Monday, May 16, 2005


For a history of how Professor Thomas Klocek was fired by Depaul after 14 years without even being afforded the chance to give his side of the story -go- here.

MARATHON PUNDIT has an excellent update copied below ****

There was a harsh Op-ed published in the DePaul school newspaper - The DePaulia - entitled Goodbye, Klocek. Thanks, DPU by Michael Gallo.

Professor Klocek disputes much of what Gallo claims in that op-ed and Jonathan Cohen, a DePaul math professor, then had a letter published giving Professor Klocek's side of the story.

The DePaulia sharply edited down Cohen's letter (entire letter available here) and now does not have it available on line any longer. However, Gallo's older Op-Ed is still available for viewing.

The DePaulia first covered the Klocek story on October 1, 2004 - Loop professor takes heat for conduct. One of the offended groups, according to this article was United Muslims Moving Ahead, better known as UMMA.

At the UMMA DePaul website, you find a link to the UMMA Board, or Shura, here. The treasurer of UMMA is none other than Michael Gallo the DePaulia staff writer who wrote the harsh article on Professor Klocek.

NOWHERE in that pointed Op-Ed does Michael Gallo or the Depaulia staff ever mention or inform the reader that the writer is an UMMA board member.

As a member of that group he has the right to write almost anything he wants, but Gallo, in a serious breach of of journalistic ethics, neglected to mention his ties to UMMA when he presented his views on the Klocek case.

(Interestingly a board member of UMMA had his harsh article published whereas a Math Professor with no bone in the fight had his letter write in sharply edited by the paper?)

And did The DePaulia know Michael Gallo was on the UMMA board?

(I would believe so)

Update 5/16/05
It has come to my attention that although Michael Gallo is listed in the Goodbye Klocek, Thanks DPU article as a "staff writer," Gallo is probably not actually on the DePaulia staff. Apparently, anyone that gets anything published in the DePaulia, is listed as a "staff writer."? It is still my firm opinion that this by no means gets Michael Gallo off the hook for not disclosing his membership on the board of UMMA.


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