Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Letter posted at Norman Finkelstein's website.

12th October 2005
Hi Norman,

I was listening to BBC radio the other day and caught an interesting broadcast on the theme of Anti-Semitism in the UK, which covered areas that overlap with your own interests in the subject. You may like to listen to it so I include a link to the archived program, which is still available on the BBC Website.

BBC Radio Documentary "War Against Prejudice" (40 minutes). Click on the link to stream the audio (the program starts after 4 minutes of news):

The program explores the myths and realities of anti-Semitism in the UK through the eyes of the Community Security Trust, a Jewish Self-Defense and Security organization here in the UK.
My impression of the program was that there are a lot of paranoid feelings that are out of proportion to the current threat. As I was listening to it I felt that your findings in Beyond Chutzpah are also relevant to the issue of Israel/Palestine in the UK.

Here in the UK there have in recent years been a number of attacks on Jewish buildings, desecrations of Jewish graves and some Jewish individuals have been attacked, however there have been far more attacks on Mosques and Hindu or Sikh Temples. In the UK one is much more likely to be attacked by the local thugs and racists if one is Muslim, Asian or Black/African or any kind of identifiable foreigner than if one is a White British Jewish person.
So he's stating that Britain is a racist place and yet not for Jews. Also, of the attacks on Jews how many were actually committed by Muslims

It seems to me that something is happening in the Jewish Community worldwide that is not just a reaction to incidents but possibly both a defensive and a proactive move.

Those who are Zionists and those who support Zionist objectives in Israel and occupied Palestine know that the plan of an ethnically exclusive, expanded Israel requires more land confiscation and more ethnic cleansing. So I think they are battening down the hatches and crying wolf so that they can denigrate Pro-Palestinian elements and tar Muslim objections and those who have Anti-Israeli sentiments with the brush of traditional Anti-Semitism.
Interesting, considering they just withdrew from Gaza. Perhaps, this gentleman is actually speaking about CAIR?

Or perhaps he never heard of Theo Van Gough who was stabbed several times while pleading for his life from a Muslim. Or that politicians who speak out about the violence preached there in Mosques and the problems need round the clock

But you know it's a worldwide conspiracy by the 'jooos' and 'zionists' not only in England but France, Belgium etc... as well. Of course all Jooos support Israel and the same exact opinion on the situation and their zion masters have programmed them to make up attacks and cry wolf.

All the attacks in France for example often by Muslim groups, are made up by Jooos, communicating telepathically to Jooos throughout the rest of the world to compensate for Israel.

What's interesting is this the exact process used by CAIR to prevent any discussion of Militant Islamism and terrorism as it relates to it's preaching and learning to Muslims in schools and mosques.
I think this is part of a process, which is covering up a land grab and destruction of the indigenous people and that for some reason otherwise decent people are going along with this out of fear which is being whipped up by fascist and militarist elements.
The favorite word of the far left to brand every and any one 'fascists'... Yet the most militaristic elements whipping up rage can be found often in Mosques, as we have just witnessed in Alexandria, Egypt. Muslim gangs coming from Mosque surrounding Churches and stabbing nuns. Coopts are considered the indigenous (to use his fave word there) of Egypt. What's their motivation a 100% Islamic state in Egypt?
I even find that I am sometimes psychoanalyzing myself to try and find out if I really am Anti-Semitic after all.

Then the rational part of me says...
"Hang on a minute... as a child you followed the teachings of Jesus, a Jew, then when you became educated you kicked out the religious superstition of your ancestors and you followed Marx, Einstein, Freud and Darwin, that is 3 out of four Jews and all atheists - thank god!".
The 'rational part of him'.... Anyway, he's convinced me. Who can argue with that logic.
I realized that the “Golden Rule” of all traditions "treat others as you would have them treat you" is common to any worthwhile system of human morality, be it religious or secular.
And good for him. Perhaps, he should explain this to Norman, who seems to think people generally don't like him because of his 'brave positions'.
I think you are exactly right with your comparison of the treatment of the Palestinians with that of the colonized people in North America or Australia years ago, where most of the indigenous people were eradicated by European settlers. We all know about that and yet we fail to make the link to what is going on now.

I think the key to the success of this self-interested ignorance is not the media but the technology gap... and I don't think a few atom bombs are going to make any difference. There is a real gap in technology, which I think provides the means and the motive is theft. All the rest is rationalization.
His 'technology gap' is fascinating. What's noteworthy is that Israel next to Russia and the US has more reporters in it than any other country on the planet. Israel is about the size of New Jersey including the desert and the Territories.
The main theft is of course not just the land of Palestine but also the oil of the region and the wider wealth and sovereignty of Western and Central Asia.
So the conspiracy as it relates to Israel is even grander. Is this the reason for China wanting/coveting Taiwan too? Is the reason for the Sudanese North Arabs slaughtering and cleansing millions of Blacks often Christians from the South?
I think without the regional oil deposits the Israel/Palestine issue would not be so intractable and that it suits the Europeans and the Americans to keep the pot boiling... That way they can destabilize various nations, keep looting the oil and prevent stable regional politics and cooperation from emerging.
LMAO.... he is saying that the US wants instability there. Otherwise the connection of Israel and the US, a genuine bond, would be broken and the little brother would kick out it's bigger more powerful brother? Are you getting this panaoia?

You see it's not Bashar Al Assad, the Saudis, Iranians, Hamas and Hezballah...
The Americans say that the Europeans are weak and too accommodating to the Arabs and the Europeans reply that the Americans are too bellicose and need to compromise more. Either of these two powerful entities could do substantially more to bring the conflict to an end but they both prefer to allow this very dangerous situation to fester. Thus they collude because they find that the staus quo is lucrative and therefore expedient.
They could solve it. Clinton didn't try to solve it, it was his and Barak's intractability compared to Arafat's reason and moderation that was the problem. I saw Norm speak on this, and he uses the "Saudi Peace Plan" and then skips directly over Taba and the White House in December 2001 as if they never occured. Why? To prove it's the Israelis who are solely the problem of course. By the way, more evidence Arafat planned the war, his 2nd in command just gave an interview in Arabic where he clearly states this.

Again, Norm posted this proudly on his website.
I think that we are witnessing the beginnings of something that could develop into a regional dispossession like that of North America, in the Arab world and Western Asia in general. I would like to see something written which heads that off or at least points out that it could happen unless we settle the current conflict in a just way.
Note, a few paragraphs up he was accusing 'worldwide Jewry' of being paranoid and conspiratorial. Notably, his mentor wailed prior to Iraq that Israel was going to use it as an excuse to 'cleanse' many Palestinians. And Norm's mentor, Noam Chomsky, predicted hundreds of thousands of deaths in Afghanistan. So the "paranoia" seems to be catchy. Meanwhile, native Africans are being Arabized by movements to get the Muslims there to practice as Arab Muslims do in Sudan and several other countries.
Now that you have brought clarity to the questions you have addressed in Beyond Chutzpah, have you considered writing a more extensive comparison of the technology, politics and institutions of the Arab and Western Asian nations compared with that of the Euro-Americans?

I have some ideas about this...

Can you email these ideas over here so we can post them?


At 6:56 AM, Blogger Solomon said...

I wonder if he's even right in his statistics about who has a greater chance of suffering a "hate attack." I'm quite certain he's wrong according to the American numbers.

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