Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Palestinian Boy Caught Carrying 5 Bombs

2 days ago the PLO fed the worldwide media a story that 3 Palestinians shot by Israeli soldiers were "teens playing soccer". It turned the PLO story was a lie. (See the link above)
FLASH FORWARD TO TODAY - Boy carrying 5 bombs detained

IDF forces apprehend a 15-year-old Palestinian boy carrying five pipe bombs at the Hawara roadblock south of the West Bank town of Nablus. The boy.... was obviously sent by someone and terrified, a soldier involved in the incident told Ynet. “You could see it’s a young child who was sent (by someone.) I looked into his eyes, he was on the brink of tears and scared to death,” said Muli, a paratrooper whose full name cannot be revealed for security reasons.

“The boy pulled out a matchbox, held up a pipe bomb, and attempted to detonate it,” Muli said. “We aimed our weapons at him and told him to move away from us.” After the boy was instructed to remove his jacket, soldiers discovered another four pipe bombs and a knife, Muli said. The boy aroused the troops’ suspicions after approaching the Hawara roadblock wearing a jacket, despite the hot weather.

The "brutal Israeli soldiers"? - didn't rush to shoot him even though he had their lives in the balance? The boy appeared terrified of his own people who put him there more than Israeli soldiers with guns? HOW COULD THAT BE? You don't think so?... Read the rest.

Hassan may have wanted to be detained by the army in order to do his high-school matriculation exams in an Israeli prison, says his brother Amar. “There’s a rumor among youngsters that it’s easier to succeed in Israeli jails... many boys were detained at roadblocks with weapons, in order to do the tests in jail. Hassan thought that now he would be with his friends, who were detained in recent weeks, and that way they could study and succeed together,” one acquaintance said.

I. - The Israeli troops would have had every right to shoot him, but remained calm and even felt bad for the boy. That truth you will never see in the Int'l media.

II. - The Palestinian kids tell each other that life in Israeli prisons is actually good? They would rather be under supervision of Israelis in 'prison' where they can go to school - than deal with the terror gangs' violence, crime and wanton murder in Nablus? (A Palestinian reporter estimates more Palis have died in fights among rival gangs than from Israeli fire) Al-Aqsa Brigades Run Daily Life - Threatening, Beating, and Killing

III. - The terror gangs are pressuring vulnerable kids to be used as suicide bombers or bomb smugglers. A few months ago a retarded Palestinian teenager, who was severely picked on, was targeted by these policemen/terror gangs and sent to be a suicide bomber. He was told all his problems would be fixed in heaven where he would get respect and honor for once.

IV - The PLO Fatah-AlAsqua control the media - television programs, videos, schools and mosques. For over a decade they have infiltrated total hate and radicalism into every facet of a Palestinian kid's life.

Think about all that the next time the PLO execute a so-called "collaborator" in an example of Palestinian 'Justice'.

Another boy detained 3 months ago
A 15-year-old boy was detained at the same checkpoint only three months ago. In that case, the youngster was carrying a bag containing an explosive belt, an improvised weapon, and 20 bullets..... Tuesday’s incident comes amid signs that the lull in violence may be ending. Over the weekend, Palestinians fired dozens of mortar shells and Qassam rockets at Gaza Strip settlements and IDF posts.

So the world media had bonified past examples of Palestinian teens smuggling in suicide belts to murder Israelis. Yet the Israeli account that they shot at 3 smugglers who refused to heed their warnings was reported after the fact. Top line headline coverage was afforded to the PLO 'LIE/version' that they 'shot 3 kids playing soccer'? HOW COME?


At 2:12 AM, Blogger Tessa! said...

i think the sad part about this is that the israelis have created a situation through occupation and economic iscolation where someone's life might actually be better in a prison.

Also, media show these stories out of sensationalism, they hear someone say something and it sounds like great ratings, and therefore great ratings and more profits. There is no desire for objective journalism most of the time, only for profit.


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