Sunday, November 13, 2005

"Kill Anyone - but Muslims?"

From the Egyptian blogger EgyptianSandmonkey copied below -

Welcome to Zarqa

AP went to Zarqa the Jordanian town of Abu Mossab al Zarqawi, and
they found out that his town is torn, torn i said, over what their homeboy did in Jordan. Wanna see how torn they are?Check this out:

  • "Any person who would do such an act must be considered a heretic," said Abu Ibrahim, a 56-year-old merchant standing outside his shop, several hundred yards from al-Zarqawi's high-walled house, where his relatives still live.

Okay, that's a good start. Now let's see if things will stay this way and that people wouldn't reort to the kooky conspiracy theori...Ohh..too late.

  • Others blamed Israel , which despite its 1994 peace treaty with Jordan is still seen as a pariah by many here, who trace their roots back to the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.
  • "I don't even know if the man is still alive or not," Abed el-Momany said of al-Zarqawi. "I would not discount the Israeli Mossad. Israel is the worm in the Arab world," he added.

Wow, that train is never late, is it? LOL
And here are some more people who are torn:

  • Ayman Tawalby, sitting cross legged on the ground and stroking his Osama bin Laden-style beard, said he opposed any terrorist attacks inside Jordan. "I support the resistance against the Americans in Iraq and against the Israelis everywhere," said the unemployed 47-year-old. "Those are our enemies. But I don't support bombing innocent civilians."

And by innocent civillians he means jordanian innocent civilians. The Israeli civilians? Oh, kill them everywhere. Bomb the living shit out of them. They are not innocent, they are jews, you see, and they eat muslims babies for breakfast. So , you see, wanting their civilians dead while wanting ours alive is not hypocritical to say the least. We are talking apples and oranges here.

And here is another man with a brave dissenting voice against Zarqawis latest indiscriminate killing:

  • In the town's center, Nabil Daoud said he supported bin Laden when he fought the Soviets and, later, the Americans in Afghanistan , just like he backed al-Zarqawi's insurgency against the U.S.-led occupation in Iraq. "But when they started targeting Muslims, I stopped sympathizing with them," said Daoud, who is in his early 20s. "I don't understand it anymore."

Kill anybody but muslim, and I understand it. It's ok. Just not the muslims. Draw the red line when it comes to muslims. Anybody but the muslims is fair game to kill torture or bomb. You kill those, you get my sympathy, but you kill muslims? You lose it you psycho killer you.


No wonder. Seriously, no wonder he is this crazy. If I grew up in such a town I would be this nutty as well. The people of the town are torn because Jordanian muslims died? What about the Iraqi muslims? What about the non-muslim civillians who died in the blasts? They don't count? What kind of psycho logic is that? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?


At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is the attitude amonst nearly ALL muslims.
When will we wake up and realize this.

At 10:13 PM, Blogger THE FLYINGBOY said...

Do you believe that the Arabic media still considering the terrorist in Iraq as resistant groups and they couldn't name them till now as terrorists and the best they can say now if not resistant groups, they will call them militant groups without saying the word terrorists??????? so if that is the way with the media , how simple people like those will say any thing except we are supporting the resistance and they are killing infidels.
It is the arabic stupid culture

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