Thursday, April 28, 2005


For a good laugh, take a look at this Saudi state sponsored Arab News article about how Israeli textbooks supposedly incite hatred and violence against Arabs. (hat tip Mideastfiles)

Since they couldn't find any of it in Israeli textbooks (just like the British study which attempted to find incitement in both Palestinian and Israeli textbooks was cancelled after it found none on the Israeli side) - they provide this Orwellian title -

  1. "Israeli Textbooks Incite Anti-Arab Hatred, but So Very Subtly."

The article, about a new book that has revealed the depths of Israeli racism through studying Israeli textbooks, begins -

  1. "To say that the Israeli media incite hatred against Arabs is an understatement, especially as Israeli press rarely misses [sic] an opportunity to publish daily reports about the terror the country is subjected to by the Palestinians."

Now, imagine that--The Israeli press rarely misses an opportunity to publish reports about the Palestinian terrorism the country is subjected to? This coming from a country that sponsors Imams to say that you should kill the sons of monkey and pigs, the infidels and their corrupt Western culture? Its kind of ironic that the biggest purveyors and funders of hate, manipulation and lies would accuse anyone else of this?


But it gets better...... according to the report -
  1. "The Israeli books include stories about the early settlers like 'Jerusalem for me and you', 'I'm the discoverer of Jerusalem', [and] 'Homeland'."

'Jersualem for me and you'? now there's a title that clearly inspires hatred, eh?


Check out this amazing Israeli commercial -

  1. It's a visually powerful, moving commentary on the situation in the Middle East and on the potential for the Internet to bring people together.The slogan on the t-shirt, which rhymes in Hebrew, means "Combat is the best, brother," referring to Israeli army combat units (as opposed to other details in the army). Obviously, it's meant to be ironic here.The translation of the end is: "In life this is still impossible, but on the Internet connections like these are formed every day."


At 12:13 AM, Blogger FASTAC_6 said...

That is an amazing commercial. I'd like to know how that got filmed without incident. I'll take your word for the shirt- my vocab's not quite up to the task, though the end text translation seems accurate.
We used to feel the same way about Ham Radio. These days, however, I prefer an M1 Garand if I need to reach out and touch someone.

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Josh said...

The commercial was filmed in Turkey, I believe, not in Iran, and I heard it wasn't actually filmed without incident. The shirt says "kravi zeh hakhi achi" in Hebrew...

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