Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Islamophobia - Dark Skin and Other "Vital" PC Topics

The Independent, a left wing (for Britain) publication claims fear and hatred of Muslims is on the rise in the young generation.

  • Children as young as 13 are displaying "signs of Islamophobia" are voicing their support for the British National Party, researchers have found.

A few paragraphs down though it notes only 4.5% of boys and 1.2% of girls showed strong agreement with the BNP? Of concern, perhaps? But the BNP seems to be the only party saying anything remotely true about the immigration problem in Britain. Due to PC Liberalism gone mad and tougher Free Speech rules you can't have a rational discussion about the growing problem of hostile Muslim immigration without being called a fascist. (fyi - they don't have something called the 1rst Ammendment)

  • Young teenagers are increasingly saying they have negative views towards Muslims and do not want Islamic culture expressed in the classroom.

Could that be as a result of the violence and hatred they see coming out of Islamic mosques in Britain itself? I don't want to minimize any incidents against Muslim kids. But just because British kids don't want Islamic values in their classroom does that indicate a problem?

BIG PHAROH from Egypt seems to STONGLY disagree -

  • To all my European friends, your beautiful culture and history are being eroded by this lie that is called "multiculturalism" while you are standing idly like an iceman in a desert. You cannot please everyone. First it was the head veil, then it is the jilbab, in the future it will be the Taliban Burqa (not to mention my nudism!). (He's mocking them!)

Why do you have to go to Egypt to have an intelligent witty conversation on the topic without PC Orwellian "truisms" thrown out? Is Big Pharoh anti-Islamic, 'fascist' or just a sane individual with common sense! It seems that when it comes to Israel, 'Jewish supporters of Israel', 'neocons' etc..., the Independent has no problem taking the gloves off?

The author then goes on to add that Islamophobia is a "double whammy" because it discriminates against people 'not only on the basis of their religion but also on the colour of their skin. (What if you're a white Muslim, are you still PC to the author?)

This is disgusting PC liberalism at its worst. The statement has a racist pretext to it. To the Independent it always comes down to the WHITE MAN oppressing the 'darker' skinned people of the world. Worse, the author then "interprets" her PC racism into the minds of the kids.

The article then goes on to make a point that attitudes of kids have gotten worse since the Iraqi war. This is of course due to invasion or liberation - not the beheading videos? And we finally discover the real reason we should not have removed Saddam... "What will the kids think?"

UPDATE: 'Im darker than you! More PC Insanity
(King is a black Jewish women voted for War
- Galloway is a white man and former MP strongly against War and was shown to be on Saddam's payroll)

  • Miss King, who said she would not trust her opponent to "deliver a pizza" far less effective policies, attacked him for his close association to Saddam Hussein and in particular when he flew out to visit the dictator. "When I come across someone who is guilty of genocide I do not get on a plane and grovel at his feet,"
  • (Galloway) hit back when asked how he felt about challenging one of just two black women MPs in government.
    "Oona King voted to kill a lot of women in the last few years many of them had much darker skins than her."


At 2:05 AM, Blogger Tessa! said...

hmmm, it seems "westernphobia" or whatever you call it is spreading in the islamic world too. Might that be because of photos of iraqi prisoners naked on top of eachother with american military troops smiling and giving the thumbs up?

Autrocities and oppression happen on all sides, with attack and counterattack and so on. The only thing i can tell you, from experience, is that multiculturism is not what you perceive it. I live in Vancouver, Canada, one of the most multicultural cities in a very mulcicultural country. Despite this crime rates are extremely low, there is now issue of violent fundamentalist muslims, and i still have a proud and strong, and very unique, canadian culture. Not one overrun by millions of immigrants, but one made stronger by it.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger EuroYank said...

you are a liar because there are no christian churches in medinah or surviving in islamic lands. your religion is a religion of war and extermination of foreign people, and your islamic religion is the religion of satan and the anti-christ. it is the west that allows your dirty culture to thrive here. it is the west that allows your dirty people to flee here. it is the west that has not bombed you out of existence yet. you dirty liar.

At 12:28 AM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

Scorekeeper -
Yes, well Damian Penny and many other Canadians might disagree with you on that.
Further, noone's against multiculturism if you will, I grew up in a multicultural town myself - what they're against is the PC lunacy of the left which believes there is no such thing as Islamists or Islamism.

Also, I think we saw how 'respectful' Candian University was when they rioted and turned over cars when Netanyahu was speaking at a private event held off campus. Instead of the police handling the rioters, as would have happened in NYC, especially with Rudy Mayor, they canceled his event. Free speech Islamic/Arabic style.

Meanwhile, Ashwari actually spoke at the 2nd anniversary of 9-11 at the U of Colorado. And while many many people were disgusted by this the event went off without a hitch and people only protested in a dignified and polite fashion.

Perhaps that difference says it all.

At 12:29 AM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

Prior message is to Tessa by the way.

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