Friday, October 28, 2005


Richard Silverstein seems to be somewhat obsessed (comments section) with Pajamas Media and its new venture.

Recently, he put up a post which provided his 'analysis' based on 'research' Dick did on Pajamas Media and its bloggers - apparently at 2am. Dick's critical opinions (see envy-jeolousy) included a variety of assumptions and innuendos about the venture and a select few bloggers Dick felt compelled to 'comment on' (see smear).

He later continued his comprehensive analysis (see bloviating) in his comments section.

Now I will do a full and proper analysis (fisking) of Dick's post later on (so stay tuned it will be good) - but in the meantime I thought you'd enjoy a brief outline of just some of the comments Dick left in his comments section.

Dick's "analysis" is quoted in a recent article by David Kohn - Will Pajama Media Wake up Blogs

  • Richard Silverstein has analyzed some of the bigger names in Pajamas Media to show their conservative tilt in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying that their viewpoints are farther to the right than Ariel Sharon's.

If you read the comments, you'll see that Dick gets defensive after being criticized for frequent spelling errors and deleting parts of his post which commenters proved were erroneous. He states - "that he put the post up at 2am".... With that in mind I am sure one can be confident that his sweeping 'indictments' (see below) were a product of his "thorough analysis" LOL!

Here is just a small smattering comments Dick made in the comment section of the post. Judge for yourself. Highlights are mine.

  • Richard 4:46 pm
    I was wondering how long it would take for Charles & his minions to discover this post. The answer…not very long! Jeff Goldstein is right about only one thing in his comment. I did misspell his blog name due to writing this post at 2 AM. I guess Jeff never makes any mistakes in his blog.
    As for my being “self-congratulatory” in my post. I think Jeff’s getting carried away with his rhetoric.

    The post doesn’t congratulate me or anyone else. It casts a critical eye at bloggers like Jeff and, poor boy, he doesn’t like that.
    As for criticizing Corn & Cooper for wishing to affiliate with scoundrels like Michael Ledeen

    …Not to mention all the hate-spewers I’ve featured in this post.

  • Richard 1:35 am
    Comes from writing the post at 2 AM. But you know what’s funny, Dave? The fact that I’m sure you’ve never made any similar mistakes in yr. own blog. How do you & Charles have such typoless blogs? Do you proof read each other’s copy?

    Richard 4:51 pm
    I spent several hours reviewing the Pajamas Media sites which I reference in this post in order to understand their perspective on the Middle East conflict. But when I ask you to spend 30 minutes reading my blog posts about the conflict so that you’d get a taste of an alternative view to your own–that is poison to you. There in a nutshell you have the problem with neocon type thinking regarding the IP conflict. Each of the PJM bloggers has a closed view of things in the Mideast. I’ve read none of them who are open to ideas other than the ‘pre-approved’ ones represented by LGF.

    Richard 9:47 pm
    Jack: No one’s saying the site shouldn’t be “allowed” (wouldn’t that be presumptous?). As someone said above: “let a hundred [I think Mao’s original said “a thousand] flowers bloom.

    Richard 3:05 pm

    You’ll notice that he or she’s not man (or woman) enough to admit their own identity or provide a link to their blog. What are they afraid of–coodies? Are they afraid I or one of my readers will stalk them? Pls. we’ve all got better things to do. Or are they perhaps just a tad paranoid about their opposition?
    My hunch is that this is Martin Solomon’s work since he waxes so elegantly & disingenuously about his Love For Israel–but again who can tell.

    Richard 3:05 pm
    I’m certain there are conservatives who respect Islam and its adherents. But clearly none of the PJM partners do as I’ve proven here in this post.

    Richard 10:49 pm
    I reviewed all the blogs featured at the PJM site including Nathan’s. I found his to be the only one I could actually take seriously. From my brief review, it appeared that he had a serious scholarly/journalistic intent...........

    Nathan: there already is a liberal-counterpart to PJM called the Huffington Post. I don’t find overly ideological progressive hacks there as one does find [the obverse] at PJM......

    And as Nathan admits, he’s more of a peripheral member of PJM & I’m sure not privy to whatever arrangement financial or otherwise which Roger Simon & Charles Johnson might’ve made with other parties (i.e. a sugardaddy).

    Nathan Hamm replies 11:30 pm
    All of the talk of a big, evil conspiracy is just getting a little tired, especially where it’s getting rubbed off on everyone involved. And though you mentioned that some of us are just peachy, that’s the way these posts always come off. (Especially when Michael Totten gets thrown in there. I know the guy. I’m slightly conservative myself, and I’d have to place him noticeably to the left of me.)

    Richard 8:50 pm
    Nathan: I didn’t use the word “conspiracy,” you did–TWICE. Perhaps you’re thinking of someone else who’s raised some objections to PJM. But you should be more accurate before you sling criticisms at me.

    Mike 3:13 pm comment to Richard (erased by Dick)
  • I mean you do seem quite pre-occupied with PJM despite it having nothing to do with you? So, I think I should perhaps buy you a PJM shirt for the upcoming launch, my New Years seddukah for you. That way you can wear it while you chew on your sour grapes.


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