Friday, October 21, 2005

Israel using AIDS against us' - Special For Ramadan

Come son and daughter let's watch on this holy month of Ramadan how the Jews are trying to take over the world, poison us with AIDS, torture us with glee and have secret plans to annex all 'our lands'.

Keeping up with the tradition of Ramadan Programs for Arab families home more for the Ramadan holiday, another anti-semitic and Israeli program chock full of canards and lies.

Israel using AIDS against us'

A PA series aired over Ramadan contains incitement-charged scenes which portray Israel as willing to use drugs and AIDS against Palestinians
Roee Nahmias

‘The Canaanite,’ a new television series broadcast on Palestinian television over the holy month of Ramadan, depicts the suffering of a Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails.

Among other things, the fictional series shows an Israeli security personnel ruthlessly hitting Pilpil, the series' hero, shortly before his release from jail, in a bid to persuade him to work for the Shin Bet as an informer on members of his cell.

The Israeli official is seen pushing another Palestinian prisoner’s head into a bucket of water.

The message is clear: Expect more incitement in PA-controlled media. The series is filled with biased scenes illustrating the brutal behavior of Israeli security officials against Palestinian prisoners.

Palestinian Media Watch, an institute that closely studies Palestinian media, argues that the series presents Israel as supporting Palestinian drug gangs in its efforts to harm Palestinian society.

The presentation of IDF soldiers as blood-thirsty murderers even in the closed jail setting is only a backdrop to the more shocking claim that Israelis “are willing to fight us (the Palestinians) with AIDS,” as articulated by the central character.

A number of series are broadcast on Palestinian television during Ramadan. In order to appease the long hours of fast, many Palestinian families prefer to stay at home during the holiest month in the Muslim calendar, when watching television becomes a popular activity.

In the series, Pilpil plays a secret agent who joins the police force to expose a Palestinian gang activated by an Israeli who encourages his alibis to sell drugs to Palestinian youths in the Gaza Strip.

“Drugs, they are fighting us with drugs. They select strategies to fight us. Using planes at times and drugs at others,”
Pilpil tells his Palestinian superior who replies
“they are even willing to use AIDS against us.”

In another scene Pilpil is seen having a dream of an IDF soldier endowed with a typically long Jewish nose happily shooting and killing a Palestinian bride.

The return of ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

Over the last few years, Arab television networks have disseminated a series of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic programs which were viewed by millions of Muslims around the world via satellite and cable technologies over Ramadan.

The Palestinian Authority has apparently decided to keep up the tradition.

The most eminent of these series was the Egyptian program "Knight without a Horse," which portrays the Jews’ efforts to veil the existence of ‘‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and a Syrian anti-Semitic fiction "The Exile," which was broadcast on Hizbullah’s al-Manar channel and documents the Jews’ plan over the last 150 years to control the whole world.

"Sharoniat" meaning Sharon’s plots in Arabic, is another series that was broadcast on Abu Dabi TV at the beginning of the intifada.

‘There is no such thing as Green Line for Israel’

Another character in the Palestinian series, Adel, is a collaborator with Israel who preaches to his lover that the Green Line is nonexistent because Israel has plans to annex the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The series portrays PA security forces as professional and excellent institutions who have managed to restore law and order in Palestinian areas - oblivious to the fact that a spree of violence, chaos, and anarchy raged in the Gaza Strip over the last two weeks.

(10.17.05, 15:00)


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