionist Training Camp" in Montreal? To meet Chicks?

Cmon guy, you said some things... I said some things... we are friends again right?

(oh, and Canadians are all sarcastic... it helps us keep warm during those long winter nights) :)

At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gay bashing? equivalent to terrorist?

exactly what is 'gay bashing'?

oh, you mean the right of individuals to oppose the 'forced' teaching of 'abnormal' sex lives to their children in school?

Maybe an educated elite can explain the difference between 'abnormal' and normal.

Here, let me give you a clue:

abnormal sex - two men having anal sex leading to nothing butt psychological problems of social acceptance issues, inadequacies of male role models substituted as orgasmic role play in lieu of actual healthy male bonding, mentoring and male roles in society.

Normal sex - Sexual intercourse between two mature adults who fully understand the roles of each sex. It leads to the natural conception of newborns, babies of which the Mother and Father raise as to be healthy adults not afraid of their own sexual roles, that each the female and the male have natural good roles with equal impact on the children from different viewpoints. A healthy outlook of differences which are not looked down upon in society, but nurtured and looked up to as an ideal family structure - as nature intended it to be.

If homosexuals insist on their abnormal relationships in the past I did not care - it 'was their choice' I thought to myself.

Now however, it appears homosexuals want to tread into every school room, media outlet and lobby every organized structure to force feed their abnormal culture into society and force children to accept it.

There is 'no gay gene'.
There is 'no normal aspect of man on man anal sex'
There is 'no such thing as a normal homosexual relationship'

There is only lies, lies to themselves and to others.

No sarcasm,,,one pun, just the truth.

The day you can get a man pregnant, let us all see the light please. I'm truly awaiting that evolutionary gem.

At 6:02 PM, Blogger Mike_Nargizian said...

If you want to comment at my blog, then either use your name or take an extra minute and make a name up.

If you want to get into the "gay" is normal or abnormal debate you can do it elsewhere. My only point was Americans, whether comfortable/uncomfortable accepting/unaccepting of gay people are 100x more tolerant of gay people than the Middle East for sure, not counting Israel.

And just for the record, I don't know if there are "gay gense" or not... though I imagine that there is something in the womb or within the genes that makes some males more effeminate or likely to be gay than others... there are some people you knew were gay when they were kids. If not than there wouldn't be a reason why gay people have existed since the beginning of time.
End of that story.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

anonymous does no that, atleast in my hometown of Canada, gay marriage is optional! You can still marry a women!

I know, at first i was a little hesitant about gay rights myself. But then when I found out I can still get my freek on the way that feels natural for me, I become more accpeting.

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