Monday, April 11, 2005


Ron Regan had on Josh Ruebner and another representative debating the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza... He harped on the typical that Israeli "settlement" of these lands are illegal via the Geneva Convention and that the world including the UN recognizes this?

The other guest (I didn't get his name) mounted a weak defense that Israel fought a Defensive War etc... and that every Israeli government has asserted their legality since.
Ruebner than says that the Israelis deserves 'no kudos' for withdrawing from land it illegally occupied and settled he says "according to every other nation including the US and the Geneva Convention."

He does at one point mention Resolution 242 as well but mainly sticks to his memorized screed about the Geneva Convention etc.. and that every US administration has supposedly maintained they are illegal as well? (Never mentioned Geneva Convention standards also sets standards which the PLO and Arab states that have perpetuated this war against Israel have flagrantly violated.)
  • According to Eugene Rostow, a former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs in the Johnson Administration, Resolution 242 gives Israel a legal right to be in the West Bank. The resolution “allows Israel to administer the territories” it won in 1967 “until 'a just and lasting peace in the Middle East' is achieved,” Rostow wrote in The New Republic (10/21/91). During the debate on the resolution, he added, “speaker after speaker made it clear that Israel was not to be forced back to the 'fragile' and 'vulnerable' [1949] Armistice Demarcation Lines.”
But more importantly Ruebner now says the US is being hypocritical by calling for Syria to stop illegally occupying Lebanon without demanding Israel do the same?
  1. When has Mr. Ruebner, the Arab world, the UN or any other body until recently ever said a word about the Syrian occupation?
  2. Palestine was not and is not or ever has been 'a country'. It was land the Israelis won from Jordan and Egypt at which time there was never any UN Resolutions or world complaint about their 'occupying' it because there was no / is no / nor ever been a Palestinian country or identity. Therefore, legally the Geneva Convention DOES NOT apply.
  3. The Lebanese have peacefully protested the Syrian occupation with peaceful marches and broad support, not violence. And the Lebanese don't seek to demonize and destroy Syria, just get them out of their country. When has there ever been such a movement on the Palestinian side? "Through blood and fire and million martrys on Jerusalem" is what little kids learn to chant.
  4. The Syrians have hurt and stolen from the stronger Lebanese economy. The Palestinians will have no economy without contact with Israeli towns and jobs whether across the 'Green Line' or within the 'Green Line.'
  5. When Israel took over the West Bank and Gaza there was NOTHING there, no infrastructre, no sewer, electricity, universities nor hospitals. All of this has been put in place by Israel, not Egypt or Jordan or even the PLO which as moderate Palestinians admit has been a disaster for the Palestinians and the Israelis.
  6. Security Council 242 DOES NOT demand full Israeli withdrawal...... see above and anyone who has looked at any translated material from the PLO, Syrian, Egyptian, even Jordanian and Saudi Arabian media realizes this is not so. Not only is Israel dehumanized by the worst type of vile hatred, but it does not appear on any map they own... So that sounds like a continuation of the conditions that led to them attacking Israel in 1967 to me?

Mr. Huebner may seek to end the occupation of Gaza in the end the conditions will not improve for any Palestinians until they give up their violent intentions to Israel in action and thought.... as in teachings, television etc... War is made in the minds of the people... they are prepared to hate and attack continuously in their minds... Goerbells did it, the PLO has done it, Imperial Japan did it.

Also, no mention of the fact that many East Jersualemites, Arabs, did not want to be turned over to PLO control?


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