Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Solomon and pointed me to this story. (The Man is on the job!)
3 regular Israeli kids came to speak at an event at Stanford. The purpose was to put a personal face on Israel and to explain life there through their eyes.
Stanford Daily: Muslim leaders leave Israel event
  • Merav Mov is a 23-year-old woman who served in the Israeli National Guard -
  • Shlomit Aylin, also 23, immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia at age three -
  • Eytan Schwartz, a 30-year-old game show winner.

The three spoke on both the major social and political issues in Israel today, as well as what Judaism means to each of them personally. “We want people to know about the vibrant life in Israel,” “The hangouts, the sports, the nightlife, the food — people don’t know about it. We want people to understand how much we love living in Israel.”

The feud between Israelis and Palestinians came up later in the conversation.

  • Senior Rania Eltom, president of the Muslim Students Awareness Network and Omar Shakir, co-president of the Coalition for Justice in the Middle East left the event following several comments that they said they found disrespectful.

    “I was requested to attend the event by organizers the day before, so I came out of respect for them.... However, when we entered the event, it was made very obvious that we were outsiders. As soon as the speakers started generalizing Palestinians as wanting to kill all soldiers, it hit a nerve within me, especially [since it was] one day after three Palestinian school kids were shot dead by Israeli soldiers.”...

Those 3 "school kids" were not just "school kids". The TRUTH was detailed by me here -and- mysteriously a 15 yr Palestinian kid got caught doing the same thing the next day? And her visual imagery is also the inverse of what actually happened as well.

THE TRUTH doesn't matter at this point of course. The PLO is extremely effective in putting out lies immediately and getting them into the general lexicon. If Israel corrects it 2 days later, who's paying attention at that point? Effective Media War Strategy. In this case it ruined a conversation (in part) 2 days later and 10,000 miles away that could have/should have otherwise been a pleasant dialogue. LIES ARE UNFORTUNATELY EFFECTIVE.

  • Eltom added that she was very offended when the speakers talked about how suicide bombers are glorified in Palestinian classrooms...

IS SHE KIDDING? Television programs, videos, schools and mosques. 90 second flash here. The last suicide bomber in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago supposedly "condemned" (in English) was a few days later put on the front cover of the PLO papers and noted a Shahid and his mother was glorified as "Mother of the Shahid".

UPDATE: Tel Aviv Suicide Bomber February 25, 2005 Front cover of the PLO newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda had a huge picture of the bomber and caption "The executor of the Tel Aviv operation, the shahid Abdullah Badran." A picture of his mother as well with a caption - "Mother of the Shahid" - Killing is right, just be sure the timing is right


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