Wednesday, April 13, 2005


CAPTAIN ED takes apart an OpEd Koffi Annnan wrote on the Sudan in yesterday's NYTimes.
"Annan Preaching Accountability to Americans" can only be described as dillusional. Here is a highlight of Ed's commentary -

  • Annan makes it sound as if the civil war (Sudan) came as a result of a famine, and that the deaths could not have been prevented. He has it backwards. The famine came as a result of the war, and the failure of Annan himself in designating the Darfur atrocities as a genocide -- which would have obligated him to act to stop it -- contributed to hundreds of thousands of those deaths. For Annan to use those figures as a scold against the Western nations that had all but demanded Annan to acknowledge the Darfur genocide is akin to Marshal Petain standing on the grounds of Bergen-Belsen in 1945 and demanding food aid to Jewish victims of a "famine".

If you guessed he's not a big of Kofi Annan's......... you were corrrrrrect. Read the rest!


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