Tuesday, April 12, 2005

UPDATE on Black Jewish MP Pelted with Eggs

This story has been making its rounds. Below is a brief summary of the original story and then an update on Miss King that should be read.

The Telegraph ran this article on British MP Oona King, who along with an 89 year old Jewish war veteran was pelted with eggs by Muslims at a memorial commemorating WWII heroes. Miss King is the daughter of black American civil rights activist, Preston King.
Miss King stated -
  • "I think they were aimed at me but the sheer ignorance never mind the lack of respect is shocking. They have no idea where their freedom came from and who gave it to them... They don't know they are lucky to be here. That is truly one of the saddest things that I have ever seen. There were people who helped save this country, having eggs pelted at them at a time when they are remembering those they had lost. It is disgusting."

However, Ibn Alkhattab, 21, and his friend has this to say -

  • "It will be all about the war. There is enormous anger. No one will vote for her."
  • "We all hate her. She comes here with her Jewish friends who are killing our people and then they come to our back yards... It is out of order. What do they expect?"

The neighborhood is made up of 55,000 Muslims mainly from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is about as close to Israel - geographically as well as economically and politically - as Australia to Honduras.

UPDATE: Dave has a great update on Miss King who is unfortunately not far off in her 'political analyses' of the conflict from other far-left British MP's. Perhaps not surprising given the district she runs in?

  1. She toured Gaza a few years back with infamous MP Jenny Tonge who was later asked to resign due to comments sympathetic of Palestinian terrorism.
  2. Equated fringe Stern Gang with Palestinian mainstream terrorism.
  3. Jews revere Menachem Begin - despite the 'terrorism they (Israelis) today live under'. (No mention of his transformation to Peacemaker with Egypt or British and Arab terrorism in 20's and 30's)
  4. The occupation is similar to the Warsaw Ghetto
  5. Israeli treatment of Palestinians is predictable - 'those who are abused.... with cruelty beyond imagination, often perpetuate the cycle, and become the abuser'
  6. UN Resolution 242 supposedly calls for 'complete withdrawal' from the Territories'
  7. Calls for a boycott on 'Jewish products'


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