Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pat Buchanan Just Can't Help Himself

A few months ago after Rafik Harari was assassinated by a huge street bomb Buchanan had written a column 'Baiting a Trap for Bush? before the blood on the streets of Beirut was even dry. Without a shred of evidence outside of his tunnel visioned hate he hinted at reasons why it was an Israeli false flag operation and not a crude Syrian assassination.

But Pat's favorite theme outside of demonizing Israel is "the Nazis were not much worse than anyone else and were not 'contrary to American interests'." They weren't the greatest sickness of the 20th Century and we shouldn't have entered WWII to fight them.

Now Pat has an addendum -
Defeaating the Nazis enabled an even greater monster, Stalin, to take over and imprison Eastern Europe. Unlike the Nazis, Stalin and the Soviets were contrary to 'American interests'.

Of course Stalin indescriminately murdered tens of millions, something Duranty, the left and the NY Times whitewashed. This is used as a perfect weapon for Pat's greatest impulses Isolationism and (dare we say) anti-semitism. (Actually respected conservative Bill Buckely said it)

Perhaps, Pat believes that FDR (and his "Jewish friends") liked Stalin more than Hitler because the Soviet Communits were theoretically 'leftists'? However, WWII WAS NOT fought to save the Jews. FDR and Churchil both refused to divert planes a few miles to bomb the tracks even at the end of the war. Hitler would have completely exterminated European Jews not to mention Gypsies and eventually Slavs and Pat is DYING for someone to say "yeah but look WWII saved the Jews".....

Nevertheless, Pat and recently Mel Gibson use Stalin and Soviet atrocities as a latent way of saying people focus too much on Hitler to the exclusion of Stalin because of leftist and secular Jews. Nevertheless, Pat like committed wacko leftists will use every/any opportunity to champion his favorite taste of Historical Revisionism - WII and Nazi revisionism "as it relates to American interests". (Another words how the Jooos divert from those interests)

Was World War II worth it?
May 11, 2005


At 7:37 AM, Anonymous jerome shapiro said...

Please list dates on which times whitewashed stalin. Ive been reading NYT for last 40 years. Cant remember the date this happened. Or is wackop leftists yourusual comment and you needed a subject for your sentence.


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