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Is there a better set of bloggers on the Internet?

Big Pharaoh checks in with this incredibly prescient post. I am just waiting for Dick Silverstein or Mark Elf to try and trudge out the "self hater" on these bloggers.

Reforming Islam: The Forbidden Fruit

In the midst of all the talk about democracy and freedom in the Arab world, one crucial issue still remains an untouched hot potato which is the call to reform the religion Islam. I believe this issue remains the most central and supercedes the importance of democracy and political reform in the greater Middle East region.

If you looked at the world's great faith, you will realize that nearly all have undergone some sort of reform or attempts to marry old historical holy texts with the realities of our ever changing modern age. However, Islam still remains untouched and mired by those who believe that the societal laws of 660 AD could be applied today. In addition, the religion is still enslaved by religious leaders who demonize and persecute any voice calling for reform or a reinterpretation of the Quran or of what the prophet said over 1400 years old in the sun burned desert of Arabia.

With the current wave of Islamization in the greater Middle East countries and in hosts of large Muslim communities (i.e Europe), the issue of reforming Islam is still not taking the importance it requires. What makes matters worse is that many in the West, in their attempt to search for Muslim reformers, describe a person as "moderate" or "reformist" just because of the mere fact that he condemned violence or rebuked Bin Laden on September 11th.

For someone like me, a Muslim reformist is someone who calls for the reinterpretation of what the prophet Muhammad said 1400 years ago and who is not afraid to dismiss Shariah law as a set of laws that were promulgated in a period that was very different than the one we're living in today. Right after 911, many Islam haters started quoting the "violence verses" in the Quran in an attempt to prove that the 19 hijackers were carrying out Allah's orders. Muslims responded by saying that such verses should be taken "within their historical context." I am wondering why we can't take the saying of the prophet, the actions of his companions, and Shariah law in their "historical context" as well.

Islam is currently in a crisis and it is sad that very few Muslim thinkers and leaders are noticing it. They are busy hoping for the white people of the US and Europe to have a positive opinion of Islam while neglecting the root of the problem which is that Islam, in its current unreformed state, is not compatible with the values that Catholic Brazil and Buddhist Korea are trying to adopt.

For example, I have a very dear friend who is a typical example of a "westernized" Egyptian youth. He graduated from the American University in Cairo, works in a well known multinational firm, speaks English better than many Americans, and plays jazz on his 6 guitars. In a recent conversation, we started talking about Shariah law and I was stunned when he told me that he believes Shariah is divine and Allah's answer to all our ills. He then started bombarding me with absurd justifications for stoning, whipping those who drank a bottle of beer, and executing those who converted out of Islam. When I cornered him by detailing how his current life will change if Egypt adopted full fledged Shariah law, all what he said was "I'll give it a try."

My friend is innocent. Nobody taught him better and he is not bold enough to search for himself and return to God with the conclusion he reached. Our mainstream religious leaders might not be calling for the implementation of Shariah law, yet very few are tackling the issue of reforming the Islamic way of life. My friend is their victim.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


JPundit details a Joint Palestinian News Conference on the Hadera Suicide Bombing - Islamic Jihad and Fatah subdivision/Al Asqua

  • Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants attend a news conference in Gaza city, Wednesday Oct. 26, 2005. Dozens of masked Islamic Jihad militants held a news conference where they said they were celebrating the suicide bomb attack in the Israeli town of Hadera, a 'great victory as a message to our beloved Palestinian people and Islamic and Arab nations.' (AP Photo/Adel Hana).
  • Gaza is now a place where terrorists hold press conferences. With weapons (no Palestinian policemen in sight). To celebrate killing and maiming scores of innocent people.
    And the Associated Press attends and takes pictures.


It was apparently a Joint Press Conference as Khaled Abu Toameh reports in the Jerusalem Post.

  • There is an open cooperation between Islamic Jihad and “militiamen belonging to [Abbas’] ruling Fatah party,” notes that joint Fatah-Islamic Jihad cells have conducted a series of attacks in the last 18 months, and have begun operating in Jenin and Nablus:
    And in yet another indication of the harmony between the two groups, masked gunmen belonging to Fatah and Islamic Jihad held a joint press conference in Gaza City Wednesday night to claim responsibility for the Hadera attack.

The fact that such a press conference is held in public in the center of Gaza City -- and is attended by scores of journalists -- shows that the PA security forces have almost no control over what's happening in the area.

Toameh reports that the growing cooperation between Fatah and Islamic Jihad “has prompted some of Abbas's top aides to voice concern that Islamic Jihad elements would now try to infiltrate the PA security forces."

Infiltrate? They’ve been invited to join? So there would be “one gun”?

UPDATE - Abbas-linked group involved in Hadera blast from Worldnetdaily

"Terror leader of Al Aqsa group promises more attacks to come"......

But sources close to the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Abbas' Fatah movement, told WND:

  • "Al Aqsa let Islamic Jihad take full responsibility so they could get the credit for retaliating against Israel's killing of their leaders. Jihad needs this attack. But Al Aqsa was involved, too."

The groups never operate independently of each other, nor of others such as Hezbollah, and that was the biggest lie Arafat perpetrated against the gullible West.

The whole "wiping them out" thing

Sandmonkey posts this brilliant tongue in cheeek analysis of the Mad Mullahs -

Remember how I mentioned that the world wasn't amused at Iran's Prez call to wipe Israel out? Well, to curb down the damage, former Preisdent Rafsanji went and said that Iran respects Jews and Judasim.

In a clear move aimed at calming worldwide tensions and condemnations over anti-Israeli remarks by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Friday that Iran respected both Jews and Judaism.

“We have no problems with Jews and highly respect Judaism as a holy religion,” Rafsanjani said at the Friday prayer ceremony which followed anti-Israeli demonstrations throughout Iran.

And then A.J. went and repeated what he
said yet again, in an Anti-Israel rally.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood fast behind his assertion that Israel should be wiped off the map and repeated the call during the nationwide protests Friday, the Muslim day of prayer.

So, what was
that whole wiping Israel out thing? Europeans want to know exactly what he meant by saying that. Well, ScrappleFace may have the explanation right here -
  • (2005-10-27) — The United Nations Security Council today took up discussion on what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might have meant when he called for Israel to be “wiped out from the map”.

    Secretary General Kofi Annan said Iran, as a member of the U.N., must be given the benefit of the doubt that the phrase was intended to encourage peaceful diplomacy.

    “‘Wiped’ is a word that can denote cleanliness,” said Mr. Annan. “The Iranian president may have simply meant that the map should be cleaned so Israel’s legitmate borders are easier to see.”

    Mr. Ahmadinejad’s remarks came during the month-long ‘World without Zionism’ celebration, and echoed the Ayatollah Khomeini’s previous comments about map hygiene.

Yeah. That must be it.

UPDATE: Sandmonkey provides this bit of info as well -

Arab League/Nations Rejected a Saddam Exile Plan Prior to the War -

Did anyone know of this? Doesn't that mean that the War could've been avoided if it wasn't for Moussa and the League meddeling?

  • Deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had secretly accepted a last-minute plan to go into exile to avert the 2003 Iraq war, but Arab leaders shot the proposal down, Al Arabiya television reported today.

Captain's Quarters hat tips me and adds some relevant details -

This is what the League said shortly after the invasion:

  • Amr Moussa, the league's secretary general, said: "I salute the Iraqis and wish them victory."

    Moussa, Lebanese Foreign Minister Mahmood Hamood and others at the meeting say the war is an example of renewed Western imperialism.

    They say the war is part of a long-term plan is to change the Middle East map and remove national leaders such as Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat.

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Richard Silverstein seems to be somewhat obsessed (comments section) with Pajamas Media and its new venture.

Recently, he put up a post which provided his 'analysis' based on 'research' Dick did on Pajamas Media and its bloggers - apparently at 2am. Dick's critical opinions (see envy-jeolousy) included a variety of assumptions and innuendos about the venture and a select few bloggers Dick felt compelled to 'comment on' (see smear).

He later continued his comprehensive analysis (see bloviating) in his comments section.

Now I will do a full and proper analysis (fisking) of Dick's post later on (so stay tuned it will be good) - but in the meantime I thought you'd enjoy a brief outline of just some of the comments Dick left in his comments section.

Dick's "analysis" is quoted in a recent article by David Kohn - Will Pajama Media Wake up Blogs

  • Richard Silverstein has analyzed some of the bigger names in Pajamas Media to show their conservative tilt in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying that their viewpoints are farther to the right than Ariel Sharon's.

If you read the comments, you'll see that Dick gets defensive after being criticized for frequent spelling errors and deleting parts of his post which commenters proved were erroneous. He states - "that he put the post up at 2am".... With that in mind I am sure one can be confident that his sweeping 'indictments' (see below) were a product of his "thorough analysis" LOL!

Here is just a small smattering comments Dick made in the comment section of the post. Judge for yourself. Highlights are mine.

  • Richard 4:46 pm
    I was wondering how long it would take for Charles & his minions to discover this post. The answer…not very long! Jeff Goldstein is right about only one thing in his comment. I did misspell his blog name due to writing this post at 2 AM. I guess Jeff never makes any mistakes in his blog.
    As for my being “self-congratulatory” in my post. I think Jeff’s getting carried away with his rhetoric.

    The post doesn’t congratulate me or anyone else. It casts a critical eye at bloggers like Jeff and, poor boy, he doesn’t like that.
    As for criticizing Corn & Cooper for wishing to affiliate with scoundrels like Michael Ledeen

    …Not to mention all the hate-spewers I’ve featured in this post.

  • Richard 1:35 am
    Comes from writing the post at 2 AM. But you know what’s funny, Dave? The fact that I’m sure you’ve never made any similar mistakes in yr. own blog. How do you & Charles have such typoless blogs? Do you proof read each other’s copy?

    Richard 4:51 pm
    I spent several hours reviewing the Pajamas Media sites which I reference in this post in order to understand their perspective on the Middle East conflict. But when I ask you to spend 30 minutes reading my blog posts about the conflict so that you’d get a taste of an alternative view to your own–that is poison to you. There in a nutshell you have the problem with neocon type thinking regarding the IP conflict. Each of the PJM bloggers has a closed view of things in the Mideast. I’ve read none of them who are open to ideas other than the ‘pre-approved’ ones represented by LGF.

    Richard 9:47 pm
    Jack: No one’s saying the site shouldn’t be “allowed” (wouldn’t that be presumptous?). As someone said above: “let a hundred [I think Mao’s original said “a thousand] flowers bloom.

    Richard 3:05 pm

    You’ll notice that he or she’s not man (or woman) enough to admit their own identity or provide a link to their blog. What are they afraid of–coodies? Are they afraid I or one of my readers will stalk them? Pls. we’ve all got better things to do. Or are they perhaps just a tad paranoid about their opposition?
    My hunch is that this is Martin Solomon’s work since he waxes so elegantly & disingenuously about his Love For Israel–but again who can tell.

    Richard 3:05 pm
    I’m certain there are conservatives who respect Islam and its adherents. But clearly none of the PJM partners do as I’ve proven here in this post.

    Richard 10:49 pm
    I reviewed all the blogs featured at the PJM site including Nathan’s. I found his to be the only one I could actually take seriously. From my brief review, it appeared that he had a serious scholarly/journalistic intent...........

    Nathan: there already is a liberal-counterpart to PJM called the Huffington Post. I don’t find overly ideological progressive hacks there as one does find [the obverse] at PJM......

    And as Nathan admits, he’s more of a peripheral member of PJM & I’m sure not privy to whatever arrangement financial or otherwise which Roger Simon & Charles Johnson might’ve made with other parties (i.e. a sugardaddy).

    Nathan Hamm replies 11:30 pm
    All of the talk of a big, evil conspiracy is just getting a little tired, especially where it’s getting rubbed off on everyone involved. And though you mentioned that some of us are just peachy, that’s the way these posts always come off. (Especially when Michael Totten gets thrown in there. I know the guy. I’m slightly conservative myself, and I’d have to place him noticeably to the left of me.)

    Richard 8:50 pm
    Nathan: I didn’t use the word “conspiracy,” you did–TWICE. Perhaps you’re thinking of someone else who’s raised some objections to PJM. But you should be more accurate before you sling criticisms at me.

    Mike 3:13 pm comment to Richard (erased by Dick)
  • I mean you do seem quite pre-occupied with PJM despite it having nothing to do with you? So, I think I should perhaps buy you a PJM shirt for the upcoming launch, my New Years seddukah for you. That way you can wear it while you chew on your sour grapes.

State of Egypt and the Arab Islamic World

Big Pharaoh Opines on State of Intolerance in Egypt
Mahfouz's Days

Naguib Mahfouz (age 94), Egypt's Nobel literature laurate, had this to say about Muslim-Christian relations during his times:

"Every society in the world has a core of beliefs that defines its way of life. For Egypt one such premise was national unity. My generation stuck together. We didn't think of ourselves as Muslims and Copts but as Egyptians. And this was at a time when the British were still in Egypt and political strife was a daily phenomenon. In his memoirs Lord Cromer said the only difference between a Muslim and a Christian in Egypt is that one goes to a mosque and the other to a church. Aside from that they live the same way, observe the same traditions and share the same language and culture.It was only by chance we would know the religion of a friend. No one asked and no one paid much attention. I discovered that one of my closest friends was Christian only when his father died and I was told that he would be available for condolences at the church. In my time the cabinet included 12 ministers among which it was customary to have at least two Copts. Wissa Wassef, a Copt, was parliamentary speaker for many years. When prime minister Ismail Sidqi, a Muslim, disbanded parliament Wassef attacked him fiercely and was hailed as a national hero for doing so."(Source: Miss Mabrouk of Egypt)

Sorry Mahfouz, your days are forever gone. I don't expect them to come back in my lifetime. I would be a very decomposed dead body if my grandchildren were to experience what you experienced. The damage done to Egypt and to the Egyptian psyche was so great.

I blame the crazy military dictators who ruled Egypt since 1952. They destroyed our soul, they destroyed our will. And I blame the foul wave of religiousity and fundamentalism that started to invade Egypt 20 years ago. It destroyed our mind, our intellect, and our hearts.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Got this from Nadz here. He has other good links on PC Idiocy in the Western world. However, this story on Denmark he linked to caught my attention.
Six charged for honour slaying

Police have arrested six members of a Pakistani family for hunting down and killing a 19-year-old girl, who had married against the family's wishes.

Daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten reported that with two further arrests in the case, five men and one woman were now in remand for the suspected honour killing of Ghazala Abbas, who was shot to death in front of the central station in the western Zealand town of Slagelse on 23 September.

The day before, Abbas had married a 27-year-old Afghan-born man.

Five of the people arrested are Ghazala's close relatives, including her father and her older brother, who was the one that shot her to death and severely injured her husband in front of a large group of witnesses in broad daylight in Slagelse.

Another words he is likley a Shiite and her Sunni family (assumably) didn't approve?
So far this is disgusting but sadly not too surprising. Now watch for the 2nd part of this story.
Daily newspaper BT reported that a network of Pakistani taxi drivers and the woman arrested had helped the brother track his sister down.

The couple had fled from the family's home in Copenhagen's Amager district and gone into hiding in Jutland, there, they were married in secret at a city hall.

Ghazala, however, decided to trust the female relative with her secret, and called her to tell her the news. The woman betrayed her, BT reported, and told the family what she had done.

Pakistani taxi drivers told BT that Ghazala's brother had asked them to keep an eye out for his sister, and ordered everyone in the family and its circle of friends to tell him if they heard from her. The network tracked the newlyweds down a few hours after their wedding.

A source said to BT's reporter that Ghazala had told her female relative that she had left her hiding place in Jutland and sought refuge with her friends in Slagelse.

'The friend must have known that if she passed the information on to Ghazala's family, she would help the honour killing being planned to take place,' the source said, adding that she must also have feared retribution if the word ever got out that she had known of the couple's whereabouts without telling the family.

Ghazala's brother was so intent on finding and killing his sister in order to save the family's honour that he left his wife and family only a few days after the birth of his second child to carry out the death sentence, BT reported.

Armed with the female relative's information, a confirmation from Pakistani taxi drivers, and a gun, he arrived at the central station to find his sister standing right outside, waiting for a taxi. He shot her three times, then attacked her husband, beat him, and forced him down on the ground, where he shot him.

The husband survived by a hair's breadth.

Anne Mau, secretary of the National Association of Women's Crisis Centres, which accept many immigrant women on the run from their families, said the Pakistani taxi network worked systematically to find women who had fled their families, and alerted their whereabouts to their relatives.

'Taxi drivers are mobile, they now one another and the community, and they work systematically. The family uses a mobile telephone to send a picture around of the wanted woman. Then the hunting begins,' Mau said. 'This way many women have been discovered on the street, caught, and delivered back to their families.'

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Darfur in the Deepening Shadow of Auschwitz, Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda
Oct 24, 2005

A series of extraordinarily dire warnings have recently been issued by various UN officials, a last desperate attempt to force the international community to take urgent cognizance of Darfur’s deepening crisis. Full-scale catastrophe and a massive increase in genocidal destruction are imminent, and there is as yet no evidence that the world is listening seriously. The US in particular seems intent on taking an expediently blinkered view of the crisis (see forthcoming analysis by this writer at The New Republic [on-line], But European countries and other international actors with the power to speak the truth are little better; the absence of an effective voice emerging from the Blair government is especially dismaying in light of British willingness to intervene in Iraq.

Even so, there is no possible escape from the most basic truth in Darfur: Khartoum’s National Islamic Front, ever more dominant in the new “Government of National Unity,” is deliberately escalating the level of violence and insecurity as a form of “counter-insurgency” warfare, with the clear goal of accelerating human destruction among the African tribal populations of the region.

In failing to respond to this conspicuous and now fully articulated truth, the world is yet again knowingly acquiescing in genocide. But as the shadows of Auschwitz and Treblinka, Bosnia, Cambodia, and Rwanda fall more heavily over Darfur, we cannot evade this most shameful truth:
we know---as events steadily, remorselessly unfold---more about the realities of ethnically-targeted human destruction in Darfur than on any other previous such occasion in history. So much the greater is our moral disgrace.


UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres is reported by Reuters ("World has just weeks to save Darfur, says UN High Commissioner for Refugees”) as declaring that the Darfur “cease-fire was falling apart,” and that the “African Union peace force was hopelessly under-manned, under-equipped, and the world appeared to have lost interest” (Reuters, October 21, 2005). “Everything is getting out of control; [ ] the critical moment is from now to the end of the year. We are close to a moment in which a new major tragedy might occur in Darfur. [Such a tragedy] would have a major impact on [Darfur’s] neighbors...and on the whole African region.”

Guterres continued:
“Even our [humanitarian] staff can barely move. There is no security. What we are witnessing on the ground is a very serious deterioration.” (Reuters, October 21, 2005)

“[Guterres warned] that the cease-fire [Darfur] is unraveling, which could lead to a catastrophic increase in deaths in coming weeks and spread instability in sub-Saharan Africa. [ ] ‘People are dying, and dying in large numbers.’” (Los Angeles Times, October 23, 2005)

Subsequent to Guterres’ remarks, Reuters reported that “heavy gunfire in West Darfur’s main town [al-Geneina] kept [humanitarian] aid staff locked in their homes”:

“George Somerwill, a UN spokesman, confirmed there was gunfire in the town but could give no further details. ‘There was gunfire heard during the night in el-Geneina town and aid workers were confined to their houses,’ he said. The government [i.e., the National Islamic Front] often threatens aid agencies with closure if they comment on the security situation in Darfur. Authorities [in Khartoum] have arrested senior Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) workers and ordered heads of British aid agencies Oxfam and Save the Children to leave the country for publishing information on Darfur.” (Reuters, October 23, 2005)

This gunfire in el-Geneina, capital of West Darfur, comes after an unprecedented evacuation of non-essential UN personnel because of violence in the region. All roads from el-Geneina remain “red no-go” because of insecurity, paralyzing humanitarian organizations and leaving more and more vulnerable civilians completely cut-off from food, medicine, and water (for example, many tens of thousands of displaced persons depend upon water that is pumped by engines requiring fuel, which cannot now be transported). The UN has offered contradictory numbers on the numbers of affected people in West Darfur, but the area coordinator for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in West Darfur, Andy Pendleton, would seem to have particular credibility:

"‘With each passing day we are in a race against time to get assistance to over half a million people to whom we have lost regular access,’ Andy Pendleton, area coordinator for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in West Darfur, said in el-Geneina on Sunday. ‘The situation is desperate, more desperate than ever before,’ he warned.” (UN Integrated Regional Information Networks [el-Geneina], October 12, 2005)

That the violence throughout Darfur is accelerating, and indeed reaching unprecedented levels in various respects, is confirmed in many other UN accounts. Two weeks ago, Juan Mendez, UN special advisor on the prevention of genocide, declared of the attack on Aro Sharow camp for displaced persons: “Until last week, there have never been concerted, massive attacks of an indiscriminate nature against civilians in camps in Darfur” (Washington Post, October 10, 2005). What we must remember is that the attack on Aro Sharow, a camp of some 4,000-5,000 displaced people from African tribal groups, was conducted by Khartoum’s military proxy, the Arab militia force known as the Janjaweed. The collusion between the Janjaweed and the National Islamic Front, which retains full control of the military and intelligence services in Sudan, was recently underscored by the African Union:

“On 28 September 2005, just four days ago, some reportedly 400 Janjaweed Arab militia on camels and horseback went on the rampage in Arusharo, Acho and Gozmena villages in West Darfur. Our reports also indicate that the day previous, and indeed on the actual day of the attack, Government of Sudan helicopter gunships were observed overhead. This apparent coordinated land and air assault gives credence to the repeated claim by the rebel movements of collusion between the Government of Sudan forces and the Janjaweed/Arab militia. This incident [ ] was confirmed not only by our investigators but also by workers of humanitarian agencies and NGOs in the area.” (Transcript of Kingibe press conference, Khartoum, October 1, 2005)..................


It is important to bear in mind that hundreds of attacks by Khartoum and the Janjaweed, such as those reported by the AU’s Kingibe, have already been chronicled---by the AU, human rights groups, the UN, humanitarian organizations, news reporters on the ground, and other observers over the past 32 months of major conflict. This very substantial chronicling, in aggregate (see bibliography in Appendix 1), allows us to understand how it is that between 80-90% of all African villages have now been violently destroyed. This percentage range is the overwhelming consensus among Darfuris in exile, many with excellent and continuing contacts on the ground inside Darfur.

The reports of attacks are relentlessly, agonizingly similar in nature, conveying not only sheer terror on the part of the defenseless victims who survived to tell their tales, but the comprehensive nature of the destruction inflicted: men and boys are killed; women and girls are raped, with many abducted; dwellings, mosques, schools, clinics, and markets are burned; food- and seed-stocks are destroyed, along with agricultural implements; fruit trees are cut down; cattle and livestock, along with valuable possessions, are looted; water wells and irrigations systems are poisoned or destroyed. Attacks are typically accompanied by hateful racial epithets, as well as incomprehensible cruelty. An all too representative attack was graphically rendered over a year ago in the Washington Post by George Wolf of Refugees International:

“Ibrahim told Refugees International about a week after the attack that among those captured during the assault were four of her brothers and six young children, including three of her cousins. As Ibrahim watched in horror, several of the attackers began grabbing the screaming children and throwing them one by one into a raging fire. One of the male villagers ran from his hiding place to plead for their lives. It was a fatal error. The raiders subdued the man and later beheaded him and dismembered his body. All six of the children were burned. Ibrahim's four brothers have not been heard from since.” (Washington Post, July 31, 2004)

Along with the highly systematic nature of village destruction throughout Darfur, clearly reflecting ethnic targeting of African tribal groups, rape is the crime in Darfur that most dramatically reflects a racial/ethnic animus. A powerful study of sexual violence in Darfur published in October 2004 by Tara Gingerich, JD, MA and Jennifer Leaning, MD, SMH (“The Use of Rape as a Weapon of War in the conflict in Darfur, Sudan,” Harvard School of Public Health and the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, at: makes a central claim that continues to stand without meaningful challenge:

“Our findings suggest that the military forces attacking the non-Arab people of Darfur, the Janjaweed in collaboration with forces of the Government of Sudan, have inflicted a massive campaign of rape as a deliberate aspect of their military assault against the lives, livelihoods, and land of this population.” (page 1)


You'd think this is a joke but it's not.

Hat tip Solomon

Here is 1 excerpt from the poem by a 14 yr old which was judged as worthy of being included in kid's school books -

"Make them take many paces for being one of the worst races, on their way to a gas chamber, where they will sleep in their manger… I'll be happy Jews have died"

Here are some of the editor's replies to criticism -

Young Writers editor Steve Twelvetree, who also edited the book, said the poem was included as it illustrated how the writer was able to empathise with the infamous Nazi Fuehrer.

Twelvetree told the Telegraph:
"From Gideon's poem and my knowledge of the National Curriculum Key Stage 3 his poem shows a good use of technical writing and he has written his poem from the perspective of Adolf Hitler.”

The editor continued:
"Key Stage 3 history requires pupils to show knowledge and understanding of events and places - to show historical interpretation and to explain significance of events, people and places, all of which World War II and the Holocaust is part of.

"The poem clearly states 'I am Adolf Hitler' and it recounts a historical fact, something Young Writers and Forward Press are not willing to censor."
This might be an anachronism? Because recently another British schools demonstrated a deep sensitivity for 'offensive' topics like - "The 3 Little Piggies". Also, a British bank demonstrated sensitivity by banning "piggy banks" that could be seen as 'offensive'. So at least the British Zeitgeist has its focus properly adjusted.

A West Yorkshire head teacher has banned books containing stories about pigs from the classroom in case they offend Muslim children.
The literature has been removed from classes for under-sevens at Park Road Junior Infant and Nursery School in Batley.

Letter posted at Norman Finkelstein's website.

12th October 2005
Hi Norman,

I was listening to BBC radio the other day and caught an interesting broadcast on the theme of Anti-Semitism in the UK, which covered areas that overlap with your own interests in the subject. You may like to listen to it so I include a link to the archived program, which is still available on the BBC Website.

BBC Radio Documentary "War Against Prejudice" (40 minutes). Click on the link to stream the audio (the program starts after 4 minutes of news):

The program explores the myths and realities of anti-Semitism in the UK through the eyes of the Community Security Trust, a Jewish Self-Defense and Security organization here in the UK.
My impression of the program was that there are a lot of paranoid feelings that are out of proportion to the current threat. As I was listening to it I felt that your findings in Beyond Chutzpah are also relevant to the issue of Israel/Palestine in the UK.

Here in the UK there have in recent years been a number of attacks on Jewish buildings, desecrations of Jewish graves and some Jewish individuals have been attacked, however there have been far more attacks on Mosques and Hindu or Sikh Temples. In the UK one is much more likely to be attacked by the local thugs and racists if one is Muslim, Asian or Black/African or any kind of identifiable foreigner than if one is a White British Jewish person.
So he's stating that Britain is a racist place and yet not for Jews. Also, of the attacks on Jews how many were actually committed by Muslims

It seems to me that something is happening in the Jewish Community worldwide that is not just a reaction to incidents but possibly both a defensive and a proactive move.

Those who are Zionists and those who support Zionist objectives in Israel and occupied Palestine know that the plan of an ethnically exclusive, expanded Israel requires more land confiscation and more ethnic cleansing. So I think they are battening down the hatches and crying wolf so that they can denigrate Pro-Palestinian elements and tar Muslim objections and those who have Anti-Israeli sentiments with the brush of traditional Anti-Semitism.
Interesting, considering they just withdrew from Gaza. Perhaps, this gentleman is actually speaking about CAIR?

Or perhaps he never heard of Theo Van Gough who was stabbed several times while pleading for his life from a Muslim. Or that politicians who speak out about the violence preached there in Mosques and the problems need round the clock

But you know it's a worldwide conspiracy by the 'jooos' and 'zionists' not only in England but France, Belgium etc... as well. Of course all Jooos support Israel and the same exact opinion on the situation and their zion masters have programmed them to make up attacks and cry wolf.

All the attacks in France for example often by Muslim groups, are made up by Jooos, communicating telepathically to Jooos throughout the rest of the world to compensate for Israel.

What's interesting is this the exact process used by CAIR to prevent any discussion of Militant Islamism and terrorism as it relates to it's preaching and learning to Muslims in schools and mosques.
I think this is part of a process, which is covering up a land grab and destruction of the indigenous people and that for some reason otherwise decent people are going along with this out of fear which is being whipped up by fascist and militarist elements.
The favorite word of the far left to brand every and any one 'fascists'... Yet the most militaristic elements whipping up rage can be found often in Mosques, as we have just witnessed in Alexandria, Egypt. Muslim gangs coming from Mosque surrounding Churches and stabbing nuns. Coopts are considered the indigenous (to use his fave word there) of Egypt. What's their motivation a 100% Islamic state in Egypt?
I even find that I am sometimes psychoanalyzing myself to try and find out if I really am Anti-Semitic after all.

Then the rational part of me says...
"Hang on a minute... as a child you followed the teachings of Jesus, a Jew, then when you became educated you kicked out the religious superstition of your ancestors and you followed Marx, Einstein, Freud and Darwin, that is 3 out of four Jews and all atheists - thank god!".
The 'rational part of him'.... Anyway, he's convinced me. Who can argue with that logic.
I realized that the “Golden Rule” of all traditions "treat others as you would have them treat you" is common to any worthwhile system of human morality, be it religious or secular.
And good for him. Perhaps, he should explain this to Norman, who seems to think people generally don't like him because of his 'brave positions'.
I think you are exactly right with your comparison of the treatment of the Palestinians with that of the colonized people in North America or Australia years ago, where most of the indigenous people were eradicated by European settlers. We all know about that and yet we fail to make the link to what is going on now.

I think the key to the success of this self-interested ignorance is not the media but the technology gap... and I don't think a few atom bombs are going to make any difference. There is a real gap in technology, which I think provides the means and the motive is theft. All the rest is rationalization.
His 'technology gap' is fascinating. What's noteworthy is that Israel next to Russia and the US has more reporters in it than any other country on the planet. Israel is about the size of New Jersey including the desert and the Territories.
The main theft is of course not just the land of Palestine but also the oil of the region and the wider wealth and sovereignty of Western and Central Asia.
So the conspiracy as it relates to Israel is even grander. Is this the reason for China wanting/coveting Taiwan too? Is the reason for the Sudanese North Arabs slaughtering and cleansing millions of Blacks often Christians from the South?
I think without the regional oil deposits the Israel/Palestine issue would not be so intractable and that it suits the Europeans and the Americans to keep the pot boiling... That way they can destabilize various nations, keep looting the oil and prevent stable regional politics and cooperation from emerging.
LMAO.... he is saying that the US wants instability there. Otherwise the connection of Israel and the US, a genuine bond, would be broken and the little brother would kick out it's bigger more powerful brother? Are you getting this panaoia?

You see it's not Bashar Al Assad, the Saudis, Iranians, Hamas and Hezballah...
The Americans say that the Europeans are weak and too accommodating to the Arabs and the Europeans reply that the Americans are too bellicose and need to compromise more. Either of these two powerful entities could do substantially more to bring the conflict to an end but they both prefer to allow this very dangerous situation to fester. Thus they collude because they find that the staus quo is lucrative and therefore expedient.
They could solve it. Clinton didn't try to solve it, it was his and Barak's intractability compared to Arafat's reason and moderation that was the problem. I saw Norm speak on this, and he uses the "Saudi Peace Plan" and then skips directly over Taba and the White House in December 2001 as if they never occured. Why? To prove it's the Israelis who are solely the problem of course. By the way, more evidence Arafat planned the war, his 2nd in command just gave an interview in Arabic where he clearly states this.

Again, Norm posted this proudly on his website.
I think that we are witnessing the beginnings of something that could develop into a regional dispossession like that of North America, in the Arab world and Western Asia in general. I would like to see something written which heads that off or at least points out that it could happen unless we settle the current conflict in a just way.
Note, a few paragraphs up he was accusing 'worldwide Jewry' of being paranoid and conspiratorial. Notably, his mentor wailed prior to Iraq that Israel was going to use it as an excuse to 'cleanse' many Palestinians. And Norm's mentor, Noam Chomsky, predicted hundreds of thousands of deaths in Afghanistan. So the "paranoia" seems to be catchy. Meanwhile, native Africans are being Arabized by movements to get the Muslims there to practice as Arab Muslims do in Sudan and several other countries.
Now that you have brought clarity to the questions you have addressed in Beyond Chutzpah, have you considered writing a more extensive comparison of the technology, politics and institutions of the Arab and Western Asian nations compared with that of the Euro-Americans?

I have some ideas about this...

Can you email these ideas over here so we can post them?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Israel using AIDS against us' - Special For Ramadan

Come son and daughter let's watch on this holy month of Ramadan how the Jews are trying to take over the world, poison us with AIDS, torture us with glee and have secret plans to annex all 'our lands'.

Keeping up with the tradition of Ramadan Programs for Arab families home more for the Ramadan holiday, another anti-semitic and Israeli program chock full of canards and lies.

Israel using AIDS against us'

A PA series aired over Ramadan contains incitement-charged scenes which portray Israel as willing to use drugs and AIDS against Palestinians
Roee Nahmias

‘The Canaanite,’ a new television series broadcast on Palestinian television over the holy month of Ramadan, depicts the suffering of a Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails.

Among other things, the fictional series shows an Israeli security personnel ruthlessly hitting Pilpil, the series' hero, shortly before his release from jail, in a bid to persuade him to work for the Shin Bet as an informer on members of his cell.

The Israeli official is seen pushing another Palestinian prisoner’s head into a bucket of water.

The message is clear: Expect more incitement in PA-controlled media. The series is filled with biased scenes illustrating the brutal behavior of Israeli security officials against Palestinian prisoners.

Palestinian Media Watch, an institute that closely studies Palestinian media, argues that the series presents Israel as supporting Palestinian drug gangs in its efforts to harm Palestinian society.

The presentation of IDF soldiers as blood-thirsty murderers even in the closed jail setting is only a backdrop to the more shocking claim that Israelis “are willing to fight us (the Palestinians) with AIDS,” as articulated by the central character.

A number of series are broadcast on Palestinian television during Ramadan. In order to appease the long hours of fast, many Palestinian families prefer to stay at home during the holiest month in the Muslim calendar, when watching television becomes a popular activity.

In the series, Pilpil plays a secret agent who joins the police force to expose a Palestinian gang activated by an Israeli who encourages his alibis to sell drugs to Palestinian youths in the Gaza Strip.

“Drugs, they are fighting us with drugs. They select strategies to fight us. Using planes at times and drugs at others,”
Pilpil tells his Palestinian superior who replies
“they are even willing to use AIDS against us.”

In another scene Pilpil is seen having a dream of an IDF soldier endowed with a typically long Jewish nose happily shooting and killing a Palestinian bride.

The return of ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

Over the last few years, Arab television networks have disseminated a series of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic programs which were viewed by millions of Muslims around the world via satellite and cable technologies over Ramadan.

The Palestinian Authority has apparently decided to keep up the tradition.

The most eminent of these series was the Egyptian program "Knight without a Horse," which portrays the Jews’ efforts to veil the existence of ‘‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and a Syrian anti-Semitic fiction "The Exile," which was broadcast on Hizbullah’s al-Manar channel and documents the Jews’ plan over the last 150 years to control the whole world.

"Sharoniat" meaning Sharon’s plots in Arabic, is another series that was broadcast on Abu Dabi TV at the beginning of the intifada.

‘There is no such thing as Green Line for Israel’

Another character in the Palestinian series, Adel, is a collaborator with Israel who preaches to his lover that the Green Line is nonexistent because Israel has plans to annex the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The series portrays PA security forces as professional and excellent institutions who have managed to restore law and order in Palestinian areas - oblivious to the fact that a spree of violence, chaos, and anarchy raged in the Gaza Strip over the last two weeks.

(10.17.05, 15:00)


Roger Simon reports -

Rice Gets Syrias
And she
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday she was deeply troubled by a U.N. report implicating Syria in the death of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. She said the international community must find a way to hold Syrian authorities accountable.
Syria, of course, is in
denial. Meanwhile the "presumption of innocence" is being preserved, but the investigation continues.
After Israel eliminated the Genocidal Maniac leader of Hamas, considered radical even among Hamas, the UN Security Council immediately called for an Emergency session to try and condemn Israel for this "grievous action". Israel, prior, had eliminated the "Sheikh" Yassin, the cleric of death, and the Security Council was "unable" to condemn that due to the sole US vote against it. The US had proposed a more "balanced" resolution that would have also condemned the targeting of innocents and mentioned Hamas and Islamic Jihad, both recognized as terrorist org's, by name. The mentioning of these groups by name or any action on the Pali side was immediately rejected by the Arab and some of the EU bloc of nations. Note, the UN has NEVER mentioned these groups by name while condemning Israel innumerable times.

Let's see so far Syria has -
1) Murdered Harriri
2) Murdered a prominent Lebanese anti-Syrian journalist
3)> Tried to murder, only badly maimed for life, another Lebanese journalist.


Syria - 2 independent journalists in their own country
Israel - Radical leader of a terrorist organization responsible for the murder of civilians.

Syria - Lebanese leader elected democratically speaks of peace and independence from Syria's stranglehold on their economy and police forces.
Israel - A Hamas (self declared) Sheikh who encouraged little kids to blow themselves up and among Jews.



Away from the manger - a Christian-Muslim divide
Khaled Abu Toameh

"The racism against us is gaining pace in staggering ways. In 1950 the Christian population in Bethlehem was 75%. Today we have hardly more than 12% Christians. If the situation continues, we won't be here any more in 20 years"

Tourists and pilgrims who visited Bethlehem over the past decade or so must have run into Farid Azizeh, a Christian businessman who, together with his wife, ran a small coffee shop on Manger Square.

The couple was famous for the fresh orange juice and Turkish coffee they used to serve to their customers. On the eve of the Millennium, many foreign journalists who converged on Bethlehem turned the place into a makeshift media center.

Azizeh's coffee shop was among the few businesses in Bethlehem that had remained open after the intifada began in September 2000. "The situation will one day return to normal," he once said when asked about the new cycle of violence. "One day there will be peace here because this is the city of peace and the birthplace of Jesus."

But life will never return to normal for Azizeh, who for many years served as a member of the Bethlehem municipal council.

About three years ago, unidentified gunmen opened fire at Azizeh's car on one of the main streets of the city, hitting him in the head. Shortly after the attack, and with the help of Israeli friends, he was transferred to Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, where doctors managed to save his life. However, several surgeries failed to save his eyesight.

Since then, the coffee shop has closed and Azizeh, who was known as a socialite, rarely leaves his home.

Azizeh's attackers remain at large, although their identity is known to many. Only days before the shooting, Azizeh had refused to withdraw a complaint he had filed against a Muslim driver who killed two of his relatives in a car accident. The driver's family is said to have sought the help of local Fatah militiamen in "persuading" Azizeh to back off.

Regardless of the motive, the case of Azizeh, 72, is seen by many Christians in the context of a campaign allegedly waged by Muslims against the Christian minority in the city. Azizeh, they argue, would not have been targeted had he belonged to one of the large and influential Muslim clans in Bethlehem.

"The Christians here are perceived as easy prey," complains a prominent Christian businessman. "In recent years there has been an upsurge in the number of attacks on Christians in Bethlehem."

Muslim and Christian political leaders in the city strongly deny the existence of an organized anti-Christian campaign, insisting that the violence is mostly the result of "personally motivated" disputes that are unrelated to religion. The victims of crime include both Muslims and Christians, they add, accusing Israel and Jewish organizations of spreading lies about "Muslim persecution" of Christians.

"Reports of Muslim attacks on Christians are wildly exaggerated and you should be careful not to play into the hands of the Israeli propaganda machine," advises Omar al-Khatib, the imam of a mosque in Bethlehem. "Relations between Muslims and Christians have never been better." Yet off the record, many Christians in Bethlehem who were interviewed during the past week expressed deep concern over increased attacks by Muslims on members of their community. Moreover, most of them said that they were seriously considering moving to the US, Canada and Latin America, where many of their relatives already live.

Jihad, a Christian merchant from the nearby town of Beit Jala, who has been dealing in antique furniture for over 30 years, says he is planning to leave for good to Chile, where at least 80,000 of his townsfolk now live. "There are less than 10,000 Christians living in Beit Jala today," he explains. "There's no future here because of the deteriorating economic conditions."

His friend, George, who used to own a souvenir shop, says he's planning to move next week to Peru, where his brothers and sisters have been living for the past 15 years. The two, who asked to be identified only by their first names, are extremely cautious when the issue of Muslim-Christian relations is raised. "It's true that there have been a number of cases of violence against Christians, but generally speaking the situation is not that bad," George stresses.

Other Christians in Beit Jala disagree. According to a local physician, the plight of the Christians has been aggravated over the past decade in general and since the outbreak of the intifada in particular. "After the Palestinian Authority arrived here in 1995, many Muslim families from Hebron and other parts of the West Bank have moved to Beit Jala," he says. "What's worrying is that some of them have illegally seized privately-owned lands. When one of the Christian owners refused to sell his land to a senior Palestinian security official, he was arrested for a number of days."

In another case, a 60-year-old Christian man was briefly detained by one of the Palestinian security forces because he had forbidden his daughter to date a Muslim security officer. Other Christians who tried to stop Fatah gunmen in Beit Jala from firing into the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo in the first years of the intifada later reported that they had been beaten or threatened by the gunmen.

The same gunmen are also responsible for the rape and murder of two Christian teenage sisters from the Amr family. The assailants then claimed that the sisters had been murdered because they were "prostitutes" and had been "collaborating" with Israeli security forces - a claim that has been strongly denied by the victims' relatives and many residents of the town. "The gangsters murdered the two sisters so that they would not tell anyone about the rape," says a family member. "Some of the murderers were later killed by the Israeli army, but others are now living in Europe after they had sought refuge in the Church of Nativity. It's absurd that Muslim men who rape and murder Christian girls are given political asylum in Christian countries like Ireland, Spain and Italy."

Last week Beit Jala was once again the scene of religious tensions after a Christian woman complained that she had been harassed by Muslim men from the village of Beit Awwa in the Hebron area. "Such incidents have become a daily phenomenon," says Mary, who runs a small grocery in the town. "Many Christian families have sent their daughters abroad for fear they would come under attack by Muslim men."

Earlier this year tensions between Muslims and Christians in Bethlehem reached a peak after a Christian family complained that their 16-year-old daughter had been kidnapped by a Muslim man. Following the intervention of senior Palestinian officials and Muslim leaders, the girl was reunited with her family after spending a few days in a village near Hebron. With the help of American diplomats, the girl was flown immediately to the US to begin a new life with relatives and friends.

Some Christians point a finger at the foreign media and diplomatic missions in Israel, accusing them of ignoring their predicament for "political" reasons."

"Although most of the foreign journalists and diplomats are Christians, they don't seem to pay enough attention to what's happening to the Christians in Bethlehem," says Bishara, a Christian tourist guide. "They're obviously afraid of damaging their relations with the Palestinian Authority."

While it's almost impossible to find a Christian who's prepared to go public in airing such grievances, Samir Qumsiyeh, a journalist from Beit Sahur, is a notable exception. Last month he was quoted by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera as saying that Christians were being subjected to rape, kidnapping, extortion and expropriation of land and property.

Qumsiyeh, who was not available this week for an interview because he was out of the country, heads a local TV station called Al-Mahd [Nativity]. In a daring step, Qumsiyeh drew up a list of 93 cases of anti-Christian violence between 2000 and 2004.

"This file is incomplete and it's not up-to-date," he told the Italian newspaper. "Look at the case of Rawan William Mansour, a 17-year-old girl from Bet Sahur. She was raped two years ago by four members of Fatah. Even though the family protested, none of the four was ever arrested. Because of the shame her family was forced to move to Jordan. "Almost all 140 cases of expropriation of land in the last three years were committed by militant Islamic groups and members of the Palestinian police." Qumsiyeh said he was now preparing a book on the conditions of the Christian minority. "I will call it 'Racism in Action,'" he says. "The racism against us is gaining pace in staggering ways.

In 1950 the Christian population in Bethlehem was 75%. Today we have hardly more than 12% Christians. If the situation continues, we won't be here any more in 20 years."


Muslims ransack Christian village

Efforts were under way on Sunday to calm the situation in this Christian village east of Ramallah after an attack by hundreds of Muslim men from nearby villages left many houses and vehicles torched.

The incident began on Saturday night and lasted until early Sunday, when Palestinian Authority security forces interfered to disperse the attackers. Residents said several houses were looted and many families were forced to flee to Ramallah and other Christian villages, although no one was injured.

The attack on the village of 1,500 was triggered by the murder of a Muslim woman from the nearby village of Deir Jarir earlier this week. The 30-year-old woman, according to PA security sources, was apparently murdered by members of her family for having had a romance with a Christian man from Taiba.

"When her family discovered that she had been involved in a forbidden relationship with a Christian, they apparently forced her to drink poison," said one source. "Then they buried her without reporting her death to the relevant authorities."

When the PA security forces decided to launch an investigation into the woman's death, her family protested for fear that the relationship would be exposed. The family was further infuriated by the decision to exhume the body for autopsy.

The attack is one of the worst against Christians in the West Bank in many years. Residents said it took the PA security forces several hours to reach Taiba. Others complained that the IDF, which is in charge of overall security in the area, did not answer their desperate calls for immediate help.

"More than 500 Muslim men, chanting Allahu akbar [God is great], attacked us at night," said a Taiba resident. "They poured kerosene on many buildings and set them on fire. Many of the attackers broke into houses and stole furniture, jewelry and electrical appliances."

With the exception of large numbers of PA policemen, the streets of Taiba were completely deserted on Sunday as the residents remained indoors. Many torched cars littered the streets. At least 16 houses had been gutted by fire and the assailants also destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary.

"It was like a war, they arrived in groups, and many of them were holding clubs," said another resident.

"Some people saw them carrying weapons. They first attacked houses belonging to the Khoury family [looking for the man who had the affair with the women, not realizing he had already fled the village.] Then they went to their relatives. They entered the houses and destroyed everything there. Then they tried to enter the local beer factory, but were repelled by PA security agents. The fire engine arrived five hours later."

Col. Tayseer Mansour, commander of the PA police in the Ramallah area, said his men arrived late because of the need to coordinate their movements with the IDF. "The delay resulted in the torching of a number of houses and cars in the village," he said.

Taiba, the only West Bank village that is completely inhabited by Christians, is famous for its Taiba Beer factory, which was established by the Khoury family in 1994.

The residents are Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox or Greek Catholic. The village was originally called Ephraim, and is thought to be the city to which Jesus came with his disciples before his crucifixion: "Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews; but went thence unto a country near the wilderness, into a city called Ephraim" (John 11:54).

According to some accounts, Salah a-Din, who led the war against the Crusaders, was responsible for the name change. He is said to have found the villagers there to be nice and kind – in Arabic, taybeen – and the name stuck, to become Taiba.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Nadz from Egypt summarizes events in the Middle East -

Yeah, we really love honor killing.

A survey by a university in Turkey has shown almost 40% support for the practice of "honour killing".

Those sluts have it coming - they can't have control over their own vaginas or all hell will break loose. Of course, we're mostly men, so we won't ever have the fear of getting our throats cut, but no matter!"

"Of course, some of us sensitive Turkish guys just want to mutilate you, not kill you:"

When asked the appropriate punishment for a woman who has committed adultery,

37% replied she should be killed.
Twenty-five percent said that she deserved divorce
21% that her nose or ears should be cut off

.... It's a reminder that "honour killing" - a practice where women are murdered for allegedly bringing shame on their family - still has significant support in parts of Turkey.

Since the penal code was reformed last summer a man can no longer claim he was provoked as his defence. That used to lead to light sentences.

But last Friday a court in Istanbul sent a man to prison for life for murdering his sister in her hospital bed. He shot her for giving birth to a child outside marriage.

What sweeties.

In other news, a murderous dictator is finally on trial, much to the chagrin and humilation of AlJazeera, with their typically anti-American coverage of events.

It's pathetic, really, the attitude that some Arabs have towards this trial. It seems that because Saddam is an Arab leader, people feel obligated to sympathize with him. He's "one of our guys" who "stood up to the West", and is now on trial by "foreigners". Beneath all of these supposed concerns about poor, cuddly Saddam getting a fair trial (which he will) is an idiotic mentality that compels people to shed crocodile tears for a mass murderer.

Never mind that Saddam has killed, tortured and ruined the lives of countless Arabs, his own citizens. Never mind that he was an autocrat, a sadist who gassed thousands of innocents, an all-round asshole. To the pundits at al-Jazeera, he's "our asshole".

It's depressing. How ridiculously anti-American do you have to be to defend this monster just because he's an enemy to the US? As an American, I'm happy to see Saddam standing trial for his crimes. As an Arab, I'm happy to see Saddam standing trial for his crimes. Anything else would be criminal.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Million Man March Message of "Peace" and "Unity"..... Just Kidding

Gateway Pundit reports
If you don't have no fear of government,
Then stand up.
If you are not scared of George Bush,
Then stand up.

If I were president,
I'd be elected on Friday.
Assassinated on Saturday.
Buried on Sunday.
And go back to work on Monday.
Wycleff Jean
Millions More Movement RallyOctober 15, 2005

Malik Zulu Shabazz
Leader of New Black Panther Party
"Zionism is racism, Zionism is terrorism.
You cannot be a real Jew and a Zionist at the same time."
Malik Zulu Shabazz
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
February 17, 2005

Malik then called Israel a "terrorist state" and said that he doesn’t "blame" Hamas, Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad for the Middle East conflict.

Yesterday, Malik was back to his hate speech:

(From the above C-SPAN video clip above at the 2:37:00 minute point)
"There are one million of our people incarcarated. But, who is the real criminal? Who are the real gangsters? The real gangsters are in the White House! The real gangsters operate in the Pentagon! The real gangsters operate out of the CIA!

How can you have a War on Terrorism and Mr. Bush hasn't been arrested?... on charges on drowning of innocent people in New Orleans and sabotaging our levees!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Omar writing from Iraq in Iraq the Model Blog writes -

The league of Arab tyrants, er I mean countries has sent delegates to Iraq to prepare for the expected visit of the secretary general of the league Amr Mousa.

The announced purpose of the Mousa’s visit is to arrange for a national “reconciliation” conference supposedly in order to bridge the gap between different factions of Iraqi community.

However, Iraqi MP Jawad Al-Maliki the 2nd man in Jafari’s Dawa party said that news has leaked telling that Mousa put paying Saddam Hussein a visit in his jail on the schedule of his visit to Iraq.

Al-Mailiki added that this visit to Saddam would aim at including Saddam and the Ba’ath in the “reconciliation” plan and Al-Maliki said that his bloc would probably be calling for a vote in the parliament to stop Mousa from coming to Iraq..!!

While there’s no way to verify these claims I wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out to be true.

I don’t know whose idea was it to invite the league into Iraq but it was a very dumb idea, that’s what I’m sure of; this league can do nothing good for Iraq and actually I’d prefer they leave us alone or even kick us out of their league of corruption and tyranny.

Iraq now isn’t qualified to be a member of the league (in the league’s standards of qualifications; that’s being pan-Arab fascists ruled by a mentally retarded sociopath) and I hope we don’t get qualified at all.

Can anyone tell me how are we supposed to believe that the ones who caused the trouble in the first place have the intention to help solve it now?

Arabs have showed Iraq’s case to the public in a mutilated way and they sent murderers to kill us and recruited every terrorist against us and now comes the tyrants’ clown to say that he wants to help draw Iraq’s future. To hell with a future and a “reconciliation” planned by Mousa.

Monday, October 10, 2005


New York Post

WHEN President Bush meets in Washington with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Oct. 20, the No. 2 item on the agenda is reviving the Palestinian economy. Look for Abbas to encourage the United States to help his people by offering them millions in U.S. greenbacks.

Bush should first consider the saga of the greenhouses.

It has long been argued that the best way to encourage an end to violence and terrorism against Israel is for the Palestinian people to take control of their own destiny and build a state. And what they need more than anything else to do that are the funds to invest in their future.

That's surely what got James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank, thinking.

The "quartet" powers (the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations) had tapped him to monitor the Israeli pullout from Gaza. He got personally involved in trying to jumpstart the Gaza's new economy — to the tune of half a million dollars of his own, and millions more from friends.

Jewish settlers had built and operated some 4,000 greenhouses. It was a serious moneymaking enterprise, with nearly $100 million a year in revenue from tomatoes, flowers and fruit sold in Israel and exported abroad.

Wolfensohn wanted the Palestinians to use the greenhouses to kick-start Gaza's new economy. But the Palestinian Authority refused to buy the greenhouses from the settlers, or to let the Israeli or U.S. governments pay.

Perhaps he should have taken the PA's refusals as a hint. Instead, Wolfensohn took it upon himself to "help" by buying the greenhouses for the PA with private funds.

He convinced Daily News owner and prominent Israel supporter Mort Zuckerman to join the effort. "He threw in about half a million of his own and raised the rest," Wolfensohn told the Jerusalem Report.

The total was $14 million, enough to buy 3,000 of the greenhouses. Some of it came from the likes of Chicago billionaire Lester Crown and Leonard Stern, the chairman of the Hartz Mountain real-estate empire, as well as the Aspen Institute, whose chairman is Walter Isaacson.

Zuckerman told The New York Times that buying the greenhouses was a constructive idea.

"Despite my skepticism," he said, "I thought . . . 'This is perhaps the only illustration or symbol of what could be the benefits of a co-operational, rather than a confrontational attitude.'"
Oops. When the last Israeli troops left the area Sept. 12, Palestinians began looting and destroying anything they could get their hands on, including the greenhouses.

The PA security services stood aside impotently, not lifting a finger to stop the destruction and theft of irrigation hoses, water pumps and plastic sheeting. Some even joined in.

In a phone interview, Zuckerman was clearly disappointed.

"It just goes to show how [the Palestinians] have a lawless society. The property was offered to them at no cost and would have provided them with jobs, but they just couldn't take advantage of it."
The Palestinians report that 800 of the greenhouses are unusable because of the pillaging. Repairing the damage would cost hundreds of thousands.

And so another project to help the Palestinians build their state has been horribly delayed or may never happen at all.

It's an old story. Since even before the 1993 Oslo peace accords, idealistic donors have given the Palestinians what they thought they wanted, and the Palestinians have either been unable or unwilling to take advantage and build on what they're given.

By some estimates, Yasser Arafat and his henchmen stole half of the $7 billion in foreign aid sent to the Palestinian Authority between 1994 and 2000. And, like the greenhouses, dozens of charitable projects have been destroyed by the very people they were designed to help.

Stanley A. Urman, former director of the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation, insists that donors and aid groups learned from all that. In the Middle East, he explains, saving face, honor and winning are just too important to be ignored. That's why, he argues, a project like the greenhouses should have succeeded: It's a win-win situation for both sides.

"The settlers got fair value for their assets and the Palestinians get the economic benefit. Both sides could feel like they'd won," he told me.
Except that it didn't work.

So perhaps it's time for a new lesson. Clearly, the Palestinians' concept of winning has little to do with state building and more to do with taking what they are given (like Gaza) and claiming it was won through violence and terrorism (as Hamas and Islamic Jihad have proclaimed).

Meantime, do-gooders like Wolfensohn and his rich friends might just stop trying so hard to help. And governments providing foreign aid might want to beware as well.

Until the Palestinians show some ability to build rather than destroy, to create rather than tear down and burn to the ground, the funding tap really should be turned off.

One test might be the fate of the greenhouses that weren't looted. Some hard-working Palestinians ought to be able to turn them into a thriving business — if their fellow citizens, and their government, will let them.



Arafat's Advisor Mamdouh Noufal: Arafat Planned and Nurtured the Armed Intifada
Video Clip on Al Jazeera

The following are excerpts from an interview with Yasser Arafat's political advisor, Mamdouh Noufal which was aired on Al-Jazeera TV on September 28, 2005:
I think that (Arafat) planned an armed Intifada. He nurtured its militarization right from the start, because he thought that through militarization he could pressure Barak and later Sharon and force them to make concessions. He thought that there might be international intervention like in the Battle of the Tunnel, in the days of Netanyahu.