Sunday, December 18, 2005

As Egypt Descends Into the Dark Ages.... Human Rights Groups?.....


The following is an account of eyewitness -

  • Another episode of terrorizing Christians has just taken place in Egypt.In a small village called Kafr Salama near Menya El Kamh' in the governorate of Sharkeya (north east of Cairo) some Muslims, mainly young men belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group , attacked the houses, shops and properties of Christians. This took place after a fight between a Christian and a Muslim in the village, during which the father of the latter dropped dead after going into a diabetic coma when he watched the fight. Things quickly escalated after the rumor spread that "Christians killed Muslims." The naive Christians, knowing the tension was only the result of a normal fight, did not believe things would get any worse.
  • However, members of the Muslim Brotherhood began sending messages to neighboring villages asking for their assistance. Subsequently hundreds of Muslims gathered from different villages, attacking the houses, shops and belongings of Christians. So far, seven houses and one farm have been completely burned, and many houses have been destroyed. The Christian young man who was involved in the initial fight was massacred by the mob of Muslims. Furthermore, the numerous police vans that rushed into the village have been so far unsuccessful in protecting the Christians, most of whom have fled the village. The few Christian families that remain are currently stranded in their houses, awaiting attack by the Muslims, unless protection arrives in due time. Hundreds of Muslims from neighboring villages, screaming "Islam is the solution," are still flooding Kafr Salama and threatening to burn and kill whatever crosses their way.
  • Please spread the word and let human right groups know of that new barbaric attack on Egypt's Christians. It's about time the Egyptian government learns to respect the human rights agreements it has signed and to protect all Egyptian citizens, regardless of their religion. The Copts are the natives of Egypt. We have been living in Egypt for more than six thousand years. We refuse to be treated as such by the current regime. The Egyptian government must present those who are responsible for this new episode of terrorism to justice.

Reminds me of the KKK flooding a village (Rosewood) on a "rumor" that a black guy "raped" a white woman who was actually a tramp and just cheating on her husband.

This Egyptian comments at the site -

  • "hoopla", "active imagination", "stirring up the pot": this is very telling and a very typical Muslim response, indeed! I don’t want to beat a dead horse, no bund intended; but I will leave human corpse desecration to your cousins in Egypt… Well, in a country where decapitation videos beat out porn in the must see TV category, what can be said!
  • I guess such an incident which was reported by many sources, can not be true if did not turn up on Aljazeera. After all, this is so out of character with the Muslims of Egypt and their peaceful tolerant ways! Incidents are so rare that they happen only once a weak; tops…
  • Also, the Copts, the nowadays Jews of Egypt, spend their days engineering fake incidents to tarnish the image of Islam and the peaceable Muslims of Egypt.
  • I will get a laugh out of your typically retarded posting and remember a quote of Adel Imam, “Dah Dharabni fii aiidi bi-wishuh, ya baiih”, Sir, he hit in my hand with his face”.

Of course the Joooos are part and parcel somehow of the hate dementia. This "informed" Muslim never heard of the KING of fake bigotry incidents. CAIR

Sandman spoke to a friend who confirmed this and it gets worse!

  • The Lawyer in our Company comes originally from Minyah el Kamh and visits his village there weekly...... I told him that I didn't hear anything, so he proceeded to tell me this aforementioned story, only he added some new information that made it even more distrubing.

    Apparently after the old Muslim guy died and all of those clashes occured, the government started negotiations with the villagers, to see what would get them to stop the riots. The villagers said that since one of the Muslim elders died, that it's only fair to kill one of the christian elders, an eye for an eye is all. They said that it's probably better and more peacefull to kill just one elder than whatever masscares that can take place if this conflict continued.

    And the government apparently agreed to their logic, authorizing them to kill one prominent christian elder to even out the death of the muslim one that died.

    Ohh yeah!

    The interesting twist , however, is that after getting that ok, the muslim elders gatherd with each other and then decided that they won't take their revenge after all. That what they did was enough for now and that it's better just to keep the peace. He said all of that to me in a tone that suggested "See, not all muslims are bloodthirsty reactionaries. We have more common sense than that!"

    Fine, Ok, kudos for the muslims there for choosing not to go ahead with the government sanctioned murder, but..but what in the name of god is the government doing by agreeing to let the villagers carry out their own justice with their sanction? What the Fu*k is that all about?

Sandman concludes and forgets who will bear the brunt of this violent hateful mob taking power -

  • We are living in a police state that can't police its own citizens anymore. While this maybe a good sign that the regime may be at its last throes, I fear and shudder at the anarchy that will be unleashed the moment it crumbles.