Monday, May 16, 2005


The excellent post that follows via Ocean Guy says it better than I could have, so I just copied it below.

This from
Jonathan Rosenblum

  • Things are not going well on peace front. Kassam rockets are once again falling on Sderot, which suggests that the previous lull had more to do with Palestinian tactics than any determination by Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas to uproot the phenomenon. The Palestinian Authority has also made it clear that it will not make any effort to disarm any Palestinian militant factions. "We have no intention of withdrawing the arms of resistance," the head of the PA Internal Preventive Security Service said last week.
The palestinians have no intention of confronting, disarming, nor cracking down on the terrorists. Sderot is still under fire from Kassam rockets. Smugglers continue to bring in arms. Russia is agreeing to help arm the PLO. Suicide bombers continue to be intercepted... there is no peace. Yet there are those, with naive optimism who think that transferring Jews from Gaza will help the "peace process." What happens if/when these idealists are proved wrong?

In light of the Arab refusal to give up killing Jews, in light of Arab refusal to accept Israel, in the light of Arab's often stated goal of ridding the region of the "Zionist Entity," there is no chance that withdrawal from Gaza will help us achieve Peace. There is no chance that transferring Jews from Gaza will convince the Arabs to stop their aggression. There is no chance that "disengagement" will turn Arab hearts and make them decide to live peacefully with Israel. In fact, the disengagement is likely to bring another war.

Arabs perceive the disengagement as a retreat... they will celebrate the withdrawal as a victory. The Arabs are already taking advantage of the situation by bringing in more arms. The removal of the IDF from Gaza simply gives the terrorists more autonomy to modernize and to grow their armories. With help from Syria, Egypt, Iran and Russia, the PLO is beginning to prepare for war. Disengagement only helps those preparations. Unilateral actions, with no change from the PLO, only gives the Arabs assurances that their goal of destroying Israel is achievable. At some point they will decide they are strong enough and that Israel is weak enough and we'll have another war... Maybe that's Sharon's real plan.


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