Sunday, May 08, 2005


Free Muslims Against Terrorism has organized a march in Washington DC on May 14 called, Muslims Against Terrorism.

However, the 4 MAJOR US Muslim organizations, the ones you see regularly on Cable Television and lobbying Congress DO NOT want to participate?

Why we are Marching Against Terror?
May 7, 2005
By Kamal NawashFree Muslims Coalition

To date, 70 organizations have sponsored the first ever Muslim led March Against Terror. Approximately 20 of the 70 organizations are Muslim, Arab or Middle Eastern. This is the good news.

The bad news is that of the leading Muslim organizations four have refused to participate or endorse the rally. The absence of these organizations is ironic. For the past 10 years, these organizations have complained that they are unfairly being accused of not doing enough to fight terror. But when a Muslim organization takes the lead to organize a March Against Terror they argue that it is not necessary and refuse to join.

These organizations have done enormous damage to the American Muslim community and Muslims are finally rising up to tell them “you don’t represent us or our American Muslim values.”

Over the last three years, American Muslims have witnessed the creation of several new progressive, moderate and secular Muslim organizations that actually represent the views of the silent majority and are bypassing the organizations that falsely claim they represent main stream Islam. Their monopoly is coming to an end. (this is unfortunately not yet True)

As to the March Against Terror, moderate American Muslims recognize that those who commit murder and destruction in the name of Islam are using a warped interpretation of Islamic theology to justify their evil. Thus, we understand that the war on terror is more than a military battle, it is an ideological battle and the only ones who can win this battle are Muslims themselves.

To those Christians and Jews who watch horrors committed in the name of Islam, we say please don’t make your final judgment about Muslims and Islam. We recognize that we have to clean our own house and we have begun.

Please join us at the rally on May 14th so we can send a clear message to the world that American Muslims, Christians and Jews are united against terror and for a better world. We promise to do our part but please do your part by joining us on May 14th.