Thursday, May 26, 2005


The BBC says the Crusades movie Kingdom of Heaven is a hit in Britain. However, a Cambridge Professor in the article opines that it's Osama Ben Laden's version of history.
The BBC later reports that Arab critics back the movie.
Robert Spencer says its a Crusade Against History.
The left wing British Independent makes an attempt at down the middle review.

Oriana Fallaci is being sued in Italy due to Europe's limit on free speech laws, or "anti hate" laws. Her latest book which says a lot of things about Islam and its history that you can't say in today's PC world.

Btw, she is a far leftist reporter/commenter from the 70's who was a vocal supporter of the Palestinians. She later made further trips to the Middle East and became enraged at what she feels are problems much more prevalent with the basic zeitgeist of Islam than the West realizes or wants to realize.

By the way she lives in secret and semi seclusion for her health.

Dagger in hand blog reports
The 18 things you can't say about Muslims in Italy.
I now have a pdf copy of an article from the Italian newspaper Libero, which reproduces the text of the complaint filed against Fallaci.
  1. during the occupation of Montecassino in the 9th century “the Muslims amused themselves by sacrificing each night the virginity of a nun. Do you know where? On the altar of the cathedral.”
  2. while occupying Constantinople in 1453, the Turks led by Mohammed II “decapitated even newborns. And extinguished candles with their little heads.”
  3. “In a woman the Koran sees above all a womb to give birth.”
  4. “In the dream that the sons of Allah have been nurturing for years, the dream of blowing up Giotto’s Tower or the Tower of Pisa or the cupola of St. Peter’s or the Eiffel Tower or Westminster Abbey or the cathedral of Cologne and so on . . ."
  5. “…halal butchery is barbarous” just as “shechita butchery is barbarous. That is, the Jewish version which is carried out in the same way and consists of slitting the animals’ throats without dazing them.”
  6. France is a country “where Islamic racism, that is the hatred of the infidel-dogs, reigns supreme and is never put on trial, never punished. Where the Muslims declare openly: “We must take advantage of the democratic space that France offers us, we must exploit democracy, that is, make use of it to occupy territory.” Where not a few of them add: “In Europe the Nazi position was not understood. Or not by all. It was judged a vehicle of homicidal folly, when actually Hitler was a great man.”
  7. for Muslims “biology is a shameless science because it is occupied with the human body and sex.”
  8. “ . . . we will have to resign ourselves to the yoke of a creed that . . . instead of love spreads hatred and instead of liberty slavery.”
  9. “a Right and a Left . . . that (in Italy) are both on the side of the enemy (Islam).”
  10. the demands of the Islamics with regard to school curricula mean that in literature classes “we will not be allowed to include for example The Divine Comedy . . .nor the Canticle of Creatures nor the Sacred Hymns of Alessandra Manzoni . . .” etc. etc.
  11. “ . . . the uncouth wailing of the muezzin . . .”
  12. the terrorist attacks of the last twenty years have caused six thousand deaths “to the glory of the Koran. In obedience to its verses.”
  13. “Our Jesus of Nazareth . . . they put him in their Danna where he eats like Trimalchio, drinks like a drunkard, screws like a sexual maniac.”
  14. “. . . the revolting, reactionary, obtuse, feudal Right is found today only in Islam. It is Islam.”
  15. infibulation is “the mutilation that the Muslims force on little girls to prevent them, once they are grown . . . from enjoying the sexual act. It is a female castration that the Muslims practice in twenty-eight countries of Islamic Africa and because of which two million persons die each year from sepsis or loss of blood . . .”
  16. the Italians afflicted by atavistic loss of pride “are not offended when Islamic immigrants urinate on their monuments or soil the sacristies of their churches or toss their crucifixes out the window of a hospital.”
  17. “. . . Islam is a pond. And a pond is a trough of stagnant water. . . it is never purified . . . it is easily polluted, like a watering hole for livestock of little value. The pond does not love life: It loves death . . .”
  18. “ . . .despite the massacres through which the sons of Allah have bloodied us and bloodied themselves for over thirty years, the war that Islam has declared against the West . . . is a cultural war. . .they kill us in order to bend us. To intimidate us . . . Their goal is not to fill cemeteries. Not to destroy our skyscrapers . . . It is to destroy our soul, our ideas. Our feelings and our dreams. It is to subjugate the West once again.”