Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Professor Juan Cole, (University of Michigan) has been perhaps the biggest critic of the West, America and namely Israel. He has been afforded deference in television, radio and print usually preaching a consistent 1 sided tripe that doesn't vary. He never misses a chance to blacken the name or cast aspersions onto to US policy, the 'colonial West', or his most favorite target Israel. Under the guise of scholarship he invects a 1 sided Arabist point of view into everything he does. However, Tony Badran, a Lebanese blogger, has been having fun with Juan's "scholorship" and "liberty with the facts". THIS IS A MUST READ.
ACROSS THE BAY - Heeeeeere'e Johnny!
  • I love it when John ("Juan") Cole expands his "expertise" to areas he knows absolutely nothing about. It's always an occasion to laugh at this poseur. Today, he decided to go into the Ancient Near East to drive home the point that historical Jewish ties to Jerusalem are minimal at best:
  • But, again, this wouldn't be the first time John wrote apologetics (especially on behalf of Arabism), even as Darfur was almost completely ignored and brushed aside by the Arab league and much of the Arab press. Ironically, the fact that he brought in the "Zionists" into this, accusing them of "creating" categories is eerily similar to the official line from Khartoum! Once again, Cole and the tyrannical regimes are practically indistinguishable. I'm not even going to bother commenting on that insane Farrakhan-like statement about "Zionists" planting the seeds of strife between African-Americans and Arab-Americans! That's more nut-house material to be discussed by Cole and his conspiracy theorist friends.

Read the whole thing I left out all of the historical points and facts given. It's excellent.


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