Sunday, November 27, 2005


EgyptianSandmonkey observes -
The Harriri assassination conspiracy gets even more complicated: A lebanese witness against Syria was killed in a mysterious road accident -
  • A witness in the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has died in a mysterious road accident that raised suspicions of murder.Nowar Donna, owner of a mobile telephone trading business in Tripoli, was killed when his car plunged into a valley on the road to Bteghrine in Metn. An unidentified pillion also was killed, An Nahar reported Saturday.
  • Internal Security Forces have launched an investigation into Friday's accident "amid suspicions it was a premeditated murder," according to the paper.
  • Donna had been questioned by both Detlev Mehlis' International Independent Investigation Commission and the Lebanese judicial authorities after he was identified as the vendor of five mobile telephone sets out of eight that were used in the car bomb assassination of Hariri on Feb. 14.
Huh. Must be the guess who........ The same way they got this Syrian General to "commit suicide". Is it dam Mossad agents trying to make Syria look so guilty?

Syria, which is all about 'Pan Arabism' rejected Egypt and Saudi's mediation in favor of Russia's. Yeah, Russia....

  • The Russian mediation spared Syria impending sanctions for its refusal to cooperate with the investigation into Hariri's Feb. 14 assassination. Syria preferred the Russian mediation over Egypt's and Saudi Arabia's because Moscow enjoys veto power at the U.N. Security Council which it could use in the event of a new confrontation between Damascus and the international community, An Nahar reported Sunday.
And it has brought good results: neither Assad's little brother or his Brother in law were asked for questioning.

Thank you Russia. Thank you Putin. Without your help those innocent men were going to get questioned and found guilty because the Israelis are behind this whole thing. But here is the silly thing: under the agreement Mehlis can not arrest the officers if they were found guilty. How did the Jews not see this one coming?

  • When asked what would happen if arrest warrants were issued against the officers, Moallem said "This is a hypothetical question and I decline to answer it." He added that Mehlis "has no jurisdiction to arrest" the officers.

    When asked why there were only five officers when Mehlis has asked to question six, Moallem said: "There are only five officers and I am not aware of a sixth name."
  • Moallem also said that Syria "doesn't have any doubt in the Arab solidarity with it."
And of course, our very Arab League Hack, Amr Moussa, jumps to Syria's defense.

  • Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa warned the international community on Friday against isolating or threatening Syria with sanctions without proof that Damascus had a hand in Hariri's assassination.
    "We cannot accept the fact that a member country is isolated without evidence it is involved," Moussa said.
  • "We are sure the Syrian government is cooperating with the investigation," he added.
In more fun news, the syrian-financed and backed Hezballah is challenging the loyalty of its critics.

  • "While encouraging dialogue and discussion," the cleric stressed "the resistance will not tolerate being named a traitor or an agent for foreign countries."
  • "Hizbullah appreciates the different points of views over many Lebanese internal issues and invites all parties for a dialogue," he said. "But before we hold a dialogue with someone, we will ask, 'Who are you and what have you done for Lebanon? What are your relations with embassies and ambassadors? What are your relations with Israel and Western countries?'"
  • Nasrallah emphasized that Hizbullah values its friendships with Damascus and Tehran, calling on the Lebanese people to do the same because the resistance's ties with the two capitals have benefited Lebanon and "freed it from occupation."
  • "Hizbullah's orders do not come from Damascus, or Tehran; they come from Beirut," he said.
Of course. And the fact that they finance you and arm you has no bearing on your decisions what so ever.

This is a circus. Now, why don't the lebanese just secede the south to Hezballah and get it over with? God knows South of Lebanon is more loyal to Hezballah than the rest of Lebanon and are incredibly different than the rest of the lebanese population, so why don't they seperate and create their own little hezballastan? This way Hezballah can continue duking it with Israel without affecting the rest of Lebanon and the lebanese government won't have "friends with Syria and Iran" amongst their own government or affecting their own stability or safety. This way everyone wins, you know? As long as Hezballah stays in Lebanon the Harriri murder will never be resolved, Bashar's regime will never be exposed and Syria will continue to influence lebanon.


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