Tuesday, September 27, 2005


For Al Jazeera the article is almost surprisingly almost sane or dare I say rational? Of course it is Al Jazeera...

  • Sharon's position among Likud hardliners may have been boosted by Israel's killing of an Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza on Sunday in response to Palestinian rocket fire into Israel.
    The air strike came as the Likud's Central Committee met.

Well the main point they concede that it was in response to Palestinian rockets being fired into Israel.... 40 of them I might add! But of course the response was "during the Central Committee" meeting... lol!

  • Sharon has tried to mollify Likud's hard-core of rightists by vowing that Israel will never give up large settlement blocs in the West Bank, where 245,000 Jews live isolated from 2.4 million Palestinians.

You know in Israel there is 1 million Palestinian Arabs living among some 5 million Jews? In Samaria near Ariel the Jews are by far the majority population... can we start kicking out the Arabs from those places? Just curious?

  • Early on Monday, Israeli aircraft attacked five buildings the army said were used by Hamas and other resistance groups across Gaza for making or storing weapons, despite a pledge by a top Hamas leader to stop the rocket fire.
Wait now he "pledged" to stop rocket fire??? LOL!!

They've been continually firing rockets into Israel - 40 of them since the pullout - they have attempted suicide bombings - knife and shooting attacks and smuggling anti-aircraft missiles......

They lied about Israel being responsible for the people killed at their Hamas parade last week where they were idiotically showing off their machismo by parading rockets down densely populated streets when one of them accidentally (as they often do) went off and killed many people...

Hamas blamed Israel by making up a lie of Israeli aircraft flying overhead.... blah blah blah...
Al-Jazeera didn't even buy it and the PLO flat out said it was Hamas's fault!

  • Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told AFP "an Israeli drone fired several rockets at a convoy of cars participating in the parade, creating a large number of martyrs and injured. This is an abominable Israeli crime."

    Speaking to Aljazeera, Hamas representative in Beirut Osama Hamdan said tens of Palestinian have seen with their own eyes the Israeli missiles falling down, and expressed dismay over the official statements issued by the Palestinian Authority which attributed the matter to an explosion resulting from "internal error" just minutes after the incident.

    ......"The missile attack is yet another evidence to Israeli total disregard to the Palestinian blood in the absence of an official stance defending it. It is also an indication that although Israel has been defeated on the ground in Gaza, it still has control over the air and sea," Hamdan said.

    A Hamas spokesman said the rockets and Qassam missiles exhibited during the military parade were actually "plastic models" as can be seen by anyone close enough or by zooming a camera on any of the missiles.
    Hamas leader Nizar Rayan exhibited an electric device picked from the debris which he said was proof of an Israeli missile attack.

Hamas then tried to murder the PLO rep who said they were in fact responsible as he was there....

Well right after he made the pledge they admitted they kidnapped an Israeli citizen in the West Bank and apparently brutally murdered him.

  • Jihad Watch via Solomon Jerusalem Man Kidnapped and Murdered by Hamas - '[Candy factory owner] Nuriel disappeared last Wednesday and his wife reported him missing to the police late that night. Police and Shabak (General Security Services) agents then carried out a search and investigation that led to the discovery of Nuriel’s body Monday morning and the arrest of at least one Hamas terrorist in connection with the murder. His body showed signs of extreme violence. The Palestinian Authority did nothing to assist Israel in its search for the kidnap-murder victim...'
  • And then quickly resumed rocket attacks....

But he already go his worldwide headline which is all he was after anyway.

And here are the 2 TOP headlines at GOOGLE NEWS -

Back to Al Jazeera -

  • The violence was the worst threat to a seven-month-old truce since the pullout, which won Sharon international accolades and put pressure on Palestinians to use the strip as a proving ground for statehood in the West Bank and Gaza.
    So the "violence" (assumably the 'cycle') not the lies, hate, attack, bullying and provocations from a (among others) Genocidal organization committed to war?

Note who Israel did finally target today the brutal murderers of the Hatuel family who shot a mother and her little girls ages 6 months to 12 in their car and took a fin film of it as a trophy!!


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