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When are Bush and Co just going to just publicly admit already that -

  1. They can't do anything with the Palis bcs they only want war and NO incentive for them ever does a thing.
  2. They are forcing Israel's hand anyway to withdraw only to curry temporary world political favor.
  3. They only mouth platitudes with no teeth to the Palis, will not force them disband terrorist groups as Line 1 of the Roadmap states and will just continue to throw/give the PA corrupt mafia more and more $$$$.

Clinton's State Department, redux
(hat tip Meryl Yourish)

The palestinians attempted to greet the U.S. Secretary of State in their traditional manner: With a welcoming explosion of Jews. The IDF prevented a female suicide bomber who used her humanitarian (medical) pass to try to smuggle a bomb past a checkpoint, and when that failed, tried to blow herself up. She intended to blow up a hospital.

Meantime, the terrorists ambushed and murdered civilians. The man who sent the suicide bomber says "The next bomber will succeed," and that he won't stop trying until one gets through.

Islamic Jihad has never stopped operations, and the IDF just arrested 52 Islamic Jihad terrorists overnight. Palestinian spokesliar condemns "the cycle of violence," equating Israel's arresting terrorists with terrorists murdering Israelis. And what does the Secretary of State say?

Well, nothing. She's too busy telling Egypt to have a democracy and telling Israel to stop building more housing in Jerusalem suburbs. But the State Department had
a stern warning

for the PA:

"We strongly condemn the terror actions of the last several days, directed at taking the lives of Israelis and sabotaging efforts for peace," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Monday. "Now is the time for the Palestinian Authority to act against terrorists."
Explain to me how this is any different than what Clinton did five years ago. Clinton failed. If the Bush Administration follows this same line, it will also fail.

And if the PA keeps on
putting terrorists on its police force, we are going to see an absolute repeat of what happened four years ago.

UPDATE: Gunmen Disrupt Lecture by Palestinian PM

The 'Sophisticated' German diplomat

Bret Stephens must have the patience of a saint, considering that he didn't pound the crap out of this rude arrogant 'Prussian'.
(hat tip to Damian Penny)

But the diplomat had no patience for my small talk. Apropos of nothing, he said he had recently made a study of U.S. tax laws and concluded that practices here were inferior to those in Germany. Given recent rates of German economic growth, I found this comment odd. But I offered no rejoinder. I was, after all, a guest in his home.

The diplomat, however, was just getting started. Bad as U.S. economic policy was, it was as nothing next to our human-rights record. Had I read the recent Amnesty International report on Guantanamo? "You mean the one that compared it to the Soviet gulag?" Yes, that one. My host disagreed with it: The gulag was better than Gitmo, since at least the Stalinist system offered its victims a trial of sorts.

Nor was that all. Civil rights in the U.S., he said, were on a par with those of North Korea and rather behind what they had been in Europe in the Middle Ages. When I offered that, as a journalist, I had encountered no restrictions on press freedom, he cut me off. "That's because The Wall Street Journal takes its orders from the government."

By then we had sat down at the formal dining table, with our backs to Ground Zero a half-mile away and our eyes on the boats on the river below us. My wife and I made abortive attempts at ordinary conversation. We were met with non sequiturs: "The only people who appreciate American foreign policy are poodles." After further bizarre pronouncements, including a lecture on the illegality of the Holocaust under Nazi law, my wife said that she felt unwell. We gathered our things and left.

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Brigitte Bardot Charged 'Inciting Racial Hatred' - Could Get 1 Year?

Yes, Brigitte Bardot has been charged with the heinous crime of "inciting racial hatred" in France due to her latest book in which she expresses concern about the 'Islamic Exremists' in France.
From her Bio -
  • On May 6, 2004, she was charged with inciting racial hatred in her best-selling book "un cri dans le silence" ("A cry in silence") in which she expressed worries about the "infiltration" of France by Islamic extremists. She could face a maximum prison term of one year but is expected only to be fined if convicted. A verdict is expected next month.
Some other interesting tidbits from her bio -
  • It wasn't anything for her to have "fans" enter her house or onto the grounds in the hopes of getting a glimpse of her or to take something that belonged to her. Paparazzi constantly hounded her with their cameras. She has been so soft hearted that some people even have taken advantage of her generosity.
  • One of the leading animal rights activists in the world and the head of "Fondation Brigitte Bardot", which is a foundation dedicated to animal rights.
  • Her husband D'Ormale is a politician from French extreme right party.
  • "I have always adored beautiful young men. Just because I grow older, my taste doesn't change. So if I can still have them, why not?"
  • "Although she had a gift for infidelity, she always suffered if she had an affair with more than one man at a time." - Roger Vadim
  • "It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen."
  • "Men are beasts and even beasts don't behave as they do."
  • "I don't think when I make love."

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Ynet Headline -

‘Palestinian whining to continue’

But wait, it gets better:

  1. The Palestinians are not happy with the disengagement plan, to say the least, the officer said, but they are forced to accept it because the international community presses them.
  2. “In their (Palestinian) eyes, they are always the victim who gets screwed,” he said.

Gets even better:

Outwardly, the Palestinians may say the disengagement plan marks a victory for them and their strategy, namely the path of terrorism, but they understand this is not the case, the IDF official said, and added the Palestinians know Israel is moving ahead with the withdrawal because it is in the country’s best interest.

“This plan, which hinges on separation between the two populations, will deliver a severe blow to terrorism by significantly minimizing (terrorists’) ability to hit Israel’s civilian population,” he said. “The disengagement undermines the essence of terrorism, which strives to hurt civilians. That’s why they don’t like it.”

I don't know who this unnamed officer is, but I think I want to marry him.
Okay. I'm off to work. Give me stuff to read in the comments, willya? Work gets boring sometimes.

SYRIA MURDERS..... AMNESTY SILENT........... (crickets....)

Murdering in Lebanon and Syria, and in Iraq, but Amnesty sordove 'likes' that?

A Murder Stirs Kurds in Syria
Nicholas Blanford

Sheikh Mohammed Mashouq al-Khaznawi, a moderate Islamic cleric who once worked with the Syrian government to temper extremism, had been emerging as one of its most outspoken critics. He advocated Kurdish rights and democracy, galvanizing many of the 1.7 million Kurds against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

"[Syrian intelligence] wrote a report saying he...should be stopped. They said he would start a revolution," says Sheikh Murad Khaznawi, the eldest of Sheikh Mohammed's eight sons.

On May 10, the cleric disappeared in Damascus. Three weeks later, he was found dead.

His murder sent shock waves through Syria's marginalized Kurdish community, sparking mass demonstrations earlier this month and mobilizing a community that represents the most potent domestic threat to President Assad.

"The stability of Syria is in the hands of the Kurds," says Ibrahim Hamidi, correspondent of the Arabic Al Hayat daily. "They are organized, they have an Islamic identity, regional support through the Kurds in Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, international support with some European countries lobbying for them, and political status because of [the Kurdish empowerment in] Iraq." (Christian Science Monitor)

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Jewish Slave Owners Canard Repeated
(hat tip Discoverthenetwork)

One of the more common claims by the Afro-fascist wing and its left wing apologists is the never ending desire to try and claim Jews were the main holders and traders in African slaves.

FPM recently ran a piece on one the main inventors of the libel, Louis "Calypso Lou" Farrakhan, on the occasion of his being honored by Bill Clinton. In late 1991, Farrakhan's Nation of Islam published "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews," to indict, in effect, today's Jews for everything from the ownership of South American sugar plantations three centuries ago to Jewish participation in the Confederate war effort.

Similar claims have long been commonly made by people such as Leonard Jeffries the radical black former member of the Nation of Islam... [too radical or just his publicity at least for Farrakhan] A.M. Rosenthal of the New York Times wrote that Jeffries
  • "says in a public forum that the Jews financed the slave trade. That is not quite the equivalent of [the accusation] Christ-killer, but coming close, make no mistake."

I asked Rosenthal too what actual role Jews played in black slavery.

  • "There was none," he replied. "Except for the most peripheral way. If at all."

Interestingly, similar claims have long been made by white supremecist neonazi groups such as "Jewish Tribal Review," as a way to fan hatred of Jews.

Without a doubt, the largest number of slave holders in the Western Hemisphere were Hispanics! Interesting, isn't it, how Farrkhan, Jeffries, and their apologists have never targeted Hispanics in their campaign to demonize slave holders! How come they have never demanded that HISPANICS pay reparations or at least lose affirmative action preferences supposedly compensating victims of slavery?

Such claims have been fed inadvertantly by whining apologist Jewish liberals such as Prof. Ralph Austen from the University of Chicago, who writes about the guilt of Jewish slave holders in the 'new age leftist' Tikkun Magazine. While conceding that the Jews were - at most - marginal in the world of slavery, Austen nevertheless insists that Jews must feel guilty and atone for that small role.

So just how many Jews were involved in the trade and ownership of African slaves in the New World? In his latest book Stanford professor, Hoover Institute author and African American Thomas Sowell answers -

  • Black Rednecks And White Liberals
    The number of black slaves owned by Jewish slaveowners in the American south was fewer than the number owned by free blacks or the number owned by American Indians!

So much for the attempts to paint the Jews into the role of the "enslavers" and blacks as their victims. Afrofascist rage would be better focused against free-black and American Indian slave owners than against Jews.

Others have shown that the Jews played practically no role in the slave trade, such as "Jews, Slaves, and the Slave Trade: Setting the Record Straight," By Eli Faber.

In the Middle Ages, when slavery was common in Europe (including enslaved Jews), some Jews did play a minor role as slave traders for white European slaves who had been enslaved in war or due to debts. They were sold mainly to other Europeans and sometimes to the Ottomans.



New memo on oil-for-food programme may spell trouble for Annan

A newly discovered memo regarding Iraq's oil-for-food programme may spell fresh trouble for UN Secretary General Kofi Annan as it raises questions about his role in awarding contracts for the controversial project.

A memo written by someone who was then an executive of a major contractor in the UN oil-for-food programme said that he briefly discussed the company's effort to win the contract in late 1998 with Annan and his "entourage" and that the executive was told that "we could count on their support." The secretary general's son, Kojo Annan, was employed by Cotecna Inspection Services, a Swiss contractor based in Geneva, and the nature of that relationship is among the issues being investigated by a panel appointed by the world body and several Congressional committees, a media report said.

Kofi Annan has said several times that he did not discuss the contract with his son and was not involved in Cotecna's selection. A United Nations panel headed by Paul A. Volcker, a former chairman of the Federal Reserve, concluded in March that Annan had not influenced the awarding of the 10 million dollar-a-year contract to the company.

The 'New York Times' quoted a consultant for the company, who is familiar with its role in the oil-for-food programme, as saying that Cotecna yesterday provided copies of the e-mail messages and other documents that were recently discovered in company files to investigators of three Congressional committees. The committees have been looking into fraud and abuses in the 65 billion dollar programme.

UPDATE: New York Times - Memo Seems to Link Annan to Contract of Son's Company

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4000 Jews with Influenza (hat tip Mickhartley)

MEMRI bring us two faces of Egypt. Writer Sayyid Al-Qimni believes the fight against terrorism requires combating extremist trends among Muslim clerics and in the Arab media:
"Muslims are forbidden to participate in carnivals which bring together all fellow citizens of the homeland to meet each other in the streets in an atmosphere of mutual love and love for the homeland...

"Muslims are forbidden to enjoy refined dance ... forbidden to enjoy cinema, novels, theater, and music...

"The Muslim is fenced in to the point where his mind is paralyzed, and thus he surrenders his mind to the deputies of Islam upon Earth, because there is someone [else] to think for him...

"As for the Muslim woman, she is consigned to wretched slavery. According to the foremost of [Koranic] exegetes Al-Razi... she is like a prisoner in a man's possession.

"[Sheikh Yousef] Al-Qaradhawi explained on Al-Jazeera... 'The woman is subject to more restrictions [than the man] ...because the man is not a [source of] temptation as is the woman, who is required to cover her hair, bosom, and neck and to wear [clothing] that is neither transparent nor tight-fitting...'

"[Muslim] women have surrendered their minds and spirits and believe that these are religious duties that are obligatory for them, to such an extent that women academics from Al-Azhar [University] accused the author of these lines of apostasy when I spoke about the rights to which they are entitled by virtue of their being full-fledged citizens just like men.

"Through the media, education, mosques, and [voluntary] religious associations, they have been able to take control of people's minds, and thus to direct them however they wished. We become their instruments, which they use however they want. If they want, they make us fight for their glory, and if they want, they turn some of us into walking explosive devices.
For historian Professor Zaynab Abd Al-Aziz, however, appearing on Saudi Iqra TV, it's business as usual:

Host: "You mean to say that the World Council of Churches delegated the mission of Christianizing of the world to the US."

Abd Al-Aziz:
"Yes. And how could the US win legitimacy for this without anyone saying that they are perpetrating massacres and waging a Crusader war? It fabricated the 9/11 show. I call it a fabrication because much has been written on this. We are also to blame. Why do we accept a single perspective? Countless books were written, some of which were even translated into Arabic, like Thierry Meyssan's 9/11 – The Appalling Fraud and Pentagate. "Pentagate" like Watergate… He brings documents to prove that the method used in destroying the three (sic) towers was "controlled demolition.

"This is an architectural engineering theory, which was invented
by the Americans. They teach it in their universities. They make movies and documentaries about it. They incorporated it in movie scenarios and then carried it out in real life. Why do we accept this?"

"My God, doctor. This is unbelievable! You're saying that this destruction…"

Abd Al-Aziz: "...was a controlled demolition. The building collapsed in its place, without hitting a single building to its left or right. The three towers fell in place."

"In the same method they use in movies and plays?"

Abd Al-Aziz:
"Yes, Exactly like that. That is how the US won international legitimacy. You could sense the (9/11) operation was pre-planned because many things were revealed in the days that followed. For example 4,000 Jews caught influenza on that exact day. They set a timer, and all 4,000…"

"By God, you crack me up! They all set a timer and got influenza on the same day. So the building was completely empty of Jews."

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Jews Invade the Al Asqua Mosque Again??

AP in the Washington Post refers to Confrontation Erupts at Jerusalem Shrine-
  • The confrontation erupted as Israel marked "Jerusalem Day," (NOTE ITS IN QUOTES) the anniversary of its capture of traditionally Arab east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war. The disputed holy site, the Al Aqsa Mosque compound, is in east Jerusalem, claimed by the Palestinians as a future capital.......... With tensions running high, a confrontation erupted as several Jewish visitors toured the Al Aqsa compound, accompanied by police.
  • The compound, home to the Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques, is one of the most volatile areas in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The site is revered by Jews as the Temple Mount, home to their biblical temples. In 2000, a demonstrative visit by then-opposition leader Ariel Sharon to the shrine triggered bloody protests that escalated into more than four years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting.
A) The site 'revered' by Jews' as the Temple Mount?
The Koran refers to the site of the prophet Solomon's/Biblical Temple. The site is the HOLIEST site in Judaism. Christianity believes in this as well. That would make 3 religions by my count?
Ironically, Al-Jazeera refers to the Temple Mount in this article -
    • Hamas claimed responsibility for that attack, which it said came in retaliation for a visit by Jews on Monday to the Jerusalem holy site that was home to the biblical Jewish temples and now houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam's third-holiest shrine.

Home to the biblical Jewish temples wasn't qualified with the words, “Israelis claim,” or “according to Jewish belief.”

Ironically, how does the BBC describe the Jewish connection to the holy site?

Israeli policy is that Jerusalem will never be divided. The Temple Mount is revered by Jews as the site of the first and second Biblical temples.

Al Jazeera interviews a representative of an Israeli Temple Mount organization that wants open unrestricted access to Jews to worship at the Mount. Not an unreasonable notion? Muslims are allowed access to it why not Jews?

Aljazeera - Jews seek Israeli control of Noble Sanctuary -

  • Al Jazeera - From a press article: "We'll commemorate Israel's reclaiming of the Temple Mount and stress that it is the holiest site for the Jews and that Jews must be allowed to pray there unrestricted." Are you trying to dislodge Muslim control of the holy sites?
  • Ha'ivri - The Temple Mount is holy to the Jewish people; it is the site of Solomon's Temple. The site should be administrated by a Jewish Rabbinical authority. Al-Aqsa Mosque takes up less than 5% of the mount; we are not talking about that area..........We have opened up a long awaited dialogue about freedom of worship for Jews on the Temple Mount.
B) "Jews invading the holy Al Asqua Mosque".....
It seems any time the PLO or Hamas want to stoke the flames the safest canard is to say 'the Joooos are invading 'our holy Mosque'........... The 'Holy War' is to the go to or canard of top preference. The PLO used this as a pretext for the pre-planned Intifadah and the Western MSM continues to repeat this lie 5 years later. Camera details
Imad Faluji (PA Communications Minister at the time), for example, addressing a rally at the Ein Hilwe refugee camp in South Lebanon, stated that the intifada had been in the planning for months -
  • Whoever thinks that the intifada broke out because of the despised Sharon's visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, is wrong, even if this visit was the straw that broke the back of the Palestinian people. This intifada was planned in advance, ever since President Arafat's return from the Camp David negotiations, where he turned the table upside down on President Clinton... [Arafat] rejected the American terms and he did it in the heart of the U.S. (MEMRI, Special Dispatch No. 194 - PA, March 9, 2001).

A similar assertion was made by Marwan Barghouti (a senior Palestinian leader at the time), who told an interviewer that -

  • The explosion would have happened anyway. It was necessary in order to protect Palestinian rights. But Sharon provided a good excuse. He is a hated man.(New Yorker, Jan. 29, 2001).
C) 'east' Jerusalem has 'traditionally' been an Arab section.
This is a specious claim at best even based on the last 150 years.
Would that mean Hebron has 'traidtionally' been a Jewish city? Only since 1948 has it become predominately Arab and Muslim? Camera explains

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Does Islam Condone Beheadings?

This is written in the left leaning 'Historical News Network' site. Note, the writer's background which certainly qualifies him to comment. Does Islam Condone Beheadings?

Does Islam Condone Beheadings?

By Timothy R. Furnish

Mr. Furnish, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor, History, Georgia Perimeter College; Ph.D., Islamic History; M.A., Church History.

Lately, losing one’s head for Islam has most appropriately referred to livid, murderous mobs in Afghanistan and Pakistan who, unfortunately, took at face value Newsweek and its false story of American interrogators’ desecration of the Qur’an at Gitmo. Lest we forget, however—since it hasn’t happened for some months—there is a much more literal and horrific sense in which someone can lose his head for Islam, particularly if he is non-Muslim.

Between the spring of 2003 and the fall of 2004, dozens (mostly non-Muslim, but also some Turks and at least one Egyptian) were decapitated in Iraq and Saudi Arabia by Islamists. Perhaps we have seen the last of such brutality. But more than likely, we have not—for beheading has a long pedigree in Islam, both religious and historical.

For the last several years, commentators (both Muslim and non-Muslim) have tried to whitewash decapitation, claiming either that it was un-Qur’anic1 or that it was a misrepresentation of Islam2 (or both). Western, particularly American, journalists have seized on these pronouncements and disseminated them willy-nilly, never stopping to actually check them against the Qur’an and against Islamic history. Doing so reveals the vacuuity—indeed, the outright mendacity—of the claims that beheading is unIslamic.

Two passages in the Qur’an enjoin decapitating opponents of Islam. Sura 47 [Muhammad]:3 says “When you encounter the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the [surviving] prisoners tightly.” Sura 8 [al-Anfal]:12 states “I will cast dread into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strike off their heads, then, and strike off all of their fingertips.” Now without delving into a long discussion of Qur’anic exegesis, it is only fair to acknowledge that these passages should be read against others in the Muslim scriptures that are more pacific3 (as is done with the violent passages in the Bible, particularly the Old Testament). But that said, the most prominent Muslim Qur’an commentators over the centuries have by-and-large accepted these passages at face value.4 That is, they mean—as `Abdullah Yusuf `Ali put it in his Qur’anic commentary—“you cannot wage war with kid gloves.”5 One might also gloss these passages as only applying to Muhammad’s time and not to today,6 a view that is in vogue among Westerners (both liberal Christian and ardently secular) but that rarely shows up in Muslim commentary on these passages. And it is obvious that the majority of the world’s Muslims do not take this passage any more literally than do most Jews the Levitical code7 or most Christians Jesus’ granting of authority over poison snakes.8 However, just as there is a minority of Jews that tries to live by the Levitical code and a minority of Christians that tries to handle deadly serpents,9 there is undeniably a minority of Muslims that advocates, and practices, beheading of “unbelievers.” But since Christianity and Islam are so much larger than Judaism (2 billion and 1.3 billion, respectively, as compared to about 15 million), a small percentage of those can amount to large numbers, in real terms.

And the Abu Mus`ab al-Zarqawis of the world can cite not only the Qur’an, but Islamic historical precedent, on their behalf. The Prophet himself ordered opponents—700 Jewish members of the Banu Qurayzah tribe in Medina—beheaded.10 In 680 CE the Shi`i leader Husayn, the son of `Ali (the closest surviving male relative of Muhammad) was beheaded after losing an internecine struggle with the Sunni Umayyads. The al-Murabit (Almoravid) caliphs beheaded tens of thousands of Christians (admittedly many of them knights and soldiers) in the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa during their reign from 1056-1147 CE. Likewise for the Muslim state that conquered and succeeded them, the al-Muwahhids (Almohads). Ruling North Africa and Iberia from 1130-1269 CE, the Muwahhids decapited not only Christian but Muslim opponents. Even the great—and famously tolerant (at least for his time)—Salah al-Din, who retook Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187, was not above detaching his enemies from their heads. (Of course, if any Crusader justly deserved such a fate, it was the obnoxious, vile and violent Reynauld de Chatillion.) The largest and longest-lived Islamic empire of all time, that of the Ottoman Turks, was also the most enamored of decapitions.11 The Ottomans beheaded Serbs after the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 and Hungarians—including their King, Ladislaus—after the Battle of Varna in 1444. It is said that after taking Constantinople in 1453, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II send the dead Byzantine Emperor’s severed head on tour. A few years later, the Ottoman Grand Mufti (the highest religious authority) was allowed to personally decapitate King Stephen of Bosnia and his sons.

Beheading of the enemies of Islam—both Muslim and non-Muslim—often is done by self-declared Mahdis. The Mahdi, “the rightly-guided one,” in Islam is an eschatological figure that comes toward the end of time (along with the returned prophet Jesus) to make the entire planet one Islamic caliphate. Over the centuries, a number of Muslim revolutionary holy men have declared themselves the Mahdi.12 And such leaders are often proponents of decapitation. The most prominent example is that of Muhammad Ahmad of Sudan, who declared himself the Mahdi in 1880, started a jihad against the Ottomans, Egyptians and Brits in Sudan, and by 1885 took over the country. Opponents—most famously, General Charles Gordon—were often beheaded.

Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century, the Islamic state that most prominently still practices the policy of decapitation is the Kingdom of Sa`udi Arabia. At least 1,000 malefactors have been killed in this fashion there in the last two decades13 focbr offenses running the gamut from drugs, to apostasy to homosexuality. In an ironic, if bloody, turning of the tables on a self-declared Mahdi, the Sa`udis beheaded Juhayman al-`Utaybi and his supporters after they tried to overthrow the government in 1979 in the name of the Mahdi (said to have been al-`Utaybi’s brother-in-law, Muhammad b. `Abd Allah al-Qahtani). At least the Sa`udis, when they behead, have it done quickly with a large sword—quite unlike the method employed to kill the likes of Nicholas Berg and other Americans by Islamists in Iraq and Sa`udi Arabia.

Al-Zarqawi and the other Islamic fundamentalists who behead “infidels” do so because they consider all extant Muslim governments to be illegitimate and because their reading of both the Qur’an and Islamic history gives them a license to decapitate. Any fatwas from Muslim authorities branding beheadings as “unIslamic” are dismissed out of hand by al-Zarqawi and his ilk. Western scholars and commentators can argue till they’re blue in the face that beheading is “unIslamic,” but that doesn’t deter the Islamists one bit. And looking at the Qur’an and the arc of Islamic history, who can say the Islamists are wrong?


This article is a reworking of my densely-sourced article “Beheading in the Name of Islam,” Middle East Quarterly, XII, 2 (Spring 2005), pp. 51-57. Herein I will provide only what I consider to be essential citations.
1 Imam Muhammad Adam al-Sheikhy, imam of the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque, Falls Church, VA, quoted in “ USA Today,” June 30, 2004.

2 Asma Afasaruddin, associate professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Notre Dame, quoted in “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,” June 26, 2004; Council on American-Islamic Relations, quoted in a news release “U.S. Muslims Condemn Beheadings,” U.S. Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan, June 25, 2004.

3 For example, Sura 5 [al-Ma’idah]:65ff: “If the People of the Book [Jews and Christians]….observe the Torah and the Gospel and what is revealed to them from their Lord, they shall enjoy abundance from above and from beneath. There are some among them who are righteous men; but there are many among them who do nothing but evil.”

4 In medieval times, Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari (d. 923 CE) and Mahmud b. Umar al-Zamakhshari (d. 1143 CE), for example. In more modern times, `Abdullah Yusuf `Ali (d. 1953).

5 In The Meaning of the Glorious Qur’an. Text, Translation and Commentary. Vol. II (Cairo: Dar al-Kitab al-Masri, 1934), p. 1378, note 4820.

6 As does Muhammad M. Khatib, The Bounteous Koran [sic]. A Translation of Meaning and Commentary (London: MacMillan Press, 1984), p. 673, note 3.

7 Leviticus 18-20.

8 Mark 16:18; Luke 10:19;

9 I grew up in rural Kentucky knowing some members of these “snake-handler” churches. Needless to say, their numbers are small.

10 This is according to Ibn Ishaq (d. 768 CE) the earliest biographer of Muhammad: `Abd al-Malik Ibn Hisham, The Life of Muhammad: a Translation of Ishaq’s “Sirat Rasul,” introduction and notes by A. Guillaume (Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2004 [reprint of the 1955 edition]), pp. 461ff; `Abad al-Malik Ibn Hisham, al-Sirah al-Nabawiyah, vol. 3, Mustafa al-Saqqa and Ibrahim al-Hafiz Shalabi, eds. (Cairo: Mustafa al-Babi al-Halabi, 1936), pp. 251ff.

11 See Paul Fregosi, Jihad in the West: Muslims Conquests from the Seventh to the Twenty-first Centuries (Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books, 1998), especially pp. 187-374, for examples.

12 These movements are the topic of my forthcoming book Holiest Wars: Islamic Mahdis, their Jihads and Osama bin Laden ( Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2005).

13 “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,” June 27, 2004.

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Well not really - but pretty close. His best friend just returned to Egypt from a 5 day business trip there with his American partner, and what he relayed is pretty fascinating.

Big Pharaoh

My friend just came from IranI bumped into an old friend yesterday. Well, I won't call him a close friend because he leads such a lousy lifestyle. Anyway, he informed me that he just came back from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"What the hell were you doing there man, you turned into a Shia?" I asked laughingly.

"No, I went there on a business trip. We had a meeting with a number of Iranian businessmen who are going to import our products. My American colleague John (not his real name) came with me. Man, I was scared to death before going there. I mean here I am an Egyptian guy accompanied by an American on a trip to Iran. You sure know that relations between Egypt and Iran are not so good, not to mention the US!! I was also afraid lest I break some religious rule and regret it! Or we get arrested because of John" he said.

"So, tell me about it" I asked.

"Well, I stayed there for 5 days. I got drunk in the first 3! Man, there ain't a house or an office I entered that didn't have a mini bar in it full of smuggled booze from Smirnoff vodka to Heineken beer! I was shocked. Everyone drinks there. Their private life is the complete opposite of what you see on the street. We went up a mountain with a group of Iranians and had all the fun there. When they knew that John was American, they were like flies around him. They took his email, phone number, and stuff" he said.

Axis of evil? What axis of evil? Get on your knees and pray that something happens in Iran guys.

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New Sundance Film Studies Rising Popularity of 'Protocols of Zion' Post 9/11

Jan. 22, 2005
The Protocols of Zion
The Hollywood Reporter
by Duane Byrge

PARK CITY -- Remember Woody Allen's quirky paranoid character in "Annie Hall" and how he saw anti-Semitism in the most far-fetched associations? Well, filmmaker Marc Levin rounds up the current lunatic fringe of anti-Semites, as well as the scarier establishment hatemongers, and encapsulates a post 9/11 morphism of this hideous problem. Woody's character, we see, had more to be worried about than he even envisioned.

As a documentarian, Levin is a combo David Susskind and Michael Moore, a serious social thinker with a daft sense of humor and a flair for ambushing knuckleheads. Best, Levin, who directed "Slam" (a Sundance jury prize winner), appreciates that one need not be solemn to be serious. "Protocols of Zion" is often funny, revealing the idiocy of hatemongers through their own harebrained explanations.

Based on the book, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," a work of high balderdash that purported to be the minutes of a secret meting of Jewish elders at the end of the 19th century and their master plan to rule the world, Levin debunks that tract as well as the religious fanaticism and zealotry it has unleashed.

To Levin's astonishment the" Protocols" has been revived in the post 9/11 days, and in its tracts, fanatics have attempted to blame Jews for the murderous atrocity of the World Trade Center horror. With its subject mater, the film's most hospitable venue will be in big-city festival sites.

In this editorial essay, Levin engages a wide range of zealots -- neo-Nazis, Kabbalist rabbis, Holocaust deniers, Black nationalists, etc. -- and, essentially, gives them enough rope to hang their imbecilic utterances. As an interviewer, Levin is skilled and affable and builds momentum as he reports even scarier anti-Semitic tirades, including a speech from the Malaysian prime minister.

Occasionally, Levin's ambition exceeds his cinematic grasp: The film is somewhat scattergun in its blend of history and contemporary phenomenon, including a glib inclusion of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ" as an inflammatory tract.

Crisply edited by Ken Eluto and buoyed by Levin's incisive intelligence and wit, including some compelling ruminations with his father Al, 'Protocols of Zion" found an appreciative festival audience here at Sundance.

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AMNESTY Isn't Sure about Guantanamo While Genocide in Darfur Continues

The head of Amnesty International now says that despite their outrageous comparison of Gitmo to the Soviet Gulag, they really don’t know what’s going on there: ‘Don’t know for sure’ about Guantanamo: Amnesty USA.

And despite their accusation that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is “a high-level architect of torture,” they have no idea if that’s true either.
  • “It would be fascinating to find out. I have no idea,” Schulz told “Fox News Sunday.”

and that is a DIRECT quote..........

Meanwhile while Amnesty begs to condemn the US for getting Korans wet with water balloons a real life Genocide Campaign continues.....

Nicholas Kristof points out the craven hypocrisy of 'Human Rights Groups' like Amnesty who make condemning the US their #1 agenda while horrors like this continue daily!!

A Policy of Rape

All countries have rapes, of course. But here in the refugee shantytowns of Darfur, the horrific stories that young women whisper are not of random criminality but of a systematic campaign of rape to terrorize civilians and drive them from “Arab lands” - a policy of rape.

One measure of the international community’s hypocrisy is that the world is barely bothering to protest. More than two years after the genocide in Darfur began, the women of Kalma Camp - a teeming squatter’s camp of 110,000 people driven from their burned villages - still face the risk of gang rape every single day as they go out looking for firewood.

Nemat, a 21-year-old, told me that she left the camp with three friends to get firewood to cook with. In the early afternoon a group of men in uniforms caught and gang-raped her.

“They said, ‘You are black people. We want to wipe you out,’ ” Nemat recalled. After the attack, Nemat was too injured to walk, but her relatives found her and carried her back to camp on a donkey.

A neighbor, Toma, 34, said she heard similar comments from seven men in police uniforms who raped her. “They said, ‘We want to finish you people off,’ ” she recalled.

Sometimes the women simply vanish. A young mother named Asha cried as she told how she and her four sisters were chased down by a Janjaweed militia; she escaped but all her sisters were caught.

“To this day, I don’t know if they are alive or dead,” she sobbed. Then she acknowledged that she had another reason for grief: a Janjaweed militia had also murdered her husband 23 days earlier.

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Remembering Samir Kassir - Michael Totten Met him several times in Lebanon
(Hat Tip Michael Totten's entry)

The bastards are still active in Beirut.

Samir Kassir - a founding member of Lebanon’s Democratic Left movement and a prominent anti-Syrian journalist for An-Nahar newspaper, was murdered – assasinated - by car-bomb in Beirut, almost certainly by Syrian security agents.

Samir is the first person I have known personally who has been murdered by terrorists. I met him several times when I was in Beirut, twice in the Democratic Left’s headquarters, and once again at a rally. I sat right across from him at a table in that headquarters - as an observer, of course. I can’t say I was scared when I was in Lebanon. I wasn’t, and I wished my wife could have gone with me. But when I sat across from him at those meetings I did feel a bit like I was in the line of fire. I guess I was right.

I can’t say I knew him well, but I did know him. On the surface at any rate, he was a kind, gentle, warm, and welcoming person. Now that he’s dead I will not forget him. When I saw his face in the New York Times I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

My friend LP at the Lebanese Political Journal (may he not be hit with a car bomb)
is outraged at this atrocity.

  • We're not asking for bread on every plate. We're not asking for the oligarchs to give back their money. We just want the shadow authorities to take their boots off of our necks.

Samir dedicated his professional and his private life to ending tyranny in his country. He was an activist as well as a journalist – an honorable combination in an oppressed country like Lebanon – and he died for his efforts.

My condolences to his family and his country.


Criticism not necessarily anti-Semitic
(hat tip Norman Geras

Tom Gross reports in the Wall Street Journal (subscription only):

  • A French court last week found three writers for Le Monde, as well as the newspaper's publisher, guilty of "racist defamation" against Israel and the Jewish people. In a groundbreaking decision, the Versailles court of appeal ruled that a comment piece published in Le Monde in 2002, "Israel-Palestine: The Cancer," had whipped up anti-Semitic opinion.
    ... Le Monde was... ordered to publish a condemnation of the article, which it has yet to do.

It is encouraging to see a French court rule that anti-Semitism should have no place in the media - even when it is masked as an analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict...

Press freedom is a value to be cherished, but not exploited and abused. In general, European countries have strict laws against such abuse and Europe's mainstream media are in any case usually good at exercising self-censorship. Responsible journalists strenuously avoid libelous characterizations of entire ethnic, national or religious groups. They go out of their way, for example, to avoid suggesting that the massacres in Darfur, which are being carried out by Arab militias, in any way represent an Arab trait.

The exception to this seems to be the coverage of Jews, particularly Israeli ones. This is particularly ironic given the fact that Europe's relatively strict freedom of speech laws (compared to those in the U.S.) were to a large extent drafted as a reaction to the Continent's Nazi occupation. And yet, from Oslo to Athens, from London to Madrid, it has been virtually open season on them in the last few years, especially in supposedly liberal media.

"Israel-Palestine: The Cancer" was a nasty piece of work, replete with lies, slanders and myths about "the chosen people," "the Jenin massacre," describing the Jews as "a contemptuous people taking satisfaction in humiliating others," "imposing their unmerciful rule," and so on.

Yet it was no worse than thousands of other news reports, editorials, commentaries, letters, cartoons and headlines published throughout Europe in recent years, in the guise of legitimate and reasoned discussion of Israeli policies.

The libels and distortions about Israel in some British media are by now fairly well known:

  • the Guardian's equation of Israel and al Qaeda;
  • the Evening Standard's equation of Israel and the Taliban;
  • the report by the BBC's Middle East correspondent,
  • Orla Guerin, on how "the Israelis stole Christmas."
  • Most notorious of all is the Independent's Middle East correspondent, Robert Fisk, who specializes in such observations as his comment that,
  • "If ever a sword was thrust into a military alliance of East and West, the Israelis wielded that dagger," and who implies that the White House has fallen into the hands of the Jews: "The Perles and the Wolfowitzes and the Cohens...[the] very sinister people hovering around Bush."

The invective against Israel elsewhere in Europe is less well known.

In Spain, for example,

On June 4, 2001 (three days after a Palestinian suicide bomber killed 21 young Israelis at a disco, and wounded over 100 others, all in the midst of a unilateral Israeli ceasefire), the liberal daily Cambio 16 published a cartoon of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (with a hook nose he does not have), wearing a skull cap (which he does not usually wear), sporting a swastika inside a star of David on his chest, and proclaiming:

  • "At least Hitler taught me how to invade a country and destroy every living insect."

The week before, on May 23, El Pais (the "New York Times of Spain") published a cartoon of an allegorical figure carrying a small rectangular-shaped black moustache, flying through the air toward Mr. Sharon's upper lip. The caption read:

  • "Clio, the muse of history, puts Hitler's moustache on Ariel Sharon."

Two days later, on May 25, the Catalan daily La Vanguardia published a cartoon showing an imposing building, with a sign outside reading "Museo del Holocausto Judio" (Museum of the Jewish Holocaust), and next to it another building under construction, with a large sign reading "Futuro Museo del Holocausto Palestino" (Future Museum of the Palestinian Holocaust).

Greece's largest newspaper, the leftist daily Eleftherotypia, has run several such cartoons.

  • In April 2002, on its front cover, under the title "Holocaust II," an Israeli soldier was depicted as a Nazi officer and a Palestinian civilian as a Jewish death camp inmate........

In April 2002, the Italian liberal daily,

La Stampa ran a front-page cartoon showing an Israeli tank, emblazoned with a Jewish star, pointing a large gun at the baby Jesus in a manger, while the baby pleads, "Surely they don't want to kill me again, do they?".....


If the misreporting and bias were limited to one or two newspapers or television programs in each country, it might be possible to shrug them off. But they are not. Bashing Israel even extends to local papers that don't usually cover foreign affairs, such as the double-page spread titled "Jews in jackboots" in "Luton on Sunday."...

[A]lthough the French court ruling - the first of its kind in Europe - is a major landmark, no one in France seems to care. The country's most distinguished newspaper, the paper of record, has been found guilty of anti-Semitism. One would have thought that such a verdict would prompt wide-ranging coverage and lead to extensive soul-searching and public debate. Instead, there has been almost complete silence, and virtually no coverage in the French press.

And few elsewhere will have heard about it. Reuters and Agence France Presse (agencies that have demonstrated particularly marked bias against Israel) ran short stories about the judgment in their French-language wires last week, but chose not to run them on their English news services. The Associated Press didn't run it at all. Instead of triggering the long overdue reassessment of Europe's attitude toward Israel, the media have chosen to ignore it.

Now, here's a lost perception. Who do you think this is?

  • [T]he award among the hundreds he claims to have touched him the most is the Beverly Hills Lodge of B'nai Brith's tribute to its "Man of the Year" in 1976.

    "Even though I'm not Jewish," he explains," and even though I'm stingy with my bread, Israel is one of the few causes I feel good about supporting.

    "Blacks and Jews are hooked up and bound together by a common history of persecution...

    "If someone besides a black ever sings the real gut bucket blues, it'll be a Jew. We both know what it's like to be someone else's footstool."

This is who - click on 'Bio'.

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The H factor one more time
Big Pharaoh from Egypt

Let us review the events across the Arab/Muslim world during the past 3 days:

Suicide bomber slaughter Shittes in their mosque

Suicide bomber slaughter Afghanis in a mosque who were attending the funeral of a moderate cleric who called for cooperation with the central government in Kabul.

39 Iraqis slaughtered today by terrorists. Among the dead were 4 children, 2 of them were a brother and his sister.

Prominent Anti-Syria journalist assasinated when a bomb exploded in his car.

No outrage across the Arab/Muslim world? No
No condemnation from Al Azhar? No (Egypt's main 'news' paper)

Qaradawi didn't go on Al Jazeerah to denounce suicide bombings whether they targetted Shittes in Iraq, Jews in Tel Aviv, or members of the Kambalo tribe in Kenya? No

Islamist parties across the world didn't organize demonstrations? No

Why? because of the H factor.
What is the H factor? H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.S.Y

Why do I keep writing about this over and over again? because blogging helps me pass steam and not do something stupid like throwing bags of sh*t on demonstrators protesting against a Newsweek story that turned out to be untrue.

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Ya'alon: After pullout, Israel will face another war of terror
By Ari Shavit

1 June 2005

(hat tip Aovdah)

(Excerpts ) ---------------------

"Unless Israel commits to further withdrawals after this summer's disengagement from Gaza, the pullout will be followed by an outbreak of renewed violence", outgoing Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon warned in an interview with Haaretz.

"If there is an Israeli commitment to another move, we will gain another period of quiet," he said. "If not, there will be an eruption ... Terrorist attacks of all types: shooting, bombs, suicide bombers, mortars, Qassam rockets." Without an additional withdrawal, "there is a high probability of a second war of terror," which will begin in the West Bank...There will be suicide bombings wherever they can perpetrate them."

The idea that a Palestinian state can be established by 2008, and will then produce stability, is "divorced from reality" and "dangerous," as any such state "will be a state that will try to undermine Israel."...

Asked about the current situation in the PA, Ya'alon responded:

"For the Palestinians it is still convenient to maintain a gang-based reality rather than a state foundation... The disengagement.......... will not create a "situation of stability." Therefore, "I do not rule out" the possibility that the army will return to the Gaza Strip at some point...
Asked for his views on the general concept of two states for two peoples, he said:

"In the present reality, I see difficulty in producing a stable situation of end-of-conflict within that paradigm."

A two-state solution, he continued, is simply "not relevant. It is a story that the Western world tells with Western eyes. And that story does not comprehend the scale of the gap and the scale of the problem. We, too, are sweeping it under the carpet"....

Regarding the army that he leaves behind, Ya'alon said he was concerned about the existence of a "criminal subculture" in the army that has even reached senior officers and become a "malignant disease."

EGYPT - National Hero Denied Visa for Speaking for Peace/Cooperation with Israel

WHY? You might ask? doesn't he live in a 'moderate' Arab country that has a 'Peace Treaty' with Israel and is supposed to act in a peaceful manner towards Israel anyway?

WELL............. he had the audacity in 'moderate' Egypt to speak out against the vicious hateful propaganda that is regularly spewed by Egypt's 'moderate' state-run press and for true peace and cooperation with Israel.

This guy is a national hero or else he might have some problems in Egpyt like others in Muslim countries that have spoken out against the propagandist hate that is regularly spewed from their state run medias and for peaceful cooperation. Like this -


But remember its the US's "suppression of the Arab 'viewpoint' by its "corporate zionist" media that is the problem... lol!

Egypt Blocks Prominent Playwright from entering Israel to receive honors
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

Egypt has blocked Egyptian playwright and satirist Ali Salem from entering Israel to receive an honorary doctorate Wednesday from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Salem, considered one of Egypt's most prominent contemporary playwrights, thanked the university for the honor and apologized for not being able to attend the ceremony.

University President Prof. Avishai Braverman said in response:

  • "I don't understand Egypt's conduct in not permitting the well-known writer Ali Salem to come to Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva to receive the honorary doctorate, especially after every effort was made to enable his coming.
"The university is involved in numerous projects to promote peace between Israel and its neighbors and has nurtured ties with Egypt since the peace treaty with Israel was signed. Anwar Sadat visited the campus in May 1979, accompanied by Hosni Mubarak, to receive the Star of Peace along with Menachem Begin. In 1995 the university bestowed an honorary doctorate on Egypt's then-ambassador to Israel, Mohammad Bassiouni.

Salem, 69, was among the generation of Egyptian playwrights that arose after the 1952 revolution, bringing with it theatrical flourishing. He was an actor and member of the state puppet theater in Cairo.

Salem is known for his biting prose, and his plays have savagely attacked various phenomena in Egyptian society. In recent years he has published a series of articles in the Egyptian and world press, alongside humorous pieces and short satirical stories. His stories have been anthologized and are very popular.

Since the Oslo Accords, Salem has braved criticism for publicly preaching peace and normalization of ties with Israel.

He has visited here several times, and chronicled his first trip in the book "Journey into Israel," which became a best seller in Egypt and was published in Hebrew and English.