Friday, November 18, 2005


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Why do they hate us? لماذا يكرهوننا؟

Why do they hate us?

For good reasons.

This is actually a comment I made to a post in Karim Elsahy's blog. That post was about why the Muslims' image is not so good in the West, and why people in the West generalize when talking about Muslims, especially in the media, as if all Muslims are terrorists.

In response to what Hussam said, yes there are terrorists from all religions. And yes most Muslims are not terrorists. But many Muslims sympathise with terrorists, and that is the real problem, because they give ligitimacy to acts of terrorism, at least from the point of view of populations in countries where Muslims are the majority. It is not strange then for them to have a bad image in the West and in the western media.

Here are examples of some of the things I am talking about, which needs to stop before any complaints are made about Muslims' image in the eyes of others:

  • - Thinking that Muslims or Islam should be in a constant conflict with others.
  • - Trying to find excuses for terrorist actions and/or blaming the West/USA/Israel or the American-Zionist conspiracy for it.
  • - Defending and sympathizing with terrorism against foreign countries and Israel.
  • - The hate speaches against infidels and Jews by imams in every Muslim country.
  • - Using Quranic verses to justify "jihad" against the west.- Calling terrorist attacks in Israel and Iraq "legitimate resistance".- Failing to accept the "other" in Islamic societies.
  • - Conditions that cause non-Muslim minorities to immigrate in higher numbers than Muslims from Islamic countries.
  • - Getting enraged because someone insulted the Quran or because of Abo Ghareb scandal, but not when a foreigner gets butchered by terrorists infront of a camera.
  • - The "Redda Punishment" (sentencing someone to death because they left Islam to another religion or no religion).
  • - Failing to understand that religion is a personal choice that affects no one but the individual who chooses it or leaves it.
  • - Beleiving that gays should be killed as a punishment for their "evil actions".
Yeah you are right... most Muslims are not terrorists, but when the majority look at terrorists as heros and martyrs, then really no more reasons are needed for the bad image. And nothing will change unless the individuals and Islamic societies change themselves.


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