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A Palestinan mother and her husband are enraged that the Al Asqua thugs, tied to Abbas's ruling Fatah party, sent their 9th grade son on a suicide mission.

The mother called them "criminals"! The father denounced his son's dispatchers as "spies and collaborators."

  • "They are not human beings. This is a crime - they have no feeling, no religion. They don't fear God. He's just a child. If he was a child from a rich family they would not have sent him there. But because he is poor and he's from the refugee camp they play with his head. I hope that God will avenge this."

And who saved their son's life? The Israeli Army.


  • Leaders of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades in Nablus have denied that the group was using minors for launching attacks on the IDF. But several sources in the city, including the boy's family and PA security officials, insist that the group was behind the botched attack..... had recruited Mohammed after persuading him that he would be rewarded in heaven for killing Jews. They also promised to support his family after he becomes a shahid (martyr).

Yet lest you think there is actual sanity the mother comments -

  • "He's like any Palestinian child – he loves his homeland and wants to be a martyr," she said. "But if he would have told me that he was going to do that I would have prevented him. Would I have sent my son to his death?"

And she then tells us -

  • "I thank God many times that he was arrested and he's not dead....... the one who sent him is an adult and he probably has children - why did he not send his own children? His children are dear to him, but other people's children don't matter."
This is the fifteenth incident in the past two months in which Palestinian youths under the age of 18 have attempted to detonate explosive devices at checkpoints or smuggle weapons via the crossings.

  • However, Mohammed Subuh, a senior official with the Palestinian Authority's Information Minister, claimed that Israel was behind the incident, staging the near-attack in attempt to undermine PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas's talks with US President George W. Bush.

  • "We have launched an investigation and if it is proven that they do belong to our group we will fire them and announce their names and hand them over to the Palestinian security forces."
  1. A Prominent Palestinian proponent of non violent protest has been murdered

  2. PA Ousts Dr. Sari Nusseibeh
    The Palestinian Authority (PA) has decided to oust Dr. Sari Nusseibeh as the president of Al-Quds University...... seems to be the result of pressure exerted by “Palestinian political and academic circles” following Nusseibeh’s decision to sign a cooperation agreement with Hebrew University at a time when British academics are working to strengthen their boycott against Israeli universities.

BUT DON'T WORRY Abu Mazen says that without Progress (from Israel) 'We Will Return to Armed Resistance'

Hamas says it will keep on killing

  • GAZA CITY (AFP) - The radical Islamist group Hamas rejected calls from Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas for the movement to renounce violence and hold dialogue with the ruling Fatah party.
  • “We think that the past experience of our people with the Israeli occupation confirms that resistance is the main language that this occupation understands,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told AFP in Gaza City.
  • “Peace agreements will only bring further losses and push back our cause,” he added Monday, pointing out that Abbas’s Fatah party also maintains its own armed wing, the loosely affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

AND Get Ready for the Hamas Terrorist State in Gaza

  • The Gaza Strip is becoming the Hamas state, no doubt about it. Former Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) director Avi Dichter publicly warned again this week that the Hamas is setting up in Gaza “an army of thousands of armed men based on the model of the Hizbullah in Lebanon.”
  • There is, however, a difference between the two organizations. Hizbullah is only one of several armed organizations inside Lebanon, and the country has a government and an army that don’t dare to dismantle them. In Gaza, Hamas continues to hold on to weapons and manpower to take control of the nascent Palestinian state.
  • Some politicians and naive experts in Jerusalem and Washington are consoling themselves with the thought that by participating in the elections Hamas will turn into a political body, just as Hizbullah is also a political party in Lebanon.
  • The intelligence agencies of the US and Israel are aware of the fact stated by Dichter and the outgoing IDF chief of staff, Moshe Ya’alon, that large quantities of weapons are being constantly smuggled to the Gaza Strip. In 2004 alone about 10,000 automatic rifles and a 1,000 RPG anti-tank weapons were smuggled in.
  • The dimensions of the smuggling have now reached a new peak since the IDF is hesitant to carry out military operations in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians are digging additional tunnels both for smuggling weapons and for perpetrating terrorist attacks against IDF bases and the settlements that are about to be uprooted.


It's COMMON SENSE (not that common sense ever applies to the Middle East or Israeli/Palestinian conflict) that the Israeli conflict has nothing to do with how a regular Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Moroccan or Sudanese lives.... How could it?

But of course if you listen to the Malaysian Moonbat (It's the Jooooooooos), the Western MSM, the lying Arabic Dictators and their state controlled press you'd actually enter into a state devoid of common sense.

But then there's this Syrian blogger or BIG PHARAOH from Egypt telling you what is going on without any Dictatorship or MSM distortion. And waddya know, it makes sense and is funny too.

However, most of the world actually believes the Middle East is backwards and can't go forward due to the Israeli conflict 'holding the Arabs back'... Which is insanity! Clinton stated that a 'resolution' would at least prevent the Arab/Muslim world from using it as an excuse any longer. That is a pipedream and only a shade better on the insanity scale.

I heard French Quebicians are now starting to say Yankee Anglicans 'suppressing the Native Americans' and 'ruling' the world is the root cause of their 'suppression' by the Anglican Canadian government.

Well it's good to see that apparently the Arab Street believes otherwise?

What Arabs Really Think
by James Dunnigan
May 29, 2005

Discussion Board on this DLS topic

What do Arabs really think about the problems that afflict them, and how is this related to the issues Islamic terrorists are fighting and dying (and killing) for? A recent "Opinion Survey of the Arab Street 2005" by Al Arabiya news network provides some interesting answers. The survey sought to see what Arabs thought about the relative lack of economic progress in the Arab world.

In answer to the question, “What is stalling development in the Arab world?"

  1. 81 percent chose "Governments are unwilling to implement change and reform"
  2. 8 percent citing "The ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict,"
  3. 7 percent "Civil society is failing to convince governments"
  4. 4 percent chose "Terrorism."
Another question, "What is the fastest way to achieve development in the Arab world?"

  1. 67 percent choosing "Ensuring the rule of law through justice and law enforcement"
  2. 23 percent chose "Enhancing freedom of speech"
  3. 10 percent chose "Resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict."
Islamic terrorists represent a small minority of Arab thinking, and interests. But most Arab media and governments, for obvious reasons, avoid the “bad government” issues and instead concentrate on the Arab-Israeli conflict as the cause of all that is bad in the Arab world.

While few Arab governments support all Islamic terrorists, many support some (like the Palestinian terrorists, or Hizbollah in Lebanon).

An Arab government will support terrorists as long as there is no terrorist attacks against themselves, and the terrorists are working against the government’s enemies. Syria has played this game enthusiastically, perhaps too much so, for decades. By getting behind terrorism and hostility towards Israel, Arab dictatorships believe this will distract their people from problems closer to home. But this ploy is working less well of late. The invasion of Iraq in 2003, the forcible removal of an Arab dictator and enthusiastic participation in democratic elections has terrified Arab despots throughout the Middle East. The Islamic terrorists are generally hostile to Arab dictators, but have made deals with the devil in order to survive. Increasingly, Arab people are fed up with the tyrants and terrorists, and are willing to do something about it.


Rabbi With A Pedigree
Reconstructionist rabbinic student is a direct descendant of FDR.
Gabrielle Birkner - Staff Writer

Joshua Boettiger may be the only rabbinic student who can trace his roots to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The 31-year-old is a great-grandson of Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Depression and World War II leader alternately exalted and reviled by the American Jewish community.

The elder son of an Episcopalian father -- the son of President Roosevelt's daughter, Anna -- and a Jewish mother, Boettiger grew up attending church and synagogue. "I don't know whether to be Jewish or Christian," a 5-year-old Boettiger told his parents. "I think I'll just be Republican.

A Republican Roosevelt: Now that would be downright heretical.

"Anything but that," Boettiger remembers his mother saying.

Conservative politics was, of course, no antidote to the youngster's religious quandary.

When Boettiger was 13, his now-divorced parents threw him a "Josh Mitzvah," a Jewish coming-of-age ceremony that was more intellectual than religious in nature.

But what ultimately catapulted Boettiger from a spiritual no man's land was the college semester he spent in Damascus, Syria, where he was forced to conceal his Jewish roots. "Syria had more to do with my commitment to Judaism than any of my trips to Israel," said Boettiger, who grew up in North Hampton, Mass. and Sebastopol, Calif. "It wasn't until my Jewish identity was called into question that I realized how important it was to me."

Boettiger graduated from Bard College (essentially Berkeley via upstate New York) in 1996 and worked as a carpenter, building timber-framed homes in upstate New York and Northern California. He took special interest in building "sacred spaces," like sukkahs and meditation rooms. After four years of woodworking, Boettiger began to reevaluate his career trajectory.

The roan-haired rabbinic intern, who on a recent morning donned baggy tweed pants, a brown knit sweater, small silver hoop earrings and a loosely crocheted yarmulke, said he loved working with his hands, but "missed the world of ideas."

Looking to change course, he boarded a plane for Israel. He spent the next year studying at Jerusalem's Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, constructing houses for Israel's Bedouin communities and volunteering with Rabbis for Human Rights, an interdenominational group advocating the fair and humane treatment of Palestinians living in the disputed territories.

Boettiger returned to the United States to enroll in the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College outside Philadelphia. He said he was drawn to the Reconstructionist movement because "it's about affirming that we live in two cultures - one religious and one secular" and the nexus of these cultures. The ideology resonated with Boettiger, who knows a thing or two about intersecting identities.

Last year, Boettiger was a rabbinic intern at the Society for the Advancement of Judaism, an Upper West Side (Manhattan) congregation affiliated with both the Conservative and Reconstructionist movements. Now in his final year of rabbinical school, he serves as a rabbinic intern at Mishkan Ha'am, a 35-family Reconstructionst synagogue in Hastings-on-Hudson in Westchester County.

Micah Sifry, the congregation's president, said Boettiger is an heir completely without airs. "He [embodies] a combination of youth and deep knowledge," Sifry said. "Joshua has a modest personality and a real seriousness. He is obviously on the same type of search many our members are on. What's fascinating is that he is both very Jewish and carrying a bit of the Roosevelt family legacy. There's that sense of being on a moral crusade, which was true for Franklin, and maybe even more so for Eleanor. We feel blessed to share in that."

Boettiger agreed that his presidential yiches, or pedigree, complements his work as a rabbi. "Jews are commanded to work towards a just and holy society," he told The Jewish Week. "Those values were mirrored in what Franklin and Eleanor worked for throughout their lives. I take from both traditions, and there's really a confluence."

The sweeping social legislation Roosevelt enacted during the Great Depression and his decision to enter World War II endeared him to American Jews, who saw him as an advocate for the poor and dispossessed. More recently though, research has questioned what the American president knew and might have done to hinder the Nazi methods of extermination, leading onetime supporters to charge that he could have done more for world Jewry.

Boettiger is quick to acknowledge that his great-grandfather could have helped save more Eastern European Jews an almost certain death in Hitler's Europe. "People ask me 'How culpable was FDR?' " Boettiger said. "I'm ambivalent to talk about it because I'm not an historian, but it's clear he didn't do all he could have. I think he was blinded by the larger focus of ending the war as soon as possible."

People want to know who is to blame for the Holocaust, Boettiger said. "I think the more important question we should be asking is 'Did we learn anything from the Holocaust?' " he said. "The short answer, and the long answer, is no," Boettiger said. "The world continues to stand by as violence and genocide is carried out."

Boettiger, who is single, still volunteers with Rabbis for Human Rights and, upon graduation from rabbinical school, wants to be a pastoral caregiver, possibly in Northern California.

Boettiger's father, John, who was the first to introduce his son to the teachings of Jewish thinkers Martin Buber and Abraham Joshua Heschel, said he wholeheartedly supports his son's career choice. "It is in Joshua's nature to be a caretaker of the soul, a nourisher of the community," John Boettiger said. "I knew he would do that wherever he found himself."

He also said Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, with whom the elder Boettiger lived in the White House until he was 7, would have been proud of Joshua's decision to enter the rabbinate."

I think my grandfather would have been tickled and enormously pleased," he said. "My grandmother would have been deeply affected by his choice. I think if Josh walked in her study, and said, 'Grand-mere, I'm going to be a rabbi,' she would have invited him to come and sit by the fire. She would ask him 'why' and 'how.' They would talk late into the night. He would have told her his reasons for becoming a rabbi, and I know how warmly she would have embraced those reasons."

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The BBC says the Crusades movie Kingdom of Heaven is a hit in Britain. However, a Cambridge Professor in the article opines that it's Osama Ben Laden's version of history.
The BBC later reports that Arab critics back the movie.
Robert Spencer says its a Crusade Against History.
The left wing British Independent makes an attempt at down the middle review.

Oriana Fallaci is being sued in Italy due to Europe's limit on free speech laws, or "anti hate" laws. Her latest book which says a lot of things about Islam and its history that you can't say in today's PC world.

Btw, she is a far leftist reporter/commenter from the 70's who was a vocal supporter of the Palestinians. She later made further trips to the Middle East and became enraged at what she feels are problems much more prevalent with the basic zeitgeist of Islam than the West realizes or wants to realize.

By the way she lives in secret and semi seclusion for her health.

Dagger in hand blog reports
The 18 things you can't say about Muslims in Italy.
I now have a pdf copy of an article from the Italian newspaper Libero, which reproduces the text of the complaint filed against Fallaci.
  1. during the occupation of Montecassino in the 9th century “the Muslims amused themselves by sacrificing each night the virginity of a nun. Do you know where? On the altar of the cathedral.”
  2. while occupying Constantinople in 1453, the Turks led by Mohammed II “decapitated even newborns. And extinguished candles with their little heads.”
  3. “In a woman the Koran sees above all a womb to give birth.”
  4. “In the dream that the sons of Allah have been nurturing for years, the dream of blowing up Giotto’s Tower or the Tower of Pisa or the cupola of St. Peter’s or the Eiffel Tower or Westminster Abbey or the cathedral of Cologne and so on . . ."
  5. “…halal butchery is barbarous” just as “shechita butchery is barbarous. That is, the Jewish version which is carried out in the same way and consists of slitting the animals’ throats without dazing them.”
  6. France is a country “where Islamic racism, that is the hatred of the infidel-dogs, reigns supreme and is never put on trial, never punished. Where the Muslims declare openly: “We must take advantage of the democratic space that France offers us, we must exploit democracy, that is, make use of it to occupy territory.” Where not a few of them add: “In Europe the Nazi position was not understood. Or not by all. It was judged a vehicle of homicidal folly, when actually Hitler was a great man.”
  7. for Muslims “biology is a shameless science because it is occupied with the human body and sex.”
  8. “ . . . we will have to resign ourselves to the yoke of a creed that . . . instead of love spreads hatred and instead of liberty slavery.”
  9. “a Right and a Left . . . that (in Italy) are both on the side of the enemy (Islam).”
  10. the demands of the Islamics with regard to school curricula mean that in literature classes “we will not be allowed to include for example The Divine Comedy . . .nor the Canticle of Creatures nor the Sacred Hymns of Alessandra Manzoni . . .” etc. etc.
  11. “ . . . the uncouth wailing of the muezzin . . .”
  12. the terrorist attacks of the last twenty years have caused six thousand deaths “to the glory of the Koran. In obedience to its verses.”
  13. “Our Jesus of Nazareth . . . they put him in their Danna where he eats like Trimalchio, drinks like a drunkard, screws like a sexual maniac.”
  14. “. . . the revolting, reactionary, obtuse, feudal Right is found today only in Islam. It is Islam.”
  15. infibulation is “the mutilation that the Muslims force on little girls to prevent them, once they are grown . . . from enjoying the sexual act. It is a female castration that the Muslims practice in twenty-eight countries of Islamic Africa and because of which two million persons die each year from sepsis or loss of blood . . .”
  16. the Italians afflicted by atavistic loss of pride “are not offended when Islamic immigrants urinate on their monuments or soil the sacristies of their churches or toss their crucifixes out the window of a hospital.”
  17. “. . . Islam is a pond. And a pond is a trough of stagnant water. . . it is never purified . . . it is easily polluted, like a watering hole for livestock of little value. The pond does not love life: It loves death . . .”
  18. “ . . .despite the massacres through which the sons of Allah have bloodied us and bloodied themselves for over thirty years, the war that Islam has declared against the West . . . is a cultural war. . .they kill us in order to bend us. To intimidate us . . . Their goal is not to fill cemeteries. Not to destroy our skyscrapers . . . It is to destroy our soul, our ideas. Our feelings and our dreams. It is to subjugate the West once again.”

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What's incredible is how many Amnesty International reports highlighted this man's brutal prison sentence. Was he involved in suicide bombings, shootings or violent protests. NO, he only protested for peace and against the sub human fostered hate of Jews and Israel in all places of Bangladesh, a supposed 'moderate' Muslim country.

Nightmare in Dhaka
May. 19, 2005

We expect people to be punished for crimes, and that immorality will have its consequences. We do not expect people to be arrested, tortured and imprisoned for favoring global peace, interfaith dialogue and ending religious hatred. But that is precisely what happened to me.

What was my "crime"? Being a living contradiction: a Zionist and a devout Muslim living in Bangladesh, the world's second-largest Muslim country.

As a journalist, I counteracted the biased "news" that promoted hatred of Israel and Jews; condemned terrorism, promoted the free exchange of ideas and urged Bangladesh to recognize Israel. My colleague, Dr. Richard Benkin, and I worked together and saw the start of real debate. We were ecstatic and hopeful.

But on November 29, 2003, police grabbed me as I was about to board a plane for Tel Aviv, at the invitation of Dr. Ada Aharoni, to address the Hebrew Writers Association on the media's role in creating cultures of peace.

At the airport, spiritually in Israel though physically still in Dhaka, my heart ached to kiss Israel's holy soil. I presented my passport. The inspector glared at me and raised his eyebrows. Silently, he rose and escorted me to a higher official's office.

Clearly, they had planned this. The official's cold words crushed me: "You cannot travel on this flight." He motioned, and several officers ripped open my luggage and ran through its contents - a few meager belongings and small gifts. They searched my bag and my person, seized my passport, tickets and $3,000. I stood silent, shocked, until an officer said, "Mr. Choudhury, you are under arrest for attempted travel to an enemy country."

I could remain silent no longer. "Enemy country? How is Israel an enemy of Bangladesh? Are we at war?"

"No," he said, "but Bangladeshi passports are not valid for travel there. We have no diplomatic relations with them."

"Bangladesh has no diplomatic relations with Taiwan either," I replied, "but we can travel to that country."

"The two situations are quite different," he waved a hand. "We have no relations with Taiwan only to keep China happy. But Israel offends our religious sentiments."

That was it, right there; the reason behind it all. I retorted that it was nonsense to call Israel an enemy of Islam, but to no avail. We argued until I was taken to an isolated and dark prison cell. Late that night guards led me, blindfolded and exhausted, to a small interrogation room. They accused me of spying for Israel and threatened dire consequences if I did not confess. They badgered me for hours, but I denied the charge.

"My mission is peace," I said, standing firm. Back in my cell, swarms of mosquitoes gorged on my blood while, famished, I had a mere crust of bread and water from the toilet tap. I was disgusted and sickened, but so hungry that I ate.

The following day I appeared before the metropolitan magistrate, where my lawyer sought bail and the police requested I be remanded for interrogation. The matter was decided before it began.

MANY PEOPLE know my story, my imprisonment beyond legal limits, the sedition charge and denial of due process. Only now can I convey the barbarism to which I was subjected in the name of interrogation - falsely in the name of Islam and Bangladesh.

I was continuously blindfolded, made physically and mentally weak from the ordeal, thrown in a cell for the insane and denied a bath or basic hygiene. Only after international outrage was I placed in Cell 15 which, though reserved for notorious criminals, was a slight improvement for me.

My situation became more precarious with every passing day. My health deteriorated markedly and I was denied much-needed medical care. Only my faith, conviction and supporters prevented me from succumbing to the despair. My fellow prisoners called me "friend of the Jews."

Outside, police ransacked my home and office and seized my property, not even sparing my daughter's personal computer. They mistreated my mother and wife. My family was deprived of a living; our businesses were closed and looted. Their severe economic constraints were made worse by the ongoing legal bills. We sold off assets to survive. Dr. Benkin sent us money while my family tried frantically and in vain to secure bail.

In August, my mother died of a massive heart attack. The pain of my imprisonment and the uncertainty of ever seeing me again proved too much.

My worst moments came when the temporary bail that would allow me to attend my mother's funeral was revoked. I cried for hours, alone in my prison cell. The prime minister ordered an inquiry into the matter, but was ignored. My family was told that government "higher-ups" were the culprits.

In January, I was shocked to see the government's charge sheet naming Drs. Benkin and Aharoni as my espionage contacts. How would they react? My brother informed Dr. Benkin, who said: "If my brother can take the pain of imprisonment and face trial for achieving our common goal, I can at least be in Bangladesh to say, 'I am with you!" Dr. Benkin led the fight to free me and is no mere friend but my loving brother, with whom I am proud to work. His words strengthened me.

In April, US Congressman Mark Kirk took up my case as his own and called a meeting with Dr. Benkin and Washington's Bangladeshi ambassador. His action seemed to awaken the Bangladesh government, which released me three weeks later.

A court appearance on May 25 should dispose of the charges, and I am confident that Bangladesh is moving in a positive direction. I hope to see our government sponsor interfaith conferences and support a free and open press so that my people will be able to take back our nation and return us to our tradition of tolerance.

Many Muslims believe that they cannot be friends with Jews, but I am living proof that such friendship is possible. When my own people turned their backs on me, my Jewish friends stood by me. The only way our two nations will know true peace is through the understanding that contact, commerce and dialogue brings; and I will work tirelessly in that great effort.

The writer was publisher and editor of the Bangladeshi magazine Weekly Blitz, which was ransacked during his imprisonment.

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To Al Jazeera and the Arab world its "controversial" to state Israel has a right to exist? Imagine that?

And Palestinian 'academics' state 'when they achieve their full independence' then they would 'normalize' relations with Israel?

The only problem is Israel doesn't need them, they need Israel. And until they stop educating kids in a culture of hatred and glory to murder Jews, then there will never be peace and Israel will not nor should not engage in assisting any Palestinian state to be. However, this give and take never occurs on any radar screen nor does a definition of what 'independence' is defined as, ie.. the destruction of Israel.

Further, an Al Quds Professor flat out admits that its University can not continue without consultation and interaction with Hebrew University, a University which educates and graduates Arabs every year. Amazing because Al Quds, which Israel help build, is the college that had a full model display of a suicide bombed Sbarro's pizzeria with 'Jewish bodyparts' strewn on the ceiling, floor and out the window. This is supposed to be among the better of Palestinian Universities.

Palestinian union wants academic fired

'A Palestinian teachers union has called for the dismissal of Al-Quds University President Sari Nussaiba for "normalising ties with Israel" and "serving Israeli propaganda interests"...' (hat tip Solomonia)

"This constitutes a strong blow to the Palestinian national consensus against normalisation with Israel," said the statement.

"We call on all concerned parties within the Palestinian Authority, including President Mahmoud Abbas and the Higher Education Council, to take the necessary measures to put an end to this behaviour, which doesn't represent the position of the Palestinian university teachers and employees, and dismiss the president of the Al-Quds University."

The statement also accused Nussaiba of acting against a recent decision by Britain's Association of University Teachers to boycott Israel's Haifa and Bar Ilan universities.

Last week, Nussaiba, who signed a cooperation agreement with Hebrew University, reportedly criticised the British boycott, describing it as "wrong and unjustified".

He was quoted as saying that "problems should be resolved through dialogue not through sanctions".

Nussaiba's remarks angered the Palestinian academic community, which accused Nussaiba of

  1. "allowing himself to be used by the powerful Israeli lobby for the purpose of perpetuating Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank".

Speaking to, a number of Palestinian academics denounced Nussaiba for what they said was "acting against Palestinian interests".

However, Al-Quds University official Imad Abu Kishk defended Nussaiba's "overtures toward the Israeli society".

"We must open bridges between us and the Israeli society. Sharon is hermetically closing Jerusalem and cutting it off from the West Bank; he is stealing our land and building more colonies. Hence, we must communicate with the Israeli society and tell Israeli Jews that what Sharon is doing is wrong," Abu Kishk told

He added that cooperation with Hebrew University was necessary for the survival of Al-Quds University.

Abu Kishk declined to elaborate on Nussaiba's criticisms of the British union's boycott decision.

"I have not read his statements in this regard, but I can tell you that we will never have any dealings with the settler college in Ariel," Abu Kishk said.

However, Muhammad Abu Zaid, head of the Beir Zeit University Union of Teachers and Employees, dismissed Kishk's arguments as "spurious and inconsistent".

"The world must understand that there is no symmetry between the occupied and the occupier. When we achieve freedom and independence, we can then cooperate with the Israelis as free men and women, not as subjects and slaves with no civil, political or even human rights.

Controversial figure

The Geneva initiative recognisedIsrael as a Jewish state Nussaiba, son of the Jordanian minister of defence during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, Anwar Nussaiba, has been a controversial figure.

Two years ago, he and a former head of the domestic Israeli intelligence service, the Shin Bet, signed in Switzerland the so-called Geneva initiative, which stipulated that Israel had the right to be an exclusive Jewish state.

Nussaiba was accused of giving attention to Israeli needs while ignoring Palestinian rights.

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Big Pharaoh with another one of his great posts. It's a continuation of a theme of his I previously talked about here....
The Arab world cares only about a dead body caused by an American or Israeli 'action' and nothing of one killed or even slaughtered by an Arab terrorist, dictator or gang.

May 23, 2005

Thomas Friedman wrote a couple of editorials expressing his surprise that riots would erupt after the Quran issue while no one moved when thousands of Iraqis were killed and maimed by terrorists in Iraq. When I said that leaking Saddam’s pictures would infuriate the Arab/Muslim world, a number of readers lashed out at me screaming “big deal, a dictator in his underwear, what about those who were deliberately killed in Iraq and the heads that were chopped?”. I fully agree with this rationale and I want to try to offer my 5 cents regarding this particular issue.

The whole idea revolves around the radioactive level of anti-Americanism here. I once said on this blog that here a corpse with an Israeli or an American bullet in it is worth much more than 100 bodies that were torn apart by a suicide bomber in Iraq.

This is so evident in the reaction towards the massacres of both the southern Lebanese city of Qana in 1996 and of the Iraqi Shia dominated city of Hilla this year. In Qana, over 100 Lebanese civilians were killed when an Israeli artillery shell hit a UN shelter (Israel said it was a military mistake). The entire region erupted in flames when this tragedy happened. On the other hand, more civilians were slaughtered in Hilla, yet unlike Qana, very few Arabs or Muslims are actually aware of where Hilla exists. Qana happened 9 years ago, Hilla happened 3 months ago.

You see the trend? The Qana civilians were killed by Israeli soldiers so we shout and foam at the mouth, the Hilla civilians were killed by a Jordanian terrorists so we go along doing our normal business.

Are we heartless? No. Are we senseless? No. Then why this awful indifference to the lives of the same Iraqis whom we pretended we cared about when we demonstrated against the war in Iraq? The answer lies in the level of media induced Anti-Americanism that anesthetizes our feelings and prevents us from seeing the actual picture of Iraq.

The anti-Americanism* that is running like a drug in our blood stream cripples our ability to rationalize and view Iraq from an Iraqi and not of an American prism. Whenever the word Iraq is mentioned, we tend to think about the “brutal occupation” and how the US is trying to “install a puppet there”. We don’t think about the different sects of Iraq, the perception of each sect towards what happened, the Ayatollahs of Najaf, who supports the US in Iraq, who is against the US, the elections, why did 8.5 million Iraqis go to the booths if it is all an American ploy, etc.

The extremely complicated mechanism of Iraqi politics and society is nonexistent in our psyche, to us Iraq is just composed of an American army and “Iraqis” fighting it.

This level of anti-Americanism leads to 2 things:

  1. either we ignore the terrorists in Iraq and pretend that they are not there or
  2. we accept what the terrorists do as legitimate form of “resisting the occupation”.
We cannot talk about anti-Americanism per se without mentioning its main vehicle and enhancer which is our media.

  1. The media here talks about how the US is biased towards Israel while it never mentions that Bill Clinton met Yasser Arafat more than any other leader in the world.
  2. The media tells us that 911 happened because of the US’ bias towards Israel while it never mentions that the 19 terrorists were in their Florida flight schools while Bill Clinton was in Camp David trying to create a Palestinian state.
  3. Victims of American military action in Iraq are paraded on our TV screens and newspapers while victims of Zarkawi and the Sudan regime receive very limited media coverage.
So, next time someone from the Middle East tells you that he hates the American government because of “Israel’s killing of women and children in Palestine” and the occupation of Iraq”, look him in the eyes, take a deep breath, and say BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.*


First see Robert Arial's Cartoon on the Newsweek "Koran Desecration" - May 22, 2005
Cox and Forkum Bibliocide - May 18, 2005

More than the Koran
By Suzanne Fields
The Washington Times
May 23, 2005

No matter what you think of the inaccurate Newsweek item about flushing the Koran down a Guantanamo toilet, it's a mistake to say, as the White House does, that Muslims died because of it. Toilets don't kill people, fanatics do.

Americans don't kill each other over burning the Bible, as reprehensible as Bible-burning would be, nor did any of us take to the streets to shout insults at Muslim "infidels" when Palestinian Muslims used pages from a Bible as toilet paper during the occupation of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, or when Islamic radicals beheaded Daniel Pearl, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, simply because he was a Jew. We mourned him with word and ceremony. The soldiers who abused Muslims at Abu Ghraib prison were brought to trial, after the U.S. Army itself exposed the scandal.

Afghan rioters who were whipped into a frenzyofhatred against America by their Islamist imams were nurtured on violence long before the publication of the Newsweek article and their leaders exploited the Newsweek item for their own cynical purposes. The imams may be the only people in the world who benefited from the Newsweek story. With the White House spreading the word about its "respect" for Islam and the Koran (and coming close to pandering to Muslim red-hots), it's useful to point out how Islam and the Islamic holy book are used to encourage violence.

Americans are poorly educated in the ways of Islam and the White House doesn't help when, seeking to appease, it simplifies the complex and varying interpretations of the Koran. Only recently, parents in Scottsdale, Ariz., objected to a new seventh grade history textbook because it distorts significant interpretations of the Koran, ignoring the way it is used to further the global ambitions of militant Islam.

The book, "History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond," was examined by Gilbert T. Sewall, director of the American Textbook Council, an organization that reviews history textbooks and social studies curricula. He agrees with the objections of the parents. He further observed that its chief author-adviser is an apologist for Islamists. The text renders "jihad" (holy war) uncritically and in lyrical terms, as "a struggle within each individual to overcome difficulties and strive to please God, [which] may become a physical struggle for protection against enemies." This is exactly how Islamists define the jihadists who crashed the airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11. The Teachers' Curriculum Institute, publisher of the textbook, is pushing the textbook now into the lucrative textbook market in California.

Two years ago the American Textbook Council studied seven widely adopted world history textbooks for grades seven to twelve and found that many hold Western civilization to a much higher standard than non-Western civilizations, especially Islam. Diane Ravitch, a historian of education, shows how textbooks distort by omission. In her book, "The Language Police," she cites one text that observes how the Koran "sets harsh penalties for crimes such as stealing or murder," but does not explain that the "harsh penalties" include chopping off the hands of thieves, or that women adulterers are publicly stoned or beheaded in strict Islamic societies such as Saudi Arabia. In discussing "enhanced rights" for Muslim women, texts acknowledge that a man can have four wives, but note, approvingly, that he must support all four of them equally. This is progress, perhaps, but only from the eighth to the ninth century.

Many of the textbooks that Palestinian children use include Islamist messages that Israel and the United States must be destroyed because they are "the big and little Satans." Maps of the Middle East continue to omit Israel. Schools and communities continue to celebrate suicide bombers against both countries.

By contrast, Israeli school children are taught positive images of Islam and Arab culture.

The Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, a non-political, nonprofit organization, reviewed 360 Israeli textbooks and found them to focus on reconciliation, tolerance and peace without instigation toward hatred. Israeli textbooks aim to educate against stereotypes of "evil" Arabs and "bad" Muslims. The Israeli government actively supports "Seeds of Peace," a program that brings Arab and Jewish teenagers together with an emphasis on reducing prejudice before it matures and festers. President Bush praises it for bringing tomorrow's leaders together, "changing minds and hearts one person at a time."

That's good as far as it goes, but civilized men must find ways to move a little faster. More suicide bombers are in training.

UPDATE: Also see Jeff Jacoby's excellent article Why Islam is disrespected.

  1. No one recalled, for example, that American Catholics lashed out in violent rampages in 1989, after photographer Andres Serrano's ''Piss Christ" -- a photograph of a crucifix submerged in urine -- was included in an exhibition subsidized by the National Endowment for the Arts. Or that they rioted in 1992 when singer Sinead O'Connor, appearing on ''Saturday Night Live," ripped up a photograph of Pope John Paul II.
  2. There was no reminder that Jewish communities erupted in lethal violence in 2000, after Arabs demolished Joseph's Tomb, torching the ancient shrine and murdering a young rabbi who tried to save a Torah from the flames.
  3. And nobody noted that Buddhists went on a killing spree in 2001 in response to the destruction of two priceless, 1,500-year-old statues of Buddha by the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Of course, there was a good reason all these bloody protests went unremembered in the coverage of the Newsweek affair: They never occurred. Christians, Jews, and Buddhists don't lash out in homicidal rage when their religion is insulted. They don't call for holy war and riot in the streets. It would be unthinkable today for a mainstream priest, rabbi, or lama to demand that a blasphemer be slain.

What they (Muslims) need is a blunt reminder that the real desecration of Islam is not what some interrogator in Guantanamo might have done to the Koran. It is what totalitarian Muslim zealots have been doing to innocent human beings in the name of Islam.

  • It is 9/11 and Beslan and Bali and Daniel Pearl and the USS Cole. It is trains in Madrid and schoolbuses in Israel and an ''insurgency" in Iraq that slaughters Muslims as they pray and vote and line up for work. It is Hamas and Al Qaeda and sermons filled with infidel-hatred and exhortations to ''martyrdom."

But what disgraces Islam above all is the vast majority of the planet's Muslims saying nothing and doing nothing about the jihadist cancer eating away at their religion. It is Free Muslims Against Terrorism, a pro-democracy organization, calling on Muslims and Middle Easterners to ''converge on our nation's capital for a rally against terrorism" this month -- and having only 50 people show up.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

McLaughlin Group Kisses Galloway's Arsh


For a topical polticial debate show that is supposed to provide a 'deeper' analysis the McLaughlin Group may have proven itself completely inept in today's internet high speed news environment.

I unfortunately had the television tuned in to NBC when the McLaughlin Group came on. This 'debate' show on the political issues of the day is where many of today's pundits got their start before there was a CNN or a Fox. It used to be one of the only places to here both sides debating.
This week's "esteemed" panelists were -

  1. John McLaughlin
  2. Eleanor Clift
  3. Tony Blankley (Washington Times)
  4. Pat Buchanan
  5. Bill Press

Before you read this you should fully read an actual deep intellectual analysis by Christopher Hitchens of the pseudo intellectual rogue demagogue.

From all of the glowing ass kissing you wonder how they were able to hide their blushing admiration while "analyzing" his so-called testimony. I didn't tape it? (did any other bloggers tape it?) The VIDEO is not available yet at the site.
  • (Go to the main site and seach for May 2005 shows here are the previous 2 week's shows listed today - 5/06/05 Download Video - 5/13/05 Download Video)

Clift always more concerned about Republican power stuck to her pathetic nanananana" partisanship and not only couldn't be bathered to give a comment on the blood money Galloway and his cohort are implicated in, (the largest theft of the modern world) she actually defended this thug's 'honour'!! (british spelling)

In her typical infantile fashion she also then states she's in agreement with Galloway that instead Wolfowitz should be held responsible for the 8 Billion dollars "missing" or another words the supposed 'theft' of Iraqi money during the first 18 months of occupation. Of course the reason we invaded to steal Iraqi money you idiot!!

A classic false flag thrown up by the snake demagogue Galloway swallowed gleefully by this pathetic partisan masquerading as analyst on the tube.

Later she has the absolute balls to concur with Galloway and the damage of 'sanctions' to Iraqis another false flag Galloway throws up. Let alone the sanctions were under her boy Clinton and approved by the "eminent" UN which is also responsible for stealing billions from US taxpayers and Iraqis in Oil for Food. As Hitchens notes they complain about sanctions but then their solution is un-shackling a 1 man brutal mass murderer, not removing him. More shifty disconnected barbs this "analyst" we are punished to watch on television.


Only Blankley, who referred to Galloway as a demagogue tried to counter against the consensus a** kissing of Galloway's lies, theatrics and hystreonic bull**it.

After McLaughlin, Clift and Press all eager to find anyone to bash Republicans in power gave glowing reports of the thugish "likely" thief. Buchanan smiling out of the side of his mouth (who didn't say it but of course loved Galloway's accusation of Senators of 'neocons' 'AIPAC' members) said he 'doesn't think Galloway is guilty of taking money in oil for food but slightly agreed with Blankley's assessment as well'. Mealy mouthed bullshit, another words he loves it even if the guy is a piece of crap, keep bashing the 'neocons' my Scottish brother. Buchanan who would partner with anyone to bash 'neocons' ANYONE.... even Marxist anti-Americans.

If Galloway mini me, 'Reverend' Al Sharpton was doing the same would Pat be as deferential? I would have to say yes, if it met his end game.

Just because the Galloway's best man and Middle East contact did tons of business with Saddam and his Baathist regime and is all over the Oil for Food books which directly implicate him - the McLaughlin Group let's us know that doesn't mean you can implicate Gorgeous George?? And these supposed 'analysts' are more informed than the average public? (thank g-d for the blogsphere!!)

Clift even rebuffed the Times reporter by stating that the London paper had to stand down on its accusation. Glaringly showing her either feigned or total ignorance. Galloway didn't deny the report in the suit and also refuses to answer several questions. Plus, the paper didn't stand down on its accusation either and is appealing. You'd have to believe Clift knew this?

You can read Hitchens intelligent analysis of the total picture above. Again, the dumbmasses (no pun intended of course) are enlightened by this group's analysis.

From watching this you would think Galloway was an honorable chap trying to stick up against the thieving US who stole Iraqi's money.... Its unreal the pathetic bedfellows this topic makes on this "analysis" show. Galloway's clever demagoguic theatrics were only to be treated with respect and deference.

Amazing because McLaughlin led off Newsweek segment by stating though the story was recanted that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't true. Questioning the US at Guantonomo but admiringly and unquestioningly defending a Blood for Oil thief who shilled for a mass murderer and likely benefitted financially for doing so!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

AP'S 'Cycle of Violence' and 'Cease Fire' which includes Suicide Bombings and Mortar Firings

What 'Cease-Fire?

A bunch of Hamas terrorists were setting up mortars to fire at Gush Katif. They got four off. And then the IAF tossed fire their way.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - An Israeli aircraft Wednesday fired at a group of Hamas militants who were about to shoot mortar shells at a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip, the army and witnesses said. The new violence threatened a fragile cease-fire declared in February.

The airstrike came minutes after militants fired four mortar shells at the Gush Katif settlement bloc. The army said it spotted two Palestinians preparing to fire more mortars when it attacked.

Hamas said one of its members was critically wounded while conducting a "holy mission." After the airstrike, militants fired a fifth mortar shell, the army said.

Now the Israeli Double Standard - 'Palis firing at civilians is 'retaliation' for Israelis killing terrorists.' (who by the way began firing at Israeli troops)

The mortar fire was in apparent retaliation for Israel's killing earlier Wednesday of a militant near the edge of the Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza. Military officials said the Palestinians fired rifles and aimed anti-tank grenades at Israeli soldiers, who shot back. Residents identified the dead man as a Hamas member.

According to the AP there is a 'cycle of violence' when Pali 'militants' fire at the IDF who then fire back and kill one? The the Palis then 'retaliate' by firing mortars indescriminately at Israeli towne, ie.. civilians?

That's a 'cycle of violence'?
However, that's not what apparently REALLY happened. It's even worse than the AP 'story' details. The Jerusalem Post explains -

The mortar barrage was apparently a response to the death of a Islamic Jihad operative overnight near Rafah. The IDF said that Ahmed Barhoum was apparently killed when a bomb he was carrying exploded prematurely; the army denied claims he had been killed by IDF gunfire.

According to Southern Command officers, PA security officials informed them that Barhoum's body was full of shrapnel apparently caused by the bomb he was carrying.

So he wasn't even killed by IDF returning fire. He was killed because the bomb he was carrying pre-maturely exploded only killing him! Back to the AP -

There has been a sharp drop in fighting since the truce was declared by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, although there have been sporadic flare-ups in violence. Israel has repeatedly said it reserves the right to respond to attacks that Palestinian security forces fail to prevent.
"What do you expect us to do if they are attacking us?" said Raanan Gissin, a spokesman for Sharon.

Those 'sporadic flare-ups' include 5 murdered in a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. Search on 'what truce' or 'what cease-fire' at Meryl's site and you'll find out how 'sporadic' the violence has been. That is to say, terrorist attacks are happening every day now. Back to the Jerusalem Post -

Meanwhile, the army said that during the night, two anti-tank rockets and shots were fired a number of times at IDF posts and patrols near Rafah. IDF soldiers returned fire with light weapons but did not identify hitting anyone.
It was only later that the Palestinians reported that Barhoum had been shot and killed by the IDF,but an initial probe carried out by the PA revealed that this was false. Southern command officials said they could not rule out the possibility that Barhoum was planning to detonate a bomb near IDF troops.

Back to the AP -
Such violent incidents have been rare (??) since the cease-fire took effect Feb. 8, and the two sides have stepped up cooperation on security matters. However, Israel has resisted calls to resume peace talks (??) until the Palestinians take tougher action against militants.

Violent incidents have been rare?

Israel has 'resisted resuming' 'peace talks' because the PA won't crack down on violent attacks on Israel? Imagine that! But notice the AP dripping bias in how it is worded to implicate Israel's fault.

Before Wednesday, Israel had not responded to a barrage of mortar and rocket attacks aimed at the settlements in recent weeks, prompting strong criticism from the residents, who said the government was leaving them defenseless.

Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri said the airstrike was the latest in a "series of Israeli escalations," and the group reserved the right to retaliate. However, he did not call off the cease-fire.

The calm declared is a conditional one, and we have the right to respond to any violation," he said. "It has nothing to do with the continuation of the calm, which still exists."

That last sentence is mental gymnastics... 'which still exists'?
WHAT CALM? Attempted and successful suicide bombings, shooting attacks, mortar attacks on civilians. And more mortars have been fired since this incident!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Testimony: Bayoil
boycotted Israel

A Houston oil company agreed to boycott Israel in the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal, according to congressional testimony.

Dan Berkovitz, counsel to the Democrats on the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, which is investigating charges that officials and companies took kickbacks from Saddam Hussein’s regime under the U.N. humanitarian oil-for-food scheme, said Bayoil agreed to boycott conditions in its dealings with Iraq.

“Documents obtained by the subcommittee also indicate Bayoil knowingly participated in a trade boycott in violation of U.S. law,” Berkovitz told the committee Tuesday. “One of the Bayoil officers signed and notarized a statement attesting, and I quote, ‘We herewith confirm never to have sold, directly or indirectly, to Israel, and further confirm that this policy will remain permanently in force during the entire validity of our contract.’ That statement was signed and notarized by the chairman of Bayoil Supply and Trading, Limited.”



NewYork Post

ON this 60th anniver sary of the allied triumph over Na zism, do we need another book examining The New York Times' failure to report news of the Holocaust?

After all, the refusal to seriously report the mass murder of Europe's Jews as it was unfolding was a failing of the entire American press. (The New York Post was one of the few Exceptions.) And the Times itself has publicly acknowledged that it grossly underplayed coverage of the Holocaust.

But, as Laurel Leff documents in this important book, which makes extensive use of the Times' corporate archives, there are many memos that document how and why the paper failed so abjectly.

And that failure had tragic repercussions: "The Times was unique . . . in the comprehensiveness of its [foreign] coverage and the extent of its influence among American opinion makers." Indeed, she writes, "no American newspaper was better positioned to highlight the Holocaust than the Times, and no American newspaper so influenced public discourse by its failure to do so."

Part of the problem was journalistic: The paper's Berlin bureau chief, Guido Enderis, was a Nazi sympathizer; its Paris correspondent viewed things through the prism of the pro-Nazi Vichy regime. Throughout the war, Europe was covered by second-string reporters, many of them disdained by the paper's editors.

Ultimately, however, this is the story of one man: Times publisher Arthur Hays Sulzberger, whose relationship to his own Jewishness clouded the way his paper covered the extermination of European Jewry.

Sulzberger's assimilationist beliefs and fierce anti-Zionism have long been known,
but even those versed in Times history will be astonished by the depths of his feelings, as uncovered by Leff in previously unpublished memos.

Jews, decreed Sulzberger, should "not be treated as a group in the pages of the Times or in public policy." He refused to accept that Jews were being persecuted solely because they were Jews — and even when the evidence became overwhelming, he refused to accept that Jews should be the subject of separate rescue efforts.

"A minority, it seems to me, cannot save itself through its minority status but can only be successful it if can, with integrity, merge its cause with a larger movement," wrote Sulzberger, explaining why the Times had "deliberately referred to those persons of Jewish faith who battled so gallantly in [the] Warsaw [Ghetto] as unfortunate citizens of Poland."

The paper's editors knew of his feelings — because he made them clear in written orders. Stories about refugees and persecution could not single out Jews as victims; Times editorials "never emphasized the Jewish side of the question." And such stories — at a time when the number of Jewish victims already had reached the millions — inevitably appeared inside the paper, not on the front page.

Yet, writes Leff, Sulzberger "had no trouble giving prominent display to articles about atrocities" against other people. News about the Jews, she writes, "was perceived as a footnote to a larger narrative that fit comfortably on an inside page."

Even after V-E Day and the liberation of the death camps, Times stories refused to focus on the Jewish victims:
  • "The thrust of the reporting was to document what the Germans had done, not to show to whom it had been done. . . . The Times, both deliberately and through happenstance, continued to bury the story of the Jewish genocide."
Perhaps the best summation of the tragedy of the Times' coverage of the Holocaust was offered in 1944 by Oswald Garrison Villard, a former publisher of The Post and The Nation -
  • "If ever there was a case where the Times should have risen superior to fear of consequences, it is this. For never were human beings more entitled to be defended and championed by a great organ of public opinion; certainly, never have men and women anywhere been tortutured and slaughtered in such numbers for less reason."
BURIED BY THE TIMES: The Holocaust and America’s Most Important Newspaper
By Laurel Leff
Cambridge University Press, 426 pages, $29

Monday, May 16, 2005


Tale of 2 Muslims - two 21 year olds
(via... Big Pharaoh)

One is an Islamist member of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt and lives under a 'secular' dictator. He....
  1. hates America with a passion
  2. believes Islam is a religion and a state
  3. believes an Islamic State is the answer to Egypt's problems
  4. believes separation of 'church and state' is a heresy
  5. doesn't mind pushing his religious beliefs on others and is against his friends mixing with the other sex
  6. wants to use 'democracy' only to enable the "the laws of Allah” to become the law of the land in Egypt
The other is a 21 year old Iranian. He is a pious Muslim living under a Mullah run Theocracy. He.....

  1. wants Iranians to choose their religion and decide whether they want to be religious or not
  2. says religion is a personal thing
  3. is completely against forcing his beliefs and life style on others
  4. believes the current version of Islamic law needs to be reformed to meet the 21st century
  5. has no problem with idea of separation of mosque and politics
  6. says religion should not be used to control people
  7. longs for the day his country gets rid of the theocracy it is shackled under and creates a secular democracy that will protect religion from politics and protect the people from those who use religion as a tool of oppression and manipulation


For a history of how Professor Thomas Klocek was fired by Depaul after 14 years without even being afforded the chance to give his side of the story -go- here.

MARATHON PUNDIT has an excellent update copied below ****

There was a harsh Op-ed published in the DePaul school newspaper - The DePaulia - entitled Goodbye, Klocek. Thanks, DPU by Michael Gallo.

Professor Klocek disputes much of what Gallo claims in that op-ed and Jonathan Cohen, a DePaul math professor, then had a letter published giving Professor Klocek's side of the story.

The DePaulia sharply edited down Cohen's letter (entire letter available here) and now does not have it available on line any longer. However, Gallo's older Op-Ed is still available for viewing.

The DePaulia first covered the Klocek story on October 1, 2004 - Loop professor takes heat for conduct. One of the offended groups, according to this article was United Muslims Moving Ahead, better known as UMMA.

At the UMMA DePaul website, you find a link to the UMMA Board, or Shura, here. The treasurer of UMMA is none other than Michael Gallo the DePaulia staff writer who wrote the harsh article on Professor Klocek.

NOWHERE in that pointed Op-Ed does Michael Gallo or the Depaulia staff ever mention or inform the reader that the writer is an UMMA board member.

As a member of that group he has the right to write almost anything he wants, but Gallo, in a serious breach of of journalistic ethics, neglected to mention his ties to UMMA when he presented his views on the Klocek case.

(Interestingly a board member of UMMA had his harsh article published whereas a Math Professor with no bone in the fight had his letter write in sharply edited by the paper?)

And did The DePaulia know Michael Gallo was on the UMMA board?

(I would believe so)

Update 5/16/05
It has come to my attention that although Michael Gallo is listed in the Goodbye Klocek, Thanks DPU article as a "staff writer," Gallo is probably not actually on the DePaulia staff. Apparently, anyone that gets anything published in the DePaulia, is listed as a "staff writer."? It is still my firm opinion that this by no means gets Michael Gallo off the hook for not disclosing his membership on the board of UMMA.



The Simon Wiesenthal Center has called on Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to fire the Head of Palestinian TV, after a televised sermon called Jews "a spreading cancer."

Sheikh Ibrahim Mudairis said Friday during a sermon from his Gaza Mosque in the presence of uniformed Palestinian police -
  • "The Jews are the cancer spreading all over the world...the Jews are responsible for all wars and conflicts,"
  • "Do not ask what Germany did to the Jews, but what the Jews did to Germany," he went on to say. "True the Germans killed and burnt Jews, but the Jews exaggerate the numbers to gain propaganda advantages and sympathy."

'A big lie'

In a stinging press release, the center's Dean Rabbi Marvin Hier and Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper said the broadcast came days before Abbas's scheduled meeting with President Bush and during the week commemorating 60 years since the Nazis' defeat.

The two said in a press release following the incident -
  • "Even in the days of Arafat, we did not see such a blatant anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying canard broadcast on Palestinian TV, whose current chief was personally appointed by Abu Mazen (Abbas),"
"Is this genocidal sermon the kind of peace dividend that the people of Israel can look forward to?"


The excellent post that follows via Ocean Guy says it better than I could have, so I just copied it below.

This from
Jonathan Rosenblum

  • Things are not going well on peace front. Kassam rockets are once again falling on Sderot, which suggests that the previous lull had more to do with Palestinian tactics than any determination by Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas to uproot the phenomenon. The Palestinian Authority has also made it clear that it will not make any effort to disarm any Palestinian militant factions. "We have no intention of withdrawing the arms of resistance," the head of the PA Internal Preventive Security Service said last week.
The palestinians have no intention of confronting, disarming, nor cracking down on the terrorists. Sderot is still under fire from Kassam rockets. Smugglers continue to bring in arms. Russia is agreeing to help arm the PLO. Suicide bombers continue to be intercepted... there is no peace. Yet there are those, with naive optimism who think that transferring Jews from Gaza will help the "peace process." What happens if/when these idealists are proved wrong?

In light of the Arab refusal to give up killing Jews, in light of Arab refusal to accept Israel, in the light of Arab's often stated goal of ridding the region of the "Zionist Entity," there is no chance that withdrawal from Gaza will help us achieve Peace. There is no chance that transferring Jews from Gaza will convince the Arabs to stop their aggression. There is no chance that "disengagement" will turn Arab hearts and make them decide to live peacefully with Israel. In fact, the disengagement is likely to bring another war.

Arabs perceive the disengagement as a retreat... they will celebrate the withdrawal as a victory. The Arabs are already taking advantage of the situation by bringing in more arms. The removal of the IDF from Gaza simply gives the terrorists more autonomy to modernize and to grow their armories. With help from Syria, Egypt, Iran and Russia, the PLO is beginning to prepare for war. Disengagement only helps those preparations. Unilateral actions, with no change from the PLO, only gives the Arabs assurances that their goal of destroying Israel is achievable. At some point they will decide they are strong enough and that Israel is weak enough and we'll have another war... Maybe that's Sharon's real plan.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Shai has an excellent post on the AUT boycott and Ilan Pappe, the head of the Israeli anti-zionist/Israeli left.



ONCE AGAIN WE SEE the "superior" fact checking at the vaunted Mainstream Media and why as they tell us they're 'superior' to bloggers......... Ummm huh.....

After several deaths and untold damage to America's reputation in Afghanistan, an otherwise relatively pro-American country trying to fight back the barbarians from the Middle Ages - the Taleban - Newsweek says the story was wrong.

Some bloggers say Newsweek should not have reported this story even if they had firm evidence it was true, in order to prevent exactly what occured. This would however assume 2 things -
  1. The MSM utilizes cooth and judgment when reporting on stories that are anti-American or anti-Bush even if they could be explosively dangerous.
  2. The MSM copiously fact checks stories let alone those they can't 'wait to print'.
NOTE, the mainstream media does bend over backward to NOT REPORT on anything that displays the inciteful and hateful ideology within Islam that leads to terrorism. They were quick to brush under the 9-11 attacks "to prevent" racist attacks against Muslims in the US?

After the brutal ritual murder of the Egyptian man in Jersey City, New Jersey the MSM bent over backward to NOT MENTION that he was a Xtian and his murderers were anonymous "robbers", who took nothing?

A Coptic Christian who regularly debated Muslims at Islamist websites and chat rooms and is brutally murdered, but it was a 'robbery'....

Glenn Reynolds is thinking along similar lines -
  1. If they had wrongly reported the race of a criminal and produced a lynching, they'd feel much worse -- which is why they generally don't report such things, a degree of sensitivity they don't extend to reporting on, you know, minor topics like wars
  2. If a blogger had made a similar mistake, with similar consequences, we'd be hearing about Big Media's superior fact-checking and layers of editors.
    People died, and U.S. military and diplomatic efforts were damaged, because -- let's be clear here -- Newsweek was too anxious to get out a story that would make the Bush Administration and the military look bad.

100,000 24,000 - WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

This UN report will no doubt be the subject of much discussion, but at least it should finally put to rest the Lancet's 100,000 figure -
The invasion of Iraq and its aftermath caused the deaths of 24,000 Iraqis, including many children, according to the most detailed survey yet of postwar life in the country.

The UN report paints a picture of modern Iraq brought close to collapse despite its oil wealth. Successive wars, a decade of sanctions and the current violence have destroyed services, undermined health and education and made the lives of ordinary Iraqis dangerous and miserable.

The survey for the UN Development Programme, entitled Iraq Living Conditions Survey 2004, questioned more than 21,600 households this time last year. Its findings, released by the Ministry of Planning yesterday, could finally resolve the debate over how many Iraqis were killed in the war that overthrew the regime of Saddam Hussein in April 2003.

The 370-page report said that it was 95 per cent confident that the toll during the war and the first year of occupation was 24,000, but could have been between 18,000 and 29,000. About 12 per cent of those were under 18.
In the Lancet study, remember, most of the casualties were supposedly women and children, caused by air strikes from coalition forces.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Iraqi politicians’ support for Israelcosts him dearly, but he presses on
Mithal Al-Alusi, founder of the Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation,
addresses the American Jewish Committee in Washington on May 5.

By Heather Robinson

NEW YORK, May 9 (JTA) — For daring to visit Israel, Mithal Al-Alusi has paid with more than his life: It cost him his two sons.

A Sunni Moslem who founded the Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation, or DPIN, Al-Alusi believes the new Iraq should defy the longstanding policies of most Arab nations and normalize relations with Israel.

Last September, while serving in the Iraqi interim government as director general of the national commission on de-Ba’athification, Al-Alusi visited Israel to attend the Herzliyah conference, an international policy forum that attracts scholars, politicians and Israel’s military and political elite.

Al-Alusi hadn’t even left the conference when his family began receiving death threats from insurgents. Ultimately the insurgents murdered Al-Alusi’s sons, Ayman, 30, and Gamal, 22, who were assisting him in establishing his grassroots political party, which is forged on the principles of individual rights and cooperation with other democracies.

Al-Alusi hasn’t given up, however.

Last week he came to Washington to receive the American Jewish Committee’s Moral Courage award. Next week he will return to Iraq, where he continues to build his party, which has 7,000 members from across Iraq.

“It is a great honor for me to be here on behalf of all Iraqis who are fighting against terrorism,” he said to thunderous applause and a standing ovation from nearly 1,000 people at the AJCommittee’s annual dinner.
  • "No country can deal with terrorism alone,” he said. “We need an alliance of democratic countries, to make it clear to terrorists that there is no dealing with them. There is only one way — to respect peace and human rights.”

The AJCommittee’s executive director, David Harris, praised Al-Alusi’s moral courage.

“Tonight we are privileged to honor a man who has insisted Iraq refuse anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism,” Harris told the crowd. “A vast literature has been written about those who stand against strong currents within their societies. Rare indeed are men and women willing to speak out when the cost is fatal.”

In an interview with JTA before accepting the award, Al-Alusi elaborated on his positions about Israel, Iraq’s future and the need for alliances among democracies.

A dignified, soft-spoken man, Al-Alusi’s large, dark eyes reflect determination, strength and the pain of the losses he has sustained.

He is proud to have visited the Jewish state, and believes Israel and Iraq have an increasing amount in common. Iraq is trying to forge a democratic system, and like Israel it faces continual threats from terrorists who disdain free thinking and individual rights. Both nations, he asserts, would benefit greatly from an alliance, particularly with regard to fighting terrorism.
  • "I hope I am wrong, but I believe the terrorist era has just started, now is the time to build a strategic alliance against terrorism.” Al-Alusi sadi.
Specifically, he would like to see the United States, Iraq, Turkey, Israel and possibly Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates form an “Atlantic alliance” against terrorism.

Al-Alusi believes cooperation with Turkey, the other democracy in the region, also would be to Iraq’s advantage economically. Ultimately, his dream is to “have Iraq part of the developed, democratic world, to build a new era.”

That goal can be accomplished only through realpolitik, he maintains.
For more than 50 years, he noted, Iraq was part of a bloc of Arab countries that were united in opposing Israel.
  • “Many things were done that were not in the Iraqi people’s interests. But we have no reason to be against a very successful society” like Israel, he said. “Israel is a reality, it’s a modern state and an important part of the Mideast.”
Al-Alusi is no stranger to controversy: A onetime member of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party, he and his family were forced to flee Iraq 27 years ago, after he was sentenced to death for opposing Saddam’s human-rights abuses.

The family lived in Hamburg, Germany, but longed to return to their country. In the aftermath of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, they did return. For Al-Alusi, it was the realization of his dream to participate in the shaping of a democratic Iraq.

He accepted a position as director general of the Iraqi national commission on de-Ba’athification. As a member of the Iraqi National Congress, he was “second man” to the party’s chairman, Ahmed Chalabi.

The commission’s goal was to transform a totalitarian society into one that embraces democracy. One of the reasons Al-Alusi was interested in visiting Israel, he said, was to consult with people who knew about the de-Nazification process in postwar Germany, which he felt could inform his efforts in Iraq.

When he returned from Israel, however, the interim Iraqi government stripped him of his position and his security protection for violating a law, established under Hussein’s dictatorship, against visiting Israel. Al-Alusi was issued an arrest warrant and was told to leave the country or he would be jailed alongside former Ba’athists, a near-certain death sentence.

Refusing to be intimidated and with the help of his sons, Al-Alusi founded the DPIN and got the party onto the ballot for Iraq’s January 2005 elections.

Eventually the interim government dropped the charges against him. Shortly before the Iraqi election, Al-Alusi’s younger son, Gamal, was quoted as saying,

  • “It is true we are in danger, but if this is the price for democracy and peace, it is a very low price."
In fact, the real price was higher. Within days of the election, a car carrying Gamal, Ayman and Mithal Al-Alusi, as well as a bodyguard, was ambushed by insurgents. Mithal survived. Ayman and Gamal died of gunshot wounds, as did the bodyguard, Hayder Hassain.

After his sons’ deaths Al-Alusi came to the United States, and with help from independent antiterrorism lobbyist Esther Kandel and Yehudit Barsky, director of the AJCommittee’s division on Middle East and international terrorism, he shared his family’s story with several members of Congress.

One who has attempted to provide Al-Alusi some assistance, Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.), called Al-Alusi “the definition of courage."
  • “Despite losing his two sons to terrorists, he stayed in Iraq because he knows his country needs him,” Shays said.
Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.) also weighed in.
  • "Mithal Al-Alusi is a man of outstanding moral courage and physical bravery,” said Lantos, who has tried to help him. “His unswerving commitment to peace, democracy and tolerance — for which he has paid the heaviest price — personifies the values that all of us hope will define the new Iraq."
Al-Alusi has had to scrounge for funds in recent months to keep the DPIN alive. He believes the United States should support smaller political parties, such as his, that advocate individual rights and alliances with other democracies.

In general, he maintains, the United States should be bolder in asserting the need for democratic and pluralistic values in the new Iraq. Specifically, he would like to see the United States “push for liberal education, support new free media and open doors for more Iraqi students to study in the U.S.”

Despite great obstacles, he is deeply grateful to the United States for liberating Iraq.

“Thank you, America,” he said in his speech to the AJCommittee. “Without your help, nothing could have changed in Iraq.”