Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"Soccer Playing Teens" Shot by Israel?

SOLOMON has a timely update on the Palestinians teens who were supposedly shot yesterday by Israeli troops while "playing soccer"? It seems the PLO report to the world media, was a............. LIE. No really, can you believe it?
It's already been reported worldwide through radio, tv and print to tens of millions - so the actual truth of course doesn't matter much now. Which is why this is a very effective PLO strategy.
You'd think the next PLO report would be more highly scrutinized?
Remember, Mohammed Al-Dura - Karine A - Jenin 2002?

  • The PLO plays great offense with lies and half truths - Israel is usually on the defensive.
  • As fast as one half truth is corrected 5 more are put out.
  • World media barely cares if the PLO lies - IDF & Israeli gov't reports are more heavily scrutinized and usually put in 'quotes'.
  • The problem of PLO stringers posing as 'media' translators for the Western press is almost unfixable.
  • Israelis publicly disagree and criticize their own government. The Arab world will almost never criticize the 'family' or 'cause' to the outsider West.
  • Another victory for the PLO 'Media' War-Machine - another black eye for Israel.

NOTE - Terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti while in jail asked for 3 papers to read. 2 of them were Israeli papers and NONE were Palestinian. (he's fluent in Hebrew)

From Israeli Haaretz today (day after) -

  • The members of this division are backing up the soldiers: The rules of engagement in Philadelphi are different because of the weapons-smuggling. In about 40 incidents over the last two months along the Green Line, troops have not fired as Palestinians crossed over. The people who have attempted these crossings, nearly all of them looking for a way to make some money, were arrested on the Israeli side.
    The commander of the Palestinian forces inside Gaza, Mussa Arafat, reported - both to Israel and the PA leadership - that the youths were smugglers.

SOLOMON has more details at his site.


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